Jane Iredale Starter Kit(From Basharacare)- First Impression

I’m so excited to share with you all today’s post due to two reasons:

1. It is of a brand not everyone have heard of. Jane Iredale is known to be skincare makeup due to the skin friendly, cruelty-free ingredients the products contain, will enhance your beauty as well as nourish your skin at the same time.

2. It was sent to me for reviewing by Basharacare.

This is going to be a first impression post as I haven’t actually tried the stuff yet except for one item and I will do a mini review on that. Detailed review will be posted once I have used the products.

The Packaging:


Jane Iredale Makeup pouch
Jane Iredale Makeup pouch

The pouch is made of a very good quality material. The gold plate where the logo is on, is of metal if I’m not wrong. If plastic, then it is definitely made of the highest quality.

Jane Iredale Starter Kit
Jane Iredale Starter Kit

The products are wrapped in this cute paper envelope thing with “jane iredale” written all over.

DSC_5800A booklet with details of each item in the kit.

Jane IRedale Smooth Affair
Jane IRedale Smooth Affair

1.Jane Iredale Smooth Affair-

A face primer as well as brightener.

Jane IRedale Hudration Spray
Jane IRedale Hydration Spray

2.Jane IRedale Hydration Spray

This is probably the most interesting product in the kit as I haven’t tried in hydration spray yet. So this one will actually introduce me tho such products.

janeiredalepressedbase3. Pure Pressed Base, Amazing Base and a Face Brush

Pure pressed based is a mineral foundation and I actually have used it once. The coverage is surprisingly very good. I’m so happy as I got the perfect shade and on top of that it gave me a flawless look, very light and very good coverage. It doesn’t feel or look cakey. Probably one of the best foundations I have come across.

Amazing base is a loose mineral powder and a very cute brush comes along with these two face products.

basharacaresamplesWith this amazing kit, I received three samples, by the way when you purchase from Basharacare, they will send along 3 free samples for you to try. I have yet to try these samples except for one which I have been using already, the Bioderma Cleanser.

Thank you so much Basharacare for this awesome gift. ❤ I love them already

What do you think of this brand? 😀

Glambox ME- Bioderma Special Edition

Glambox ME
Glambox ME

Glambox offers a box with different sample beauty products for every girl to try out. It claims to be providing 4 to 5 deluxe sized products , which never happened,with me at least.

For your information, I subscribed to Glambox last year for 3 months and wasn’t happy at all with the products I received as mostly were samples in sachet. Not impressive at all. Okay aim of Glambox is to give women out there opportunity to try out high-end products for lesser money. I paid AED206 (inclusive of delivery charges) for my 3 months subscription. After completing my 3 month subscription last year, I promised myself never to subscribe again :/ But ended up doing so this year. What attracted me was the themed boxes I will be getting for the months of May, June and July.

Theme for this month is “Bioderma” where I received products of this brand.

Main Box
Main Box
Inside Box
Inside Box

The above are pictures of the boxes the products came in.


1. Sebium Global: It is a treatment to eliminate pimples and blackheads , limits scarring and clears up the skin.

Full size: 30 ml, Price AED99 – I received a 15ml sample

2. Sebium Foaming Gel: It is a soap-free cleanser in gel form that prevent pores from getting clogged.

Full size: 200ml , Price: AED92- I received 15ml sample


3. Matricium: The full description is mentioned in the card I’ll be attaching below, as it is very long and hard to understand so I suggest you to refer from there 😛

What I think is, this is an anti ageing serum that will help you recover you younger skin. (let’s see)

Full size: 5 x 1ml single containers , Price : AED199, I received the same full size product ❤

pizap.com143270963219014. Photoderm Aquafluide SPF 50+: This is the latest invention of Bioderma , it has dry finish and very high protection from sunlight.

Full Size: 40ml, Price: AED118- I received a 2ml sample


5. Sensibio H20: This I received for the 2nd time from Glambox and I really like it as it can be used for face as well as eyes. It contains cucumber extract which is best for skin hydration.

Full Size: 100ml, Price:AED35- I received the full size ❤

So the May Glambox has 2 full sized Bioderma products, and 3 samples which is good enough as I’d be able to use the samples for a week, hopefully enough time to be able to detect how the product is. Besides this, Bioderma has some goodies, a bracelet, a make up pouch and a sachet of an eye serum i guess, not sure as it is not in English. :/


Glambox Loyalty card
Glambox Loyalty card


Overall Feedback: I like the May Glambox , happy with the 2 full size products as well as the samples. The goodies are very good and hopefully I’d be able to use the discount card too.

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