My Mascara Review

Today I’m gonna be giving a very short review on the mascaras that I got as samples from different sources. One, I got as a freebie after ordering some make up stuff, One from Glambox and one as a freebie along with a magazine I bought. I’ve used them a lot already and now will give you all an idea of what I think about them.


1. Smashbox Full Exposure Masacara:

Among the thee that I’ll be reviewing today, this one is my favorite. Before anything, let me tell you that I have short and thin lashes 😥 So I need the best mascara in the world! So, getting back to smahbox mascara, It does what it says. It increased volume of my lashes as well as length. Not clumpy at all as most mascara I have and is oil-based which adds nourishment to lashes. Best part is , it is paraben-free!

addtext_com_MjMwNjM3MjUxMDU42. Roller Lash by Benefit:

This one has a curved wand which is supposed to give your lash extra curl that helps make eyes look wider. It is definitely a long wear mascara and anyone with already long lashes will benefit from it for sure. It is called Roller lash at is is inspired by the shape of hair rollers.

benefit roller lash mascara
benefit roller lash mascara

So this is a clearer picture showing the curve of the wand. Keep in mind, any mascara wand of this shape, will give your lash an extra curl , lifting your lashes up resulting to a wide open eye 😀

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit They’re Real Mascara

3. Benefit They’re Real Mascara:

Okay the wand of this mascara is one of my favorite. It is just perfect for lengthening , volumizing and gives you lashes the spider look. What I don’t like is , it tends to get clumpy, it kinda gives a clumpy look but I think that’s why it adds volumes. So apply one layer of this mascara is enough to get your perfect lashes, 2 coats for more dramatic look. 😉

Do you happen to own one of these mascaras? Or maybe all? LOL

Do share you experience.

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Glambox ME- Bioderma Special Edition

Glambox ME
Glambox ME

Glambox offers a box with different sample beauty products for every girl to try out. It claims to be providing 4 to 5 deluxe sized products , which never happened,with me at least.

For your information, I subscribed to Glambox last year for 3 months and wasn’t happy at all with the products I received as mostly were samples in sachet. Not impressive at all. Okay aim of Glambox is to give women out there opportunity to try out high-end products for lesser money. I paid AED206 (inclusive of delivery charges) for my 3 months subscription. After completing my 3 month subscription last year, I promised myself never to subscribe again :/ But ended up doing so this year. What attracted me was the themed boxes I will be getting for the months of May, June and July.

Theme for this month is “Bioderma” where I received products of this brand.

Main Box
Main Box
Inside Box
Inside Box

The above are pictures of the boxes the products came in.


1. Sebium Global: It is a treatment to eliminate pimples and blackheads , limits scarring and clears up the skin.

Full size: 30 ml, Price AED99 – I received a 15ml sample

2. Sebium Foaming Gel: It is a soap-free cleanser in gel form that prevent pores from getting clogged.

Full size: 200ml , Price: AED92- I received 15ml sample


3. Matricium: The full description is mentioned in the card I’ll be attaching below, as it is very long and hard to understand so I suggest you to refer from there 😛

What I think is, this is an anti ageing serum that will help you recover you younger skin. (let’s see)

Full size: 5 x 1ml single containers , Price : AED199, I received the same full size product ❤

pizap.com143270963219014. Photoderm Aquafluide SPF 50+: This is the latest invention of Bioderma , it has dry finish and very high protection from sunlight.

Full Size: 40ml, Price: AED118- I received a 2ml sample


5. Sensibio H20: This I received for the 2nd time from Glambox and I really like it as it can be used for face as well as eyes. It contains cucumber extract which is best for skin hydration.

Full Size: 100ml, Price:AED35- I received the full size ❤

So the May Glambox has 2 full sized Bioderma products, and 3 samples which is good enough as I’d be able to use the samples for a week, hopefully enough time to be able to detect how the product is. Besides this, Bioderma has some goodies, a bracelet, a make up pouch and a sachet of an eye serum i guess, not sure as it is not in English. :/


Glambox Loyalty card
Glambox Loyalty card


Overall Feedback: I like the May Glambox , happy with the 2 full size products as well as the samples. The goodies are very good and hopefully I’d be able to use the discount card too.

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Many of us, specially those new to the make up world , do not realize that our make up tools needs cleaning too. Yes, go and get all your brushes and start cleaning them.

Why is it important to clean your make up brushes?

It is very important to wash your make up tools as they accumulate bacteria in between the bristles, there are leftover residues from your last application on there which is so gross. You don’t want any kind of infection on your face, right? These bacteria will literally damage your skin, not immediately but eventually. Makeup does make us look beautiful but it is very important to have a healthy skin too. If your canvas is damaged, your painting will be affected. 😉

What you need:

1. Dish washing Detergent (Any)- perfect to kill bacteria

2. Bowl

3. Water

4. Dirty Brushes

5. Brush hanger (if you have)

6. Or a glass

Steps to Follow when cleaning your brushes:

1. Get all your dirty brushes together.

2. In a bowl mix the dish washing detergent with a little water enough to soak the bristles.

3. Mix well

4. Place in the brush just enough that the bristles are soaked in water very nicely.

5. Stir in circular motion properly and eventually you’ll see all the residue in your brush mixed in water as it changes its color.

6. Rub it back and forth on your palms to remove the last of the pigments.

7. Run the bristles through warm water(DO NOT USE HOT WATER AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE BRISTLES)

8. Pat them dry with a towel.

9. Let it dry by keeping it upside down in a glass or brush hanger.

In the picture, Step 4 , is an example of how you can dry your brushes using glass, Step 5, I just tied them up with a rubber band and hanged on the wall and let it be there over night, as I don’t have brush hangers so I made my own. 🙂

You can be creative and make your custom-made brush hangers just make sure to keep them upside down(bristles down) because if you keep them standing , the water in the bristle will run down to wards the handle of the brush, spoiling the glue that is keeping the bristles together. don’t think that if you’re using a very costly brush set , it won’t be spoiled no matter what because they will be damaged if you don’t take care of them. Glue is what hold the bristles together. So you don’t want water getting to that part or the bristles will just fall off.

10. Tadda!! You have your clean brushes now 😉

How often should you wash your brushes?

Where there are many guidelines you’ll find on internet regarding how often should you be cleaning which brush,  I clean them all together , as I can’t keep track of which brush I have used and how many times. So I wash them off every after 2 applications.

Tagged: Love/Hate

Tagged: Love/Hate
Tagged: Love/Hate

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a bit different as it is a “tagged” related post and I’m participating for the first time. R Cubed gave me this chance to be a part of this fun and interesting activity in the world of bloggers. 🙂


Share 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

Things I love:

1. My Kids

2. Make up 😛

3. Coffee

4. Bounty chocolate

5. Blogging

6. Photography (ever since I started blogging)

7. Teasing my kids & husband 😛

8. P.F Chang’s Dynamite Prawn

9. Drawing/Painting

10. Shopping

Things I hate.

Hmm , not all would fall under “hate” but maybe “dislikes” but I’ll try to list down only the ones are hate.

1. Backbiters

2. Over sensitive friends

3. Show Offs

4. Snakes

5. Dishonest people

6. Ego

7. The fact the we are so glued to latest technology and neglect REAL life 😦

8. when my loved one hides things from me

9. dirty make up brushes

10. Dried gel eyeliner :/

I tag you 10

Apologies to all those already tagged previously 🙂

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10. Stuff For your face

Review & Swatches- Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette

addtext_com_MTYxMzMwNzQyNDgSo here is a palette I got for AED100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty Store, the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette.

The colors are very attractive , bright and perfect for model and party look. So this caught my attention and I made sure to get my hands on it.

It is literally sleek, very slim and very light weighted. The eyeshadows have fall outs so you would want to be careful, the applicator that comes with it is useless! I used it while swatching and the sponge just fell off.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

The swatched shades are directly applied on the skin as I want t give a very honest and clear review and picture of the mentioned product.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

I used the applicator that came along with it for this swatch and as I said the sponge fell off so I used just fingers in applying the 3 colors from the left. So this palette has some shimmer and mattes shades. The shimmery eye shades are pigmented but the matte ones are just a disappointment. Still you can see some color there, but they are not as bright on skin as tehy are on the palette.

Rate: 2/5

Reason: I’ve seen many palettes with same performance but I’m rating this very low as it’s standard is way too low than what I expected.

Use it with eyeshadow base to get the perfect color, be careful with fall outs and if you’re a beginner who is looking to work on some bright shades without getting too much of it, then this palette is for you.

I got is for aed100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty store but you can get it for aed60.25 from

So if your are based in U.A.E and would want to give it a try, you can check these two stores. Luxola is online store while plus point in getting from Alisha is you get to try and test the product you want to purchase.

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Review- Benefit Bluff dust

Benefit Buff dust
Benefit Bluff dust

Hi Buddies,

So, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this mysterious piece. Well at least for me it was as Benefit claims it corrects and conceals redness and any signs of fatigue. It’s in a yellow powder form, the look reminds me of Ben Nye Banana powder though both the products are of very different purpose. I’ve been very intrigued by the fact that it comes in a loose powder form and works as a concealer because we are familiar with concealers in liquid and cream form. So the biggest question I always had in mind was, will it really hide imperfection?

Benefit Bluff dust
Benefit Bluff dust

Let’s first start with the packaging, the box is a mix of light yellow and black color, comes with the plastic jar but a good one not the cheap plastic at all. It comes with a puff that you will use for application.

How to use: Shake it well and apply the powder directly using the puff or if you prefer brush , you can use that too. I prefer using the puff it came with as I get to push the product into my skin very well with this than a brush.

So, I don’t really have much of redness on my face, but i did try applying it on some areas with uneven colors , the first coat showed a little difference and I applied the 2nd coat to get a better coverage. I’d say it didn’t really make that much of a difference like a normal liquid or cream concealers do, but if you want something very light to cover some imperfections, this product is for you then but if you want full coverage concealing job (sound weird ) then this one is not for you.

Special thanks to Ebeautique, where I got the chance to try out this product I’ve been longing to get my hands on. 😉 you guys should visit and check out all the other items they have. They take orders for several brands at a reasonable price.

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Review & Swatch- Givenchy Lipstick

Givenchy Lipstick 202 Rose Dressing
Givenchy Lipstick 202 Rose Dressing

There is no way I’m going to spend on super duper high-end cosmetic brands for a lipstick at least, not unless it’s a primer or foundation etc. But I admit, I always wanted to try and see and feel for myself all the reasons for the hype created about all these brands. Luckily, I got Givenchy Lipstick in 202 Rose Dressing as a freebie during my last visit to Sephora. Before you say, Sephora? What were you doing there when you don’t want to spend on high-end brands. Well , let me tell you I was there and got myself only Lancome eye base which was worth AED135 and while standing at the counter waiting for my turn, grabbed a Sephora nail color which was I think around aed20 something. 😀 I don’t really go wild when in Sephora. LOL. Though temptation is too much.

Anyways, coming back to the review. This lipstick has nothing extraordinary about it that would make it stand out amongst all the other lipstick I own at the moment. What I love the most about this is its color. I just love it! It’s a very nice light pink color with a very light blue undertone which makes is so perfect for wheatish complexioned girls like me. It does feels good on the lips, it is creamy and do not have those overwhelming fragrance that comes along with most of the lipsticks around. But it doesn’t stay long, it can bleed easily which is a turn off.

Givenchy Lipstick 202 Rose Dressing

I wear this following my usual lipstick routine.

Would I buy this? No 😀 But I’ll definitely search for its dupe 😛

Had it been long-lasting, non-bleeding lipstick , I would have considered buying it .

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