Swatch and Mini Review- Sleek Makeup Blush

I really like talking about my favorite products, be it old or new, if I like them, I will let you all know. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen how I talked about my obsession with Sleek Makeup Blushes. I won’t bore you with so much of details as probably you all know about this already but at the same time will try to convey my message in a very brief manner.

Brand: Sleek Makeup



4/5   four-stars-hi

List of Products’ Shades:

Blush Palette 1


Name: Pink Sprint

Sleek Makeup Blush in Pink Sprint

Swatch: Left to Right- Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini

Colors: 4/5  four-stars-hi

Pigmentation: 5/5 6ip6dAbiE

Longevity: 3/5 three-stars-hi 2 marks deducted because Pinktini does’t last long but the other two are perfect.

Blush Palette 2

Sleek Makeup Palette-Flame
Sleek Makeup Palette-Flame

Name: Flame


Swatch: Left to Right- Furnace, Bonfire, Molten

Colors: 4/5  four-stars-hi 1 mark deducted as I feel Molten and Furnace are both shimmery, I think one of them should be matte finish as the colors are similar.

Pigmentation: 5/5 6ip6dAbiE

Longevity: 4/5 four-stars-hithe shimmery ones lasts a little less than expected. But no big deal.

Blush Palette 3


Name: Sugar


Swatch: Left to Right- Turbinado, Muscovado, Demerara

Colors: 3/5  three-stars-hi 2 marks deducted as Turbinado and Furnace from Palette 2 are very similar.

Pigmentation: 5/5 6ip6dAbiE

Longevity: 5/5 6ip6dAbiE

Conclusion: I love these palettes for all of the above reasons, the marks deducted is totally forgivable, everything is perfect including the price.

I got these palettes from Ebeautique .

Go check her out on Instagram and treat yourself with some of her super exciting makeup collection. 🙂

International Giveaway # 2

Hey hey hey!!! Giveaway number 3 is up already. Took me a while to gather stuff for the giveaways I am going to have. I’m so excited for this  as I have chosen most of my favorite products to share with you all. All items are bought by me with lots of love and I really wish you all will like it.

So there will be 2 boxes with at least 10 makeup products that I will giveaway to one lucky winner. This is an international giveaway so do not worry at all as it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are. ❤ Yayy!

So here is what you get in box #1:

e.l.f cream eyeliner in Punk Purple
e.l.f matte lip color in Rich Red
e.l.f duo eyeshadow
e.l.f Brightening eye Color in Luxe
e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal
Valcena Paris Natural Absolute Day Cream-opened hygienically for one time trial purpose
Valcena Paris Action Jeunesse . Click here to check the review for these amazing products.
Glambox Foundation brush
Avon Glow powder eyeshadow in Rivera Blue
Avon Roll-on antiperspirant
Quick Makeup Stickies Stencils . Click here for the review on this one. ❤

How to enter:

Go to my Facebook page and follow the giveaway post there for the rules and if you have come back here and commented, you earned one entry already. 🙂

For additional entries, go to my Youtube channel, susbcribe , give a thumbs up to this video and you earn 2 entries for this. 😉

Enjoy Beauties and Good Luck!!



Review- Kuwaii Box

After my bad experience and frustration with my previous subscription with Glambox, I was in a hunt for other sub boxes that ship internationally and was so lucky to find Kuwaii Box that not only ships worldwide but ships them for FREE!! Isn’t that amazing? I found other boxes too but the temptations of the products in Kuwaii website was just too much. They are so full of cuteness that I feel like a kid again. I really don’t want to keep you guys waiting so let’s just move on to what I received. Scroll down for the video where I showed each and every stuff.

Kuwaii Box is a subscription Box you will receive from Japan and Korea. They have different super affordable subscription plans to offer to their subscribers and I suggest you check them out here.

I received a total of 11 items in the box and some cards and flyers.

Kuwaii Subscription Box August 2015
Kuwaii Subscription Box August 2015

So, like many subscription boxes out there, they have 1 welcome card with list of items they sent printed at the back.

I also received flyers with the following info:

  1. Share your Kuwaii Box & Win a Kuwaii Megabox worth over $100. – So use #KUWAIIBOX and share on all social media they are pretty much everywhere. 
  2. Japan Candy Box- This is another subscription box full of sweets and snacks that you can subscribe to and ships for free worldwide.

Check their website

3. Blippo Kuwaii Shop- This flyer offers you 10% discount code you can use when shopping from

4. Welcome Card and Items List

DSC_6685Kawaii Neko Plush

DSC_6688Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case

DSC_6687Macaron Ink Pen

DSC_6682Cloud Memory Letter Set- Check out this video below to see what are the colors of envelopes I got. ❤

DSC_6684Korean Deco Tape

DSC_6683Popsicle Squishy Charm

DSC_6689Mini animal Spray Bottle

DSC_6681Alpaca Tin Case

DSC_6680Puffy Paradise Stickers

DSC_6678Naru Naru Gumi Numi DIY Candy Kit

DSC_6679Polka Dots Shoe Laces

So here are all the items I received in my August Box , hope you enjoyed looking at them as I did and my daughter is the happiest to own all of them except for the mini spray which I am keeping for my makeup use. So if you are someone , who loves subscription boxes and are interested in little cute things then definitely go for Kuwaii box. It is even very good as surprise gifts and very affordable.

Their website

Their Facebook Page

“This box was sent to me by Kuwaii Box for reviewing and all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post is totally mine and is not paid whatsoever.”

Review & Swatch – Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak

I know ,this is a very old product and I am too late to review and swatch as probably all of you must have owned this already ,if not ,at least are aware of this product. But I just had to bring it out once again as “Strobing” is so much in nowadays. With strobing conquering the whole beauty world, how can I just ignore a highlighter? So I decided to bring to you different highlighters that I already own and plan to own shortly 😛 and review them.  For today, I have the Urban Decay Naked Flushed in the shade Streak.

The box
The box

The box looks like any Urban Decay makeup product. That is their signature look probably, you don’t even need to read and you will just know it is from Urban Decay. The back of the box mentions everything about the product in the palette one in English and one in another language.


These are the sides of the box where you will find all the necessary details such as ingredients , location etc. Nothing new or special with the ingredients, they are pretty much the same as any other bronzer,blush or highlighter.




The palette consists of powdered bronzer, highlighter and blush. The bronzer is brown with a bit of orangish undertone. Highlighter is sort of pinkish which I think is just perfect for any skin tone. The blush is a very beautiful peachy shade. The colors are no doubt, very pigmented but …so here comes the “but” ! They are too powdery, though they feel very soft, velvety and creamy. When I swipe my brush on the palette, I can see a lot of powder accumulating on the sides which is a total turn off for me considering the worth of the product. It is a high-end brand, people, for the amount we pay , I at least expect perfection. I use my Sleek Blush palettes a lot and those palettes never had any kind of fall outs. Sleek palettes cost around AED65 here in UAE and UD Naked Flushed AED235(approx). With this price difference, I have the right to demand a lot!

I will link Check out the video to view a live swatch of this palette so you can see for yourself.

Longevity: UD Naked Flushed Blush longer but the highlighter and bronzer is smiley-face-thumbs-down-clipart-Thumbs_down_smiley2_Clip_Art





***This product was sent to me by Ebeautique for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are totally mine and by no means not PAID.

Review- Le Soie Bath bombs

I so wanted to do this review for ages now, as it’s been 1 month already since I bought this awesome stuff. My hunt for natural,organic and cruelty products is still on, and in this journey I discovered “LeSoie”. So I stopped by their stall and inquired about their products and came to know they had handmade beauty products and use skin-friendly ingredients. Their soaps are just a WOW! Specially the cupcakes ones. But since it was my first time, I didn’t want to invest much for trying purpose. So I bought one bath bomb and the sales lady was so kind to give me a sample of their soap for me to try out as she saw how eager I was. 😀

Today I will be reviewing about the Bath bomb and to be honest I’m so happy as I have been seeing everyone raving about bath bombs from lush cosmetics. So when I saw Le Soie had one, I knew I just had to grab it.

Le Soie Bath bombs
Le Soie Bath bombs

The Packaging:

The product is packed very neatly in a plastic wrap keeping it safe from breaking and falling out.


The Inside:

The inside products is just like a ball of powder that you need to put immediately in the bath tub as soon as you remove the plastic wrap or it may break , cause the powder to shed and leave you with “semi-round” ball 😛

The Odor:

It smells like a very yummy strawberry. Yes fellas, not just strawberry but yummy strawberry. You will literally enjoy  the whole aroma once it is in water , trust me, you wouldn’t be able to wait to just get in there. Soaking myself in water that smells so refreshing just feels so good and relaxing. This comes in other flavors too but there’s something with strawberry. Even with ice creams, I would have strawberry first before trying any other flavors. 😛

20150902_094636The best part was putting it in the water and see the bomb explode. It’s kinda fun to see the whole scene. LOL You know what I mean.


This is how it looked when I finally decided to have a good time inside , read a book while in there and make some noted on my next blog posts. ❤

I got this product from Le Soie , Ibn Batuta Mall for aed16

Check out the video for the demo ❤


Recommended Face Scrub for Oily/Combination Skin

I don’t know why it took me two months to post about my favorite face scrubs. Maybe I just wanted to use and try them more before bringing them in front of you all. Face scrub is one of the most important part of my skin care regimen. As I have combination skin and mostly oily in the hot season, I love scrubbing my face due to the immediate result I get after doing so. Soft and smooth skin!

What is a face scrub?

A skin care product that removes dead cells accumulating on your skin , cleans the inside of the pores and makes your skin smooth ,soft and gives it a healthy glow.

When do we need it? How often should we scrub our face?

Once or twice a week should be enough for normal skin. I do it thrice as my skin gets so oily in summers and becomes very dull most of the time. I have a combination to oily skin and my skin goes crazy with the weather hence scrubbing my face helps my skin bring back the glow and remove dullness. Scrubbing is also called Exfoliating.

Moving on to my recommended face scrubs here is the first one:

Soap& glory Scrub your nose in it
Soap& glory Scrub your nose in it

1. Scrub Your Nose In It by Soap&Glory: The name is so tricky, at one moment I thought it is for nose and the first time I used it, I strictly followed the instructions written to apply it on a damp “T-zone”. With this , I was more convinced it is for my nose! I rubbed it gently all over my T-zone area and left it on for 2 minutes and rinsed. The result was amazing! I can see very less white heads(as I have no black heads) and my pores seemed to become tiny. I used it this way 2 or 3 times I guess, when I felt the urge of treating the rest of my face nicely,hence decided to apply it all over my face and from then onwards, I did it like that. Now that it is empty, then only I read the label where it is written that it is a “special pore refining formula FACIAL SCRUB”!!!! Ughh! How could I be so dumb.See that tiny line on top of the “SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT”

That’s so me by the way. Okay now that it is clear that it is actual a facial scrub, let me continue telling you all how much I love it.

The scrub inside is of thick consistency with very tiny pearls, that’s what I call the microbeads by the way,minty in color and feels so as well. I love how it does the work on my face. At times when I’m in a hurry, I just apply it on face in circular motion and rinse immediately without leaving it on for sometime and it still works perfectly. It has that fresh, minty sensation when on skin and that’s actually how I know it has started working on my skin. It does work wonders! You’ll see a huge difference once you start using.

Bought this for AED50 from Boots

P.S I had to click the picture of the empty tube just to show you how much I loved it that I used up even the last drop of it. Recommended by a dear friend  Rustic Beauty

VLCC Pineapple & Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub
VLCC Pineapple & Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

VLCC Pineapple & Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub: When I saw this on the shelf while doing my grocery, I had no clue about how it is, how is it going to work etc when normally I look for reviews first before I purchase anything. What attracted me was “VLCC” as this brand was kind of a hit here and second thing that caught my attention was “Papaya” . Anything related to papaya means a “good skin”. At least that’s what I kept hearing from elders since my child hood. Hence, with not much of thoughts, I picked it.

It has tiny microbeads which doesn’t feel harsh at all on the skin, smells fruity and feels very light. By light, I mean you can easily tell it is not one of those very strong chemicalised beauty products that we dread on applying at times. Your skin won’t feel very dry or stretched after using,which makes it ideal for those with normal skin and not-too-oily.

Available in any supermarket in U.A.E

Tea Tree Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub
Tea Tree Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub

Tea Tree Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub: Been hearing a lot about tea tree oil’s  benefits when it comes to skin, how can I just ignore the related products specially when you are at Boots. The sales lady told me this was a new product specially for oily skin. So I knew, I just had to get it. Besides the scrub, I bought face wash and  facial toner of the same range. But I’m not going to be talking about the rest of the products here and instead concentrate on this scrub.

The consistency is a bit thin/liquidy due to which you’d feel the microbeads a bit harsh on your skin. So for this one, you need to keep a very light hand when applying and just do a very gentle little strokes in circular motion instead of “scrubbing” as you wouldn’t want to damage your skin. A very light touch is good enough to do the job. But the product is amazing guys. But be sure that you really have an oily skin before using this as it sucks the excess oil out of your skin.

Available in any Boots Pharmacy in U.A.E

Ranking the above in order of favorites :

1. Soap & Glory Scrub You Nose In It

2. Tea Tree Witch Hazel

3. VLCC Pineapple & Papaya

So we are done now with my recommendations of facial scrubs. In case you don’t know how to use, read ahead… 🙂

1. Wash your face with water.

2. Take ample amount of scrub and apply all over face, neck and if desired you can go down towards cleavage too.

3. Massage gently with light fingers , do it harder on your T-Zone.

4. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

5. Apply moisturiser.

Tips: Keep your scrub handy, somewhere easily accessible so you don’t forget to use. To be able to buy the effective and best scrub , you should first know your skin type. Exfoliating face helps make you skin care products work effectively on your skin as your skin is already very clean by the time you are done so the rest of the products will do their work properly

Hope you find this helpful, I’ll be sharing a home made recipe of facial scrub as I always try out natural remedies too. Previously I posted about home made lip exfoliator.

Deborah Milano Picks

This time I thought of trying a brand for the first time , that is, Deborah Milano. I didn’t know much about the brand till I saw their display in our nearby Mall. So I thought why not check out what good products they have.

The sales lady told me it is an Italian brand , so upon hearing the word “Italy” I just had to give it a try.. I don’t  know but it is just how “Italy” does magic on me. I bought 2 products from them, blush and a lipstick. I did try their eyeshaows but nothing wow with those.

Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush
Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush

The packaging is beautiful and the blush itself is so adorable too.


1. Matte finish

2. Long lasting

3. Very Pigmented

4. Very soft at the same time velvety.


Price(Should have been cheaper) – Their price range is almost as Loreal. for someone like me ,who isn’t familiar with the brand, I am hesitant to spend as much as I can for Loreal.

Next I bought was a lipstick. I”ll update prices once I find the receipts. Promise!


I’m also into matte lipstick and so was the reason I bought matte. This is the shade, Atomic Red Mat Lipstick. I have no idea why it has the word “red” as it has nothing to do with the color at all. However , this is exactly the shade I was searching. I was looking to add more to my daily wear collection and nude is my top fave.

Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick
Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick

Can you see how beautiful the color is. ^-^ Ahh! I’ve been using this ever since I bought it. It might not suit the Indian/Pakistani skin tone, well I too have the same skin tone, but I don’t wear this without prepping my face. I suggest you to apply BB cream or a light foundation when wearing this, if you are wheatish skin toned or you’ll look ill 😛

addtext_com_MDUzMjQwNDQzNjI3It is creamy,very easy to apply, glides on smoothly and best part is , it stays on for longer time than expected. My concern with matte lip colors as I mentioned earlier, is they make my lips dry and chapped:/ but this one is just perfect!

Additional tips: Exfoliate & condition your lips before applying lipstick specially matte ones, or your lips will look very dry. We don’t want that,right? 🙂




Another thing I’d like to point out here is the packaging of the lipstick, the physical appearance. I’m someone who just likes to scrutinies each and everything that comes in my hands specially make up.

Deborah Milano-Atomic Red Mat Lipstick

The color combination, black and red looks really nice, the tube is made of matte finish plastic which I kind of like.What I don’t like is the shape of the tube. I find it strange somehow, it is curved from one side and I just don’t get it. I wish I knew why they gave this shape to its cover.

So if you ask me if I’m happy with these, I’m going to say yes! I’m pretty much happy with what I got for the price spent.

Thanks for reading everyone ❤

Mikyaji Color Fantasy Make Up kit-Continued

addtext_com_MTE1NDUyMjA0NjMyHi Peeps,

Previously I did a review on Mikyaji Color Fantasy Make Up kit (eyeshadows). Today I’m going to show you all what is in the rest of the kit.

Mikyaji color Fantasy Make up kit(Lip palette)

So this is the lip palette in the kit and offers a variety of colors as you see in the picture but I personally think most of the colors are useless. Reason being they are more of a lip gloss than lipsticks with not much pigmentation.

addtext_com_MTIwMTQyMTgyNjE0I swatched some of the colors from palette and as you see, the colors hardly show up. These shades are suitable for those have very fair skin not dark-skinned like me. Right now, I have no idea where and how to use them.

addtext_com_MTMwOTE4MjEzNTcxSo this is palette has some essentials for the face. Face powder, blusher, highlighter and powder foundation.

Face palette
Face palette

This is the concealer palette which has 4 shades to choose from. Coverage is good and is ideal for good and the lightest shade can be used to highlight.

Eyebrow palette
Eyebrow palette

This is the eyebrow palette ,again 4 shades to choose from.

addtext_com_MTMxNDU5MjEzNzc2This make up kit comes with 4 eye/lip pencils.

addtext_com_MTIwMzIxMjA1Njk2Last but not the least, applicators for eyeshadows, blush and lipstick.

Here you go guys, just a short post on what you will find inside the make up kit. For the eyeshadow swatches,click here.

Thank You for reading.


“Strobing”-Is it really that easy??

Okay so I just read this article yesterday about how easy your life can be now since strobing is discovered.

While contouring seemed to be very heavy with all those different shades of foundation/contour kit, then setting it with two shades of setting/pressed/loose powder , one would end up thinking how much one can put make up on the face. While we watch the beautiful YouTubers show us the different techniques of contouring, we end up looking like we just got sunburn or mistakenly pressed iron on our face instead of clothes. Many of us gave up on the idea of contouring.

So as a rescue to all those who who couldn’t befriend contouring, the experts introduces us to Strobing. In easy words , Highlighting.

Apparently, we don’t need to contour our face, instead, just highlight the face parts where lights hit directly(if you remember the contouring process, highlighting is also a part of it), basically Strobing is “half” of the contour process. :/

Parts that need highlighting: Centre of forehead, tip of nose, browbones, chin, upper cheeks or wherever you want. LOL (as everyone has different ideas on this)

So now, we will expect ladies to wonder :

1. Which products are to be used for Strobing.

2. Which highlighter to get.

3. How much is too much in terms of application.

4. Right shade .

5. From where till where should it be applied.

6. Won’t it be too dewy.

7. Is there a matte highlighter. If so, then would it give the “glow”effect?

8. Won’t one look like a disco light after applying it.

and many many many more questions.

So , is the contouring problem really solved? Is Strobing really easy?

What’s your take on it?

NYX Liquid Illuminator
NYX Liquid Illuminator

P.S I’ve been already doing this since couple of years, using highlighters and illuminators and avoid contouring  as much as possible except for special occasions. ❤ I just shared with you all, my favorite illuminator. 🙂

What’s yours?

Thank You for reading everyone!

Stila/Maybelline/Isadora- Goodies from Ebeautique

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Hello Beauties,

Today I’ll be sharing with you about some goodies I received from Ebeautique

Isadora Build Up Mascara
Isadora Build Up Mascara

1. Isadora Build Up Mascara:

The mascara says “Extra Volume”  and so I expected my thin and short lashes to look like a full lash. But it didn’t exactly do so. However,you can build it up, I applied 3 coats and was done with it. It is definitely not waterproof as it says, but since I’m a sucker for non-waterproof mascara, I love it!

Maybelline Color Tattoo MEtal

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal- 65 Gold Rush:

This one is my love

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal-Gold Rush
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal-Gold Rush

What i don’t like is the texture and consistency. I find it a bit harder to apply. With my make up brush , definitely wasn’t possible. I applied with my finger and it was there perfectly.

Here is a look I created with it.

Maybelline Color Tattoo MEtal-Gold Rush
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal-Gold Rush

3. Stila Liquid Eyeliner:

Stila Stay all Day, waterproof liquid eyeliner
Stila Stay all Day, waterproof liquid eyeliner

Okay this eyeliner, is good in terms of its pointed nib, it is so perfect to create wings, the color is beautiful and very easy to use. But, It is not waterproof as it says. It comes off so easily with just a little sprinkle of water.

Stila- Waterproof Eyeliner
Stila- Waterproof Eyeliner

I know all these aren’t really latest releases of the brands, but I don’t want to be like just any other who will fetch the latest stuff only but believe in sharing my feedback about every products I used be it a release of 2015 or 2010. 🙂 If I like something, even if the item was a 2008 release, I’ll pick that again and again.

So, If you live in U.A.E and would want to purchase any of the above products or anything from drugstore to high-end beauty products, Ebeautique is your place. An online, shop that caters all beauty items from make up to skin care of all range! The seller is such a sweet person and very nice to deal with. All latest products are on instagram guys.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting. 🙂

Don’t forget to follow my blog/instagram and twitter for updates. Let’s connect on facebook too for more fun ❤