Botanics Moisturizers Review – Dry | Oily| Normal

Hi Peeps!!

So let’s do skincare today, I guess too much of makeup already. Though we can’t have enough of makeup, let me remind you all that skincare is a must to get a flawless makeup finish. Even if you are not into makeup, you still need to pay attention to your skin to keep it healthy and at least delay aging. Am I making sense? Yeah, I know I do. 

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Why I Started Wearing The Hijab

Hello to all the gorgeous ladies here!!!  I feel like it’s been a while since I published my last blog post and kind of missed you all. Though I was on Facebook interacting with you all, but it’s different when you guys come here , hear me out and respond to me. I kind of just missed that. Anyway, I have a very special and different topic to share with you all today. Liyana from Rouge and Ruche was kind enough to contact me with this collaboration idea of sharing everything about hijab , due to which I finally am able to do this post. There are other amazing bloggers with me in this collaboration and you will find their links at the end of this post. I’m hoping that through this post, you will come to know more about us and how we connect with each other through faith.  I always am honest in my posts, but today you will see me open up more inshaAllah.

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Dolce & Gabbana Hijab and Abaya Collection

Feels so good to think of a high-end brand catering to the fashion needs of the Muslim culture. I was as excited as anyone to hear of the first ever Hijab and Abaya Collection. I am a full-time wearer of hijab and abaya and it is the only thing I look for when it comes to fashion as that’s what I wear and thinking to spend a lot more than what I usually do was kind of okay considering the fact that it is a designer abaya and would be delicately tailored.

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e.l.f Haul| First Impression | Unboxing | Favorites

I’m hoping that you already know of the brand e.l.f. It is one of the most affordable cosmetic brands that offers a variety of wonderful products to beautify our beautiful faces 

It’s hard to get e.l.f products here in Dubai as they aren’t available in the local market and the only option we have is to order from online sellers. Just heads up here, in Dubai the price difference is too much and e.l.f is priced almost like any other drugstore like Loreal, Maybelline etc so I searched for a place to get them from

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