What’s In My Makeup Pouch

After all my serious product reviews, raising beauty related issues articles , I thought of giving a shot a light-hearted and fun post. I have spent few months of my life watching What’s in my Purse videos and remember having so much fun watching them. So I thought of doing one myself in a blog post form and of course a video related to this post will be up too shortly. But I thought of starting first with my makeup pouch then a separate post for ” What’s in my bag” 😀

So here is what you will find inside my makeup pouch

Givenchy-JaneIredaleI carry 2 makeup pouches in my purse and one mini brush holder. The first one I have is the Jane Iredale Makeup Pouch that came along with the starter kit Basharacare sent to me. Check the related post here. The second I have is the Givenchy makeup pouch which I received as a gift upon purchasing from Sephora. These two are my favorite makeup bags, awesome quality and very classy. The third is a mini brush holder that I used to hold my spooly and the pencil products I have.

what is in my makeup pouchProducts: Try clicking the names of the products to see the detailed review I did( if I did). Some I haven’t reviewed yet, so obviously it won’t be linkable.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Flush Palette. 

I carry it as it has a blush, bronzer and highlighter inside. Very compact as you have all three products in one place.

2. Jane Iredale Hydration Spray:

This spray has been so helpful and handy. Dubai’s weather will either cook your skin or melt it down. This spray is so refreshing at the same time so hydrating that going out of the house without this has become impossible.

3. L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss : Lately I have been obsessed with matte lippies and this brand has topped my list,so is the reason you will find this in my purse. I carry with me a nude shade , ready for times when I need to leave the house hurriedly without any makeup on, this lip product will just do its job when I am in the car.

4. Givenchy Mascara:

For some reasons I started liking this mascara for everyday use when I am in mood of having just a natural look. It is also ideal for touch ups if I’d need to or if I needed to do my makeup in the car and the size is so travel friendly and can be tossed easily from one bag to the other.

5. Essence Brow Mascara: This brow mascara is one brow product that I have reached to a lot lately and one of the most important as anytime my brows can deceive me and won’t be in place ,so I need this to put them back in shape. Can’t get enough of this. My eyebrows are so stubborn.

6. Sephora Makeup remover- My holy grail makeup remover esp for my eyes. I will definitely write a detailed review on this. Very much handy to be in purse if you would need to clean up some makeup mess on your beautiful face.

7. Jergens Hand cream- Who doesn’t need a handcream in the purse?

8. Evidence L’Eau De Parfum- Since it is the only travel sized perfume I own, it was the first to be in my purse. Not to mention the heavenly scent! It is just a wow.

9. Oil Control Film – If you have an oily skin, girl you need this.

10. Hand Sanitizer

11. Wet tissues

12. Some eyeliners and lip liners which is inside the mini brush kit.

13. Spooly for my brows

14. Random stuff as hair bands, bangles, scarf pins, Q-tips etc.

So these are all you will find in my makeup kit. I have one separate brush for my blush but I put that in my purse as it won’t fit in my pouches. Hope you guys enjoyed looking at the stuff inside my makeup purse. If you have a similar post to this, do tag me and I will check it out.

Re-creation Mode- Blue Dramatic Eyes

I saw this picture on Smashbox Middle East Facebook Page and couldn’t help but grab all my makeup essentials for this look. The blue is so attractive and the style is just so different from the usual we do.

Smashbox Facebook Page screenshot
Smashbox Facebook Page screenshot

My work:

Veena Hussain makeup look
Veena Hussain makeup look
Products used:
 *Morphebrushes eyeshadow palette 35C for crease color(Click here for review)
*Maybelline color tattoo in Tenacious teal as base on eyelids
*Urbandecay Smoked Palette -EVIDENCE (Click here for review)
*Anastasia Beverly Hills World traveler – NOIR for the crease and outer corners , AZURE for the final shade on lids. (Click here for review)
* NYX cosmetics eyeliner – (Click here for review)
* eyelashes from Daiso( A Japanese Store in most of the malls in Dubai) 😛


Hope you all liked this look. Share your beautiful thoughts about this look and if you have any suggestions on makeup looks to recreate do let me know. ❤

Sisterhood of The World Blogger Awards


So today, I decide to just dedicate my time in acknowledging awards I received ( not too many though LOL) but still my pride ❤

This one, is one unique award I must say! I love this concept. Seriously, blogging is so much fun! And with this award, I so feel I belong here already. Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Awards recognizes the voice of women bloggers around the world. Thanks to Cat Forsley for passing this on to me. ❤

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

Cat’s Questions:

1- What song have you been playing like crazy -? Or what are You listening to right now ?

I used to listen to Indian songs a lot and even danced on their music back before marriage. Now , I don’t listen to music much. I guess my interests have changed.

2- Too faced or Urban Decay – if You could only Pick one line – which one ? 

Too Faced

3- What – To You is the best thing about Blogging ? 

Best thing ,which also is the main reason I started to blog is, to be able to help other girls out there by sharing your experienced and feedback about a certain product.

4 – Who inspires You daily ?

My Kids are my inspiration

5-  A Vacation to Hawaii  or a Caribbean Cruise ?

Hawaii ❤

6- Favourite dessert ? 

Leche Phlan

7- Favourite magazine ? 

Aquarius Magazine

8-  What’s Your Motto – or what’s the saying that You love most ?

None 😛

9- What’s Your favourite sportBadminton

10- What is The best Thing that’s happened to you since You started blogging! 

I’m able to pen out what I feel and “how” I feel and share with everyone 😀

Following are my winners!! Yoohoo!!!











Questions for My winners ❤

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

2. What is the Title of your very first post and date?

3. Would you give a positive review to a non-deserving product? If yes, on what conditions? (Honest reply please 😛 )

4. What is your dream high end fashion brand that you would like to buy at the moment?

5. Rate yourself in photography. ( As a blogger, we know how photography is important to us )

6. How many hours a day do you give to your blogging ?

7. Current favorite face wash you are using right now.

8. How many lipsticks do you own?

9. Your favorite eyeliner style ( winged or simple)

10. Most expensive make up product you own.


All the best girls. Don’t forget to tag me or paste link of your Sisterhood post once you are done, would love to read the answers ❤