My July Glambox- A total disappointment!

Want to know how disappointed I am with my July Glambox? The fact that I didn’t even feel like writing about it surely gives you the idea. But I can’t just let this go “un-said” !

Glambox had come up with “themed” boxes for the months of May, June and July. The themes seemed really interesting and so was the reason I subscribed once again(despite the fact that I swore not to after last year’s experience),just to be disappointed again.

July theme was all about Givenchy’s partnership with Glambox. Exclusive box with luxury products from Givenchy. This was too oomphy to hear. So I subscribed! The box was delivered on a Friday and in U.A.E it is supposed to be off for all offices, so I was excited as a kid saying “my oh my, Glambox really went our of their way to make us feel special by delivering on an off day!” The box contained 4 thumb-sized products! I started calculating how much I paid instead of opening the goodies. I paid aed205 for 3 months for something not worthy at all. The first box was stuffed with Bioderma products ,some samples and 2 full-sized which was acceptable for me. The June box also had 4 products with only 1 full size and that too a black nail polish which was a total turn off. Now July box came with stuff I can easily get at Sephora as samples!! One of the items in the box is Givenchy lipstick which I already got as a sample the last time I shopped at Sephora, I loved it and so I talked about it here.

I know I liked that lipstick but it doesn’t mean I’m going to pay to get another sample of that.

Glambox July 2015 Givenchy
Glambox July 2015 Givenchy

Today I will admit, Glambox was way better in 2014 where they used to send some discount cards and vouchers for well-known parlors for free services etc. Now…:/

Glambox July 2015 Givenchy
Glambox July 2015 Givenchy

The thumb-sized product is just so unacceptable. Specialy for the skincare products, I am totally against samples for skincare products specially when the quantity won’t even let us use it enough to judge if it really works and is worth buying. Let me tell you this, all of the above I can get as samples anyway, from Sephora

Givenchy noir Cotoure 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Couture 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Cotoure 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Couture 4in1mascara

1. Givenchy Noir Cotoure 4in1mascara:  What I can admire about this product is just the packaging! Don’t think I am just hating it because it is sample size. LOL I tried it as I always was curious what difference do these high-end brands make that make them so costly. The weird wand with kind of 3 bubbles/circles is very useless. The space between them is even more useless. The formula is clumpy. Every time I pull out the wand,I get this product right on the tip of the wand and I need to swipe it to remove excess which I find weird as I never had such experience with other brands.

What it claims:

(Quoting from Sephora)

A four-in-one mascara that creates intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.
This multitasking mascara is formulated with Givenchy’s exclusive lash booster expert complex that provides nutrition, revitalization, fortification, and protection.

My result:

1. No volume

2.No curl

3. no length

I might just use it for the lash care qualities, using my technique to create volume and length.

Le Rouge Givenchy

2. Le Rouge Givenchy- Check out my detailed review of the one I already have, here


3. Le Soin Noir

This is an anti-ageing product. Haven’t use it yet so can’t really tell how it is for now.

givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion
givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion

.4. Givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion– I tried this one once. It is not greasy at all,keeps skin hydrated and has a very refreshing smell. I hope this sample size would be good enough for me to judge the product’s performance.

So these are all the goodies I received from Glambox that was a total disappointment and today ,again I’ll make a promise never to subscribe again.

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Review- Olay Total Effects 7x Mask Stretch-n-fit

Olay Total Effects 7x
Olay Total Effects 7x

Here is a very short and quick review on another goody I received from Glambox in the month of May.

Olay Total Effects 7x Mask Stretch-n-fit

I always admired Olay’s packaging, they always choose a very sophisticated color combination which attracts me a lot. This one comes in black and golden combination as other products by them. The box comes with 3 strech-n-fit masks cloth packed in sachets.

Why does it say “7x”?

This mask will actually fight against the 7 signs of anti-ageing which are:

♥ reduces appearance of wrinkles

♥ smoothes skin

♥ evens skin tone

♥ brings out healthy looking glow

♥ mnimizes pores

♥ diminishes appearance of age spots

♥ hydrates dry skin

At some point I was concerned about the 7th point as I have combination skin ,more towards oily and so was skeptical about my skin becoming more oily with the intense hydration this mask offers. However, it is not the case and this mask worked perfectly for me. The mask in the sachet, is kind of soaked in a lotion with a very pleasant aroma, you pull it out and put on face, stretching it to fit. Leave it on for only 15 minutes, which is a plus point specially for those in a hurry , and when done, remove the mask, clean face with tissue as you really do not need to wash it off. But I chose to wash my face after the mask. The thought of some mask product on my face is just not acceptable for me. Yeah crazy me, it’s just lotion, we can put plenty of creams and makeup why not lotion? Still, it’s a know what I mean.

Would I purchase this product ?

Definitely, yes! It’s high time I need to take serious care of my skin(well I’ve been doing that already), time is flying delay those wrinkles as much as you can! LOL 

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Review- Lipstuck (Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer)

Couldn’t wait to share with you all, this baby I received in my June Glambox, Lipstuck -Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer. I’m an addict of matte lip creams  and if you have been following my posts, you’d know L.A Girl Matte lip gloss are my faves. So, I was actually surprised to find another lip cream that I think I’ll be a fan of.

Lipstuck- Extreme
Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer

I received a sample size of this cream lacquer which is by Wow by Wojooh. Full size is 6.5 ml and is for AED85. I think the price is not bad at all for what it offers.

Why I love it:

  1. Doesn’t have any obvious smell – I have used many lip products and most of them have this very irritating smell which at times I can’t stand. This one has that “typical” odor but only if you actually sniff into the product. When applied , you won’t smell a thing!
  2. It is super creamy, very easy to apply and just feels amazing on the lips.
  3. Coverage is fabulous. Trust me , you will not miss your lipstick
  4. Though it is matte, it doesn’t dry your lips at all.
  5. It is long-lasting and just what every girl wants. 
  6. By long-lasting , I actually mean it doesn’t come off like that. Ever heard of a waterproof lippie? Yes, this is the one

20150705_161805Though I was a really disappointed with Glambox for delivering my June box in the month of July, I kind of forget it now just because of how this product won my heart. 


As you see, the size I got is just a size of my palm, I’m still happy with it because I discovered a new product that I liked and it is what Glambox is all about. Giving us all chance to try out products we might like and if we do, we can rush to the stores and grab them. So good job Glambox. With Glambox, I got to know about many other products too that are worth every penny and will definitely share with you all.

Hmmm, I guess this post totally looks like one big fat sponsored post.  No, it’s not! I subscribed to Glambox with my hard-earned money(well actually my hubby’s hard earned money) and am just happy to share my experience with you all.

Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer
Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer in 530 Oud Rose



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Glambox ME- Bioderma Special Edition

Glambox ME
Glambox ME

Glambox offers a box with different sample beauty products for every girl to try out. It claims to be providing 4 to 5 deluxe sized products , which never happened,with me at least.

For your information, I subscribed to Glambox last year for 3 months and wasn’t happy at all with the products I received as mostly were samples in sachet. Not impressive at all. Okay aim of Glambox is to give women out there opportunity to try out high-end products for lesser money. I paid AED206 (inclusive of delivery charges) for my 3 months subscription. After completing my 3 month subscription last year, I promised myself never to subscribe again :/ But ended up doing so this year. What attracted me was the themed boxes I will be getting for the months of May, June and July.

Theme for this month is “Bioderma” where I received products of this brand.

Main Box
Main Box
Inside Box
Inside Box

The above are pictures of the boxes the products came in.


1. Sebium Global: It is a treatment to eliminate pimples and blackheads , limits scarring and clears up the skin.

Full size: 30 ml, Price AED99 – I received a 15ml sample

2. Sebium Foaming Gel: It is a soap-free cleanser in gel form that prevent pores from getting clogged.

Full size: 200ml , Price: AED92- I received 15ml sample


3. Matricium: The full description is mentioned in the card I’ll be attaching below, as it is very long and hard to understand so I suggest you to refer from there 😛

What I think is, this is an anti ageing serum that will help you recover you younger skin. (let’s see)

Full size: 5 x 1ml single containers , Price : AED199, I received the same full size product ❤

pizap.com143270963219014. Photoderm Aquafluide SPF 50+: This is the latest invention of Bioderma , it has dry finish and very high protection from sunlight.

Full Size: 40ml, Price: AED118- I received a 2ml sample


5. Sensibio H20: This I received for the 2nd time from Glambox and I really like it as it can be used for face as well as eyes. It contains cucumber extract which is best for skin hydration.

Full Size: 100ml, Price:AED35- I received the full size ❤

So the May Glambox has 2 full sized Bioderma products, and 3 samples which is good enough as I’d be able to use the samples for a week, hopefully enough time to be able to detect how the product is. Besides this, Bioderma has some goodies, a bracelet, a make up pouch and a sachet of an eye serum i guess, not sure as it is not in English. :/


Glambox Loyalty card
Glambox Loyalty card


Overall Feedback: I like the May Glambox , happy with the 2 full size products as well as the samples. The goodies are very good and hopefully I’d be able to use the discount card too.

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