I guess this has become an obsession already. Can’t get enough of lip creams and it all started with L.A Girl matte lip gloss. I’ve been seeing Sleek matte lip creams for a while now and always tried to discipline myself by not buying something ‘unnecessary’. Yes ,it was truly not needed as I already have similar shades but when I’m in mood to be ‘happy’ I buy makeup 😜 I guess that’s a good reason.

Sleek Matte Me
Sleek Matte Me

After enjoying with my Sleek makeup collection of blushes and eyeshadows, it was indeed time for some lip products from this brand.💋👄 Unfortunately the seller had limited options of shades and the only shade I liked was Birthday Suit.

The formula ,I must say, is just perfect. It doesn’t dry very quickly,hence giving me ample time to apply it all over my lips perfectly not leaving any corner untouched. It gives a very nice velvety matte finish which doesn’t dry or chap the lips. The pigmentation is awesome and I’m so happy as I can see the exact same color on my lips as in tube.


I have a bit of an issue with the staying power. It lasts very well for 4 to 5 hours but beyond that it starts disappearing. But no complains as I have lip products that do not last even for an hour 😣 Anything that lasts for that long,is very good.

Would I buy it again?

Definitely yes for this shade and I’ll be ordering some other shades too.

Tips: Always prep your lips specially before using matte lip products as they may make your lips dry. Exfoliate regularly and apply lip balms. Check out the homemade lip exfoliator I made here.

P.S This picture us without any filter or editing 😗 I’m so proud of it as any makeup done with no filters is truly an achievement.

Review & Swatches- Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette

addtext_com_MTYxMzMwNzQyNDgSo here is a palette I got for AED100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty Store, the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette.

The colors are very attractive , bright and perfect for model and party look. So this caught my attention and I made sure to get my hands on it.

It is literally sleek, very slim and very light weighted. The eyeshadows have fall outs so you would want to be careful, the applicator that comes with it is useless! I used it while swatching and the sponge just fell off.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

The swatched shades are directly applied on the skin as I want t give a very honest and clear review and picture of the mentioned product.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

I used the applicator that came along with it for this swatch and as I said the sponge fell off so I used just fingers in applying the 3 colors from the left. So this palette has some shimmer and mattes shades. The shimmery eye shades are pigmented but the matte ones are just a disappointment. Still you can see some color there, but they are not as bright on skin as tehy are on the palette.

Rate: 2/5

Reason: I’ve seen many palettes with same performance but I’m rating this very low as it’s standard is way too low than what I expected.

Use it with eyeshadow base to get the perfect color, be careful with fall outs and if you’re a beginner who is looking to work on some bright shades without getting too much of it, then this palette is for you.

I got is for aed100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty store but you can get it for aed60.25 from

So if your are based in U.A.E and would want to give it a try, you can check these two stores. Luxola is online store while plus point in getting from Alisha is you get to try and test the product you want to purchase.

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