Yay! I’m so excited today , finally I’m going to be doing an international giveaway and the best part is I’ll be sharing with you all my love for Utama Spice products. If you’ve been following me, you would remember my post where I reviewed products I received from them, in details. Just to give you an idea of this range, Utama Spice is a skincare brand based in Bali and provides us organic, cruelty-free and synthetic-free products.

This is the 2nd giveaway that is going on right now in my blog, the first one is for Gulf countries and this one International and I will be having another one also , to be posted after the 15th of this month. Yes, guys, I am doing lots of giveaways! I am just so happy with how things are working in my blog and all other social media platform.  It is because of you all, who have supported me throughout my journey, it’s been 3 months since my bog started and everything is just getting better day by day as I made friends, came across good reads by other bloggers, got to help others and above all learned a lot. So I really want to return the favor and show you all my appreciation.

Let’s get started.

20150804_143816So this giveaway as you see is by Utama Spice and they have a Peppermint lip balm and Body butter for you. 😀

They are so nice to give us the chance to try their amazing products and if you do not yet know about this brand, go ahead and check my review.

When Ria, sent me the pictures of what she has for my followers, I was so excited like a kid. The box looks really fabulous. The theme of this brand is just amazing and the packaging represents that really well.

So we have a total of 3 lucky winners to receive these boxes ❤

20150804_143958Winner will be chosen by me manually, as I want to give due credit to those who will put an effort in spreading the word.

Please note: 2 winners will be chosen from the entries here and 1 from the entries in my Facebook page.

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Competition ends on 20th August 2015. Winner will be announced on 21st August 2015. Winner will be contacted through email. I will do a shout out on Instagram and twitter as well to announce the winners. Winners should provide us with address and all necessary details within 48 hours. If not, another lucky girl will be chosen. ❤

Good Luck everyone!


My Current favorite Beauty Products

Okay don’t get me wrong. Just want to make this clear that I’m not promising anyone that I’ll be posting about my monthly favorites as there is no guarantee if I’d like a certain product for only one month. I might cling on to any of my beauty goody for a year ,so no, I can’t be part of the gang doing monthly faves.

So sharing with you all my current favorites. Here are the products I’ve been using a lot lately as they have won my heart,won my skin and won my pocket. 😀 (Kidding)  My favorites will not be any conventional “My July Favorites” kind of post. You won’t find a lot of overpriced high-end products with fancy packaging, latest released product by brands or whatsoever. But you will find genuinely loved items by me. ❤

So here are my favorites …

My Favorites
My Favorites

1. Avon Mattifying day cream– Engrave this words somewhere because I mean it. This moisturizer is by far the best that suited my skin. I have tried many, as in literally many products out there just to find the right moisturizer for my oily skin. Those days when I was selling Avon, I got to try this one as I received as a gift. Ever since then , I kept on buying. It is not greasy at all, won’t make skin oily, doesn’t give that artificial matte finish and at the same time hydrating. This is just perfect.

2. L.A Girl Pro concealer– It’s been raved about everywhere, and only after using it myself I understood why. For the price it offers, this concealer is a miracle. Firstly it has plenty of shades to choose from and secondly the coverage is really good and the formula is just perfect. Not too thin and not too thick to make you look cakey.

3. Powder Brush by Make up for you– Never heard of this brand right? It is just a random brush set I picked from an online store, they looked really good and so I thought of giving them a try. I got a set of 24 pcs brush and I must say they are very good. And some of the brushes have become my favorites like the spooly, angled brow brush and this powder brush. It is very soft, big and just the thing I need to apply loose powder or blush. Who says you need to buy Sigma brushes all the time?

4. Real techniques brush- I have almost all of the RT brushes, and I love all of them except for very few. The foundation brush is what I use all the time. The bristles are soft, dense and do not shed. Very durable that even after several wash, they are still intact!

5. NYX eye shadow base- Check this post here to know why it is my favorite.

6. Prestige Invisible Loose Powder- Once again, another product I haven’t heard anyone talking about. I got it for aed75 from Debenhams and since that day has been my go to powder.

7. NYX The Curve Eyeliner- If you are looking for the right eyeliner to give you that perfect flick for your cat eye look, then get this one. You will know why I raved about it here.

8. Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute -Eye Contour Roller Glace- I’ve been taking care of my skin a lot lately, though late but better than never. I’ve been focusing on anti-ageing skincare products specials for my eye area. Ever since I got this eye cream, it is what I have been grabbing every time I need to pamper my eyes. Check its details here.

9. Lip Balm and Face Mask from Utama Spice- And just recently I shared with you all a detailed review on my recent discovery of pure and natural products. Utama Spice has a lot to offer and if you are into cruelty-free products ,I’m sure you will love these. The lip balm is my dry lip savior. I have very dry lips and so is the reason why usually matte lipsticks do not suit me. But I love matte lippies, so I had to find something to battle this dryness. Tried a lot of lip balms and mostly just made my lips even drier. Utama Spice lip balm did wonder though. The face mask is a must have for oily skin. It sucks all the dirt our of those pores.

10. Urban Decay Smoked Palette- I know I said no high ends, but I actually usually forget this belongs to the costlier brands as it was a gift from  Ebeautique, ❤ and not unless something breaks your pocket, you don’t realize it is luxury brand 😛

11. Watch from New look- Last but not the least my watch. I love it . I love all the sparkles it has. Got it for AED65 on sale from New Look few months ago. Been wearing this a lot lately.

So these are my favorites for now , hope I didn’t bore you with all the 11 items.

Thank you for reading.

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Review- Utama Spice Skin/Lip Care Products

For a while, been wanting to try out some aromatherapy beauty products and so I Googled them. That was where I got to know of Utama Spice based in Ubud, Bali. I contacted them expressing my desire to be able to try out some of their products and they were so kind to send me some of their best products to try out and share with all my readers. With many beauty products out there ,giving us instant result we want with too much chemical,we can’t really tell if they are actually doing good with our skin or side by side damaging it because of the strong chemicals used. Utama Spice products provides us Natural Aromatherapy Products that we can use to enhance our beauty.

About Utama Spice:

  •  Traditional skincare company based in Bali.
  • Uses 100% pure natural ingredients and essential oils for their products
  • All products are made by hand.
  • Never uses binders, artificial colorants, preservatives or synthetics

Products I received:

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

Lip balm with a variety of 4 different flavors. These lip balms are so different form the previous ones I have used. They feel so light on the lips and literally hydrates it throughout the day. I guess it’s also the fact that I know they are made of natural products and so my heart and mind is sold to them but they are definitely amazing.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

1. Utama Spice Lip Balm in Tangerine:

When applied, you’d feel a very light orangish aroma but not too overwhelming as we get to smell and taste in some toffees. In an instant you will just know there is nothing artificial in it. I have struggled a lot with lip balms as I have very dry flaky lips, but ever since I’ve been using this, it has just touched improvement!

Click here to view on main webpage.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

2. Utama Spice Lip Balm in Peppermint:

This one is my favorite among the lot. 😀 See this smile on my face? hahha it’s all because of the minty sensation I get when it’s on my lips. I remember liking “snowbear” candy which has that cooling/minty smell and taste, I can have as many as I want as I just loved it. This lip balm just reminded me of that. The cooling effect feels so soothing and fresh. If you are someone not into this, so better stay away from this balm , if you are someone like me, then grab a dozen of this. Well , I know I exaggerated but you know what I mean. You will love this!

Click here to view on main webpage.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

3. Utama Spice Lip Balm in Wellkiss:

Isn’t the name cute? Wellkiss is for those who are looking for a kissable lips. lip The combination of Beeswax and Virgin Coconut Oil will leave your lips hydrated and the hint of lemon extract,lavender,citrus leaf and fennel will just be what you need for that kissable lips. 

Click here to view on main webpage.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

4.Utama Spice Lip Balm in Cocoa:

Oh these lip balms remind me a lot of some childhood eatables I always loved. hahaha. This one is Cocoa, and you definitely can tell it is even when your eyes are closed. Best part is, it smells so yum because of the cocoa aroma but not at all in an overwhelming way. It is just perfect. One can tell they are made with perfection and a lot of love.

Click here to view on main webpage.

Skin Care Products

Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask
Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask

Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask

First look at this mask and it reminded me of our Desi(traditional) face & body scrub known as Ubtan. In India and Pakistan, Ubtan is mainly used for brides-to-be to give the skin that instant glow.

Temu-temu face mask is a combination of clay and Temulawak. This works gently on cleansing and anti-ageing. No any fragrance or artificial smell of any sort.

How I used:

I made a paste using rose water, however you can use simple water for that. Applied all over face and left it on for 15 minutes. Then with wet hands, I gently rubbed it in circular motion and rinsed.


  • bright glowing skin
  • not oily at all(if you have dry skin, then moisturise very well after use)
  • clean skin

To check the price and details on its webpage, click here

Utama Spice Clay Face Mask
Utama Spice Clay Face& body Mask

Utama Spice Clay Face & Body Mask

In a black and white packaging, this miraculous powder does wonders to your skin specially if you have oily skin, this is exactly what you need. It is made with 100% pure volcanic clay. Anything pure and natural, I’m sold! It sucks all the unwanted particles out of your pores and the whole skin, leaving it soft,fresh and clean.

How I used:

Mixed a little water to make a paste. Applied all over body and face for only 10minutes. It dried very quickly on the skin and turned very powdery with some fall outs and I sniffed some mistakenly, hence 10 minutes is enough for this mask. With wet hands, massage your face in circular motion while rinsing off.


  • soft,clean face & body
  • skin becomes dry immediately so, moisturise .
  • enjoy a healthy,glowing, non-oily skin all day ❤

To check the price and details on its webpage, click here

Utama Spice Rose Allure Body Butter
Utama Spice Rose Allure Body Butter

Utama Spice Rose Allure Body Butter

The combination of aloe-vera moisturizer blended with Rose Geranium oil works on making your skin softer & smoother. The smell might bother you when you sniff ,so don’t do that. I have a bad habit of doing that. Since it is hand made with all natural ingredients don’t expect a super duper sweet floral or cocoa,or coffee fragrance coming from it. But you won’t feel anything once applied on body. If it bothers you a lot, spray some nice body mist on top. 😉

How to use:

After shower, leave body a little wet not completely dry and apply body butter all over and rub gently with firm strokes until butter is absorbed. Focus on feet,hands ,knees and elbows where your body tends to get dry. When done, you may apply more butter on those parts. Don’t apply too much as this can make your skin too greasy.


Moisturised, soft and silky skin through out the day. And when applied at night before sleeping, your skin feels heavenly the next day.

Click here , to view on main page.

Overall I’m very much happy with what I received, highly recommended and a must have for every girl. At least once in your life ,try non-chemical products, I promise you won’t ever ditch it. It is 100% natural, Cruelty-free, Paraben free and Synthetic free what else can you ask for? The container contains a lot of product unlike any other that will have 2/3 of product only. The pictures speak for themselves. Be careful in opening as for sure, some of the powder with fall as it is filled till mouth! With that being said, I’d like to request Utama Spice so add “instructions” not at the back of the containers as not everyone would know how to use it. 

Thanks a lot Utama Spice for introducing me these amazing products.

Utama Spice main webpage here.