Review- Maxon Hair Rejuven

Hair care time today!!! Makeup happens everyday but skin and hair care is something that we neglect most of the time. But my hunt for products for everything that nourishes skin, hair and nails continues and I was lucky enough to have been found by the product itself this time. Yes, I go out hunting but this product hunted me. Maxon was kind enough to offer me some products to try and gave me the liberty to choose products according to my skin issues. When I saw the Hair Rejuven set, without any second thought I requested for it and got them.

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Top 5 Lip Products

2015 was a crazy year for me regarding makeup specially lip products. Speak of liquid lipsticks and it is a never-ending story. But this year, I had enough of it and went back to hunt some of the oldy goldy lipsticks and lip glosses. I know it is just February but I have accumulated a good amount of these items.


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Match My Makeup- Blue & Pink Combination

Welcome to the 1st “Match My Makeup” post. Going to a party and confused with what kind of makeup matches your outfit? I got you covered. I got the idea of doing this post when a member of my Facebook page messaged me asking for suggestions on makeup looks she can do that will match her dress. So I thought why not start such a series of posts. So here is the first one.

Combination of blue and pink is so “in” nowadays that I thought of making it my first “Match My Makeup” post.

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MUR Ultra Professional Collection 2016

I finally got my hands on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Collection set and like a little kid, I enjoyed every second of unboxing it checking the goodies inside and how would they be. So I thought why not film the whole thing so you guys can share the joy of trying out new products. ❤

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