Eid Nail Polish style #3 with Make up look

Make Up World By Veena  Eid Style#3
Make Up World By Veena
Eid Style#3

Hi guys,

As promised, I’m sharing more nail color designs/style for Eid.

DSC_5031Hope you’ll like it ❤

My Daily Skin Care Routine-Combination to Oily Skin

I admit , I’ve been careless regarding taking care of my skin since like forever. But one fine morning, I woke up and suddenly just felt the need to pamper my skin. I guess it is because I’ve been applying  a lot of make up lately, and I believe that not unless your canvas is good, you won’t have a good painting too. So my face is basically my canvas and my make up, my paint. As simple as this. Plus ,the thought of me not getting younger , with age comes wrinkles and it just freaks me out to think like that. So I never gave it a second thought and started researching on best skin care products in the market. Guess what, I took Google’s help! Boy was I lost! There were many suggested brand and mostly high-end and way out of my budget. So all I did was study about my skin type. I have a combination skin , my T-zone becomes very oily and rest dry. But in Summers I just have a very oily skin. Hence, I needed products that will deal with all these complications. I knew what I needed. I didn’t waste any more time and went straight ahead to do my first ever skin care products. Since then, I’ve been religiously taking care of myself, and tried and tested different products out there, with few hits and misses but eventually knew exactly what I want.

This post is going to be a bit longer as I will be giving suggestions and tips as well. So have patience my dearies! ❤

Moving on now with what this post is actually about.

Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena

My skin care routine have the following products:

1. Face wash

2. Skin toner

3. Moisturiser/Day cream/ Night cream

4. Eye cream

5. Face scrub/exfoliator


1. Face Wash-

I always make sure to get a face wash which is ideal for oily skin as my skin tends to get very oily most time of the year. I don’t actually gram any product that says “for combination skin” from the shelf as they don’t seem to work for me. Though I have many tried and tested product under this category, but currently I’m using Tea Tree With Hazel Foaming Face wash. It is a wow product I must say.


2.  Toning lotion/Toner– This is a very important product for our skin which we don’t actually realize. After face wash, your pores are actually open , for that you need a face toner to close them back. (more technicalities to this but I’m trying to make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand). What i use is Tea Tree Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning lotion.




3. Day Cream/Moisturiser- So here is the most important part of the routine. You need to choose a moisturiser or a day cream suitable for your skin type. I always choose those with mattifying effect as my skin is already oily and I don’t want it to be greasy or too oily. My day cream always has SPF as I avoid using multiple products on my face plus it’s a saving! Be sure to protect your skin from harmful rays of sun by wearing sunscreen or better choose products with SPF in it.addtext_com_MTUzNjA2MTA0MTIx

4. Night Cream-Now during the night, follow the above 2 steps and instead of the day cream, apply your fave night cream.





5. Eye Cream– Your eyes needs a lot of pampering and you should invest in one very good eye cream to delay the process of wrinkles. Eye creams nourishes as well as hydrates areas around our eyes. I am using the Pond’s Firm & Lift

6. Face Scrub/Exfoliator- Last but not the least, sisters, if you have an oily skin, then this product is a must have! Tea Tree Witch Hazel Exfoliating face scrub. Use it , and see the magic. Very inexpensive and effective at the same time.

You need to have 1 face scub ,to use once a week. I use this twice a week as I feel my skin needs it.addtext_com_MTUyNDIyNTQ3NDQ0

If you are 30 or above, look for products with anti-ageing properties in it , again, to delay appearance of wrinkles which in some cases comes earlier than expected. :/

You can always follow the same routine , choosing your desired brand. You really don’t have to spend a lot on very costly stuff to get results, instead have patience and maintain.


Eid Party Nail Polish Style #1 & 2

Hi Sissies!

Time flies and it’s already the 12th of Ramadan, then with a blink of an eye, it will be Eid , InshaAllah. With Eid, comes a lot of preparations, and for us girls, we love to talk about preparation of our dresses, footwear, bangles, etc.

So I decided to be sharing with you all from today, my Eid-related preparation from nail polish designs( I’m not a pro at this, but I love applying nail polish so you’ll be seeing a very easy designs) to bangles, dresses, shoes etc.

Eid Nail Polish Style #1
Eid Nail Polish Style #1

The first one is very easy, I used my Rimmel 317 Hip Hop which is a beautiful melonish color, check out related post here. Applied on all my nails and top coated only 1 nail with glitter.

Eid Nail Polish style # 2
Eid Nail Polish style # 2

The 2nd one is , all the steps mentioned in first design and all you have to add is glitter on the tips of the rest of the nails.

You can do the above styles with any color of your choice, according to your dress or make up. ❤

Deborah Milano Picks

This time I thought of trying a brand for the first time , that is, Deborah Milano. I didn’t know much about the brand till I saw their display in our nearby Mall. So I thought why not check out what good products they have.

The sales lady told me it is an Italian brand , so upon hearing the word “Italy” I just had to give it a try.. I don’t  know but it is just how “Italy” does magic on me. I bought 2 products from them, blush and a lipstick. I did try their eyeshaows but nothing wow with those.

Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush
Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush

The packaging is beautiful and the blush itself is so adorable too.


1. Matte finish

2. Long lasting

3. Very Pigmented

4. Very soft at the same time velvety.


Price(Should have been cheaper) – Their price range is almost as Loreal. for someone like me ,who isn’t familiar with the brand, I am hesitant to spend as much as I can for Loreal.

Next I bought was a lipstick. I”ll update prices once I find the receipts. Promise!


I’m also into matte lipstick and so was the reason I bought matte. This is the shade, Atomic Red Mat Lipstick. I have no idea why it has the word “red” as it has nothing to do with the color at all. However , this is exactly the shade I was searching. I was looking to add more to my daily wear collection and nude is my top fave.

Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick
Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick

Can you see how beautiful the color is. ^-^ Ahh! I’ve been using this ever since I bought it. It might not suit the Indian/Pakistani skin tone, well I too have the same skin tone, but I don’t wear this without prepping my face. I suggest you to apply BB cream or a light foundation when wearing this, if you are wheatish skin toned or you’ll look ill 😛

addtext_com_MDUzMjQwNDQzNjI3It is creamy,very easy to apply, glides on smoothly and best part is , it stays on for longer time than expected. My concern with matte lip colors as I mentioned earlier, is they make my lips dry and chapped:/ but this one is just perfect!

Additional tips: Exfoliate & condition your lips before applying lipstick specially matte ones, or your lips will look very dry. We don’t want that,right? 🙂




Another thing I’d like to point out here is the packaging of the lipstick, the physical appearance. I’m someone who just likes to scrutinies each and everything that comes in my hands specially make up.

Deborah Milano-Atomic Red Mat Lipstick

The color combination, black and red looks really nice, the tube is made of matte finish plastic which I kind of like.What I don’t like is the shape of the tube. I find it strange somehow, it is curved from one side and I just don’t get it. I wish I knew why they gave this shape to its cover.

So if you ask me if I’m happy with these, I’m going to say yes! I’m pretty much happy with what I got for the price spent.

Thanks for reading everyone ❤

Review- NYX Illuminator


Nowadays, I’m kind of obsessed with illuminator/highlighter. Whenever I go shopping, all I do is search for products that can add a glow to my face. Believe me it has nothing to do with the Strobing drama going on nowadays. :/ It is just that, I’ve always loved highlighters and have decided to collect different stuff I’ll get in the drugstore range. ❤ So this time I got my hands on NYX Illuminator for face and body in IBB01 Narcissistic.


Beware as I’ll be sharing more than one swatch of this highlighter. 😀 The pigmentation is beautiful when you pick it by swirling your finger on the pan.


In this packaging, you get 9.5g of product which I think is a great deal. When applied on cheeks, it gives a very beautiful glow , very light which is not overwhelming at all as I can wear it during day time too. It’s not always that one feels comfortable putting on illuminator other than parties or evening affairs, but this one is just ideal. Ever since I bought this, I have been using it daily.


Best part about this product  is it is cruelty free as I always look for cruelty free products. The product doesn’t contain sunscreen , so one has to be careful not to be exposed under the sun for long time while wearing this on.

I’d really give NYX 100 thumbs up for bringing to us a lot of amazing products at affordable rates.

What’s is your favorite illuminator?

Mikyaji Color Fantasy Make Up kit-Continued

addtext_com_MTE1NDUyMjA0NjMyHi Peeps,

Previously I did a review on Mikyaji Color Fantasy Make Up kit (eyeshadows). Today I’m going to show you all what is in the rest of the kit.

Mikyaji color Fantasy Make up kit(Lip palette)

So this is the lip palette in the kit and offers a variety of colors as you see in the picture but I personally think most of the colors are useless. Reason being they are more of a lip gloss than lipsticks with not much pigmentation.

addtext_com_MTIwMTQyMTgyNjE0I swatched some of the colors from palette and as you see, the colors hardly show up. These shades are suitable for those have very fair skin not dark-skinned like me. Right now, I have no idea where and how to use them.

addtext_com_MTMwOTE4MjEzNTcxSo this is palette has some essentials for the face. Face powder, blusher, highlighter and powder foundation.

Face palette
Face palette

This is the concealer palette which has 4 shades to choose from. Coverage is good and is ideal for good and the lightest shade can be used to highlight.

Eyebrow palette
Eyebrow palette

This is the eyebrow palette ,again 4 shades to choose from.

addtext_com_MTMxNDU5MjEzNzc2This make up kit comes with 4 eye/lip pencils.

addtext_com_MTIwMzIxMjA1Njk2Last but not the least, applicators for eyeshadows, blush and lipstick.

Here you go guys, just a short post on what you will find inside the make up kit. For the eyeshadow swatches,click here.

Thank You for reading.