REVIEW -Too Faced Le Grand Chateau |Holiday Collection

toofacedlegrandchateuiHoliday season and I am all up for holiday palettes! Every now and then I go to different beauty websites checking for the right holiday palette for moi. Most of the brands will be coming out with some amazing value holiday collections so you guys need to watch out for it. The first I got for myself is the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau.



toofaced holiday collection The Inside:

We get 3 different palettes with 6 eye shades and one blush in each. The palettes comes in a book like case which is very easy to handle. Inside is also everyone’s favorite the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

toofaced eyeshadow palette review



Too faced tried giving us all that we need in these palettes, from matte to satin, shimmery to glittery. Name it and you get it. The packaging is really cute and I love the idea of separate palettes as it makes it really easy to carry and so ideal if you want to gift it to someone. It has this note space at the back where you can write the name of the person you want to give it too.

toofacedmakeupreviewThe mascara , I haven’t tried as yet, but it has been raved about by the beauty queens of YouTube so I hope you shouldn’t find it hard searching for its review. However I will put up my review as soon as I’m ready for it.

What I do not like is the pigmentation is not as good as what Too Faced usually offers to their buyers. I was expecting a lot more. I won’t say it has a very poor color pay off because that is not the case it all. Pigmentation is good and colors are so beautiful with eye shadow base but not as good as I expected from the brand. Special mention to the duo chrome shades which are in these paletts. Yoohoo! I’ll be popping swatches of these on my Instagram , so be there with me ❤

I would like to mention the blush in these palettes, I wish they had some darker ones too as  dark-skinned girls as myself can’t use it as blush. Well I’m not really dark but wheatish and still I can’t seem to use these for my cheeks.

Price: AED210 From Facebook Seller. (U.A.E residents)

Review- Glamgals Creme Matte Lipstick


Glamgals Professional Creme Matte Lipstick

Ingredients:glamgalslipsticksingredient-review-lipstickreview-makeuptips-Shade: 105 Girly Purple- It has a total of 12 shades

Price: AED45


  • it has SP15- ideal for the U.A.E weather where the sun has full potential of hurting your skin with its kiss :/ SPF will protect your lips from that.
  • contains Argan Oil
  • the box has complete information of the product like ingredients,expiry date, main elements
  • affordable
  • very creamy
  • not drying
  • glides on lips smoothly
  • nourishes lips due to oils it contains
  • though the color is purple, it is so wearable and doesn’t at all look overwhelming
  • 12 shades to choose from



  • the packaging- I wish the lipstick bullet where the product is in, would have been of good material as Glamgals’ other products which has an awesome packaging.

Check out my earlier Glamgals Product reviews on their nail product and dual lip gloss that won my heart.

My final verdict:

As I have mentioned the Pros and Cons already, I wouldn’t be going to much of those details. I’m sure you might be wondering about the longevity of the lipstick. It is not long-lasting, which is very much okay with me because it doesn’t claim to be one. Not unless you are buying a long-lasting lip product, you shouldn’t expect one to be. Lipsticks always need touch ups that’s the reason I make sure I carry the lipstick shade I am wearing on a particular day, in my purse as I’d be needing it for touch ups sometime later during the day. So here you are getting extra makeup tips from me. 😛 However the Glamgals Creme Matte lipstick did last for hours till I had burger and french fries party 😛 You get so much of the product in the tube that make is so worth every penny and of course the quality which I already have raved about earlier.


glamgalscrememattelipstick1For my lip swatches, check out my Instagram.

Fan Page Members’ Mini Reviews- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

So I decided to not only share MY reviews on different but share with you reviews of my very dear and valuable members of my blog and Facebook Fan page. Just a way to show that I value and give importance to all of your views. I love looking at your collection as well us knowing about your thoughts on different beauty products. I have asked my fan page members to submit a paragraph review on their most favorite or hated products and today we have with us Aastha’s mini review on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation that she loves.


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Swatch of the Day- Colour pop Supershock Highlighter

I thought it would really be fun and interesting to have “Swatch of the Day” posts,so from today onwards I will try my best to come up with different swatches on daily basis.

Today’s swatch is Colour pop Supershock Highlighter in Lunch Money, click here for the detailed review.

colour pop highlighter-lunch money
colour pop highlighter-lunch money

Let me know if you like the idea of swatch post. 🙂

Quick Makeup Stencils

Hi Peeps!!!

As you all know, if you have been following my blog, that I am focusing on “makeup for beginners” issues and share my knowledge with them. So in this search, I came to know about this store Quick Makeup Stencils on that I found so interesting. I messaged them and Valya was so kind to send me some of their best products to try. I received from them Quick Makeup stencils and Quick eyeliner stickies. They dealt with me very nicely and I’m so happy with their customer service.

Though I’m not a stencil kind of person at all and I have seen many eyebrow stencils out there but never felt the urge to buy them, what this store offered was different and immediately caught my attention as it was actually stencils to apply eyeshadows and eyeliner. What could be better than getting that perfect cat winged eyeliner in very less time specially when you’re a beginner. I knew I just had to get this.  This post will focus on the makeup stencils only and  eyeliner stickies on the next post.

Quick Makeup Stencils

The Quick Makeup stencils set I received has 3 identical stencils for eyebrows, eyeshadow and eyeliner application. Receiving 3 stencils is just amazing as in case something happens with one you can use the other.  It also has the step by step guide inside which is very helpful.

Quick makeup stencil
Quick makeup stencil

This is how the stencil looks like. It has 3 for the brows and the rest for eyeshadows and eyeliner.


eyebrow stencil
eyebrow stencil

This eyebrow stencil is so helpful for those who do not know how to do their eyebrows yet using the kits in the market. You can practice with this initially before you actually get your hands used to this routine. If you have thick brows, then this stencil might not be for you as this is ideal for those have thin ones. However do give it a shot by trying. so if you have your brow shape from the above, then this one is for you 😀

Quick Makeup Stencil
Quick Makeup Stencil

This is one page of the guide they sent along, which you will receive in your kit. A detailed guide on how to apply fishtail line. Something I always struggled but now life is just much easier. Use a very pointed marker eyeliner for this one to get the perfect flick.


They have the guide for you from dramatic to smokey and almond eye makeup. There are few tips and tricks on applying this which I will share with you all shortly in a video.



There are actually 10 ways to use this stencil from eye shadow application to brows ,eyeliners and even eyelash application.  Retails for $15 USD here and best part is they ship worldwide for FREE so it doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to. 🙂

Please refer to the picture to see how I did my look the very first time I used it. Initially you would need a bit of practice but it is not difficult at all. I got everything right the 3rd time I used it.  Will be posting an updated looks in a week , pictures and videos to be uploaded this week.


Hope you found this product interesting like I did. Did you ever use makeup stencils? How was the experience?




Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned here was sent to me for review purpose and all thoughts, opinions and pictures shared in this post are totally mine based on experience. I am not, by any means, paid by the company to write this.

Review & Swatches- NYX Lip Liners


Hi peeps!

Today I am here with a very short and quick post just to share my recent NYX lip liner purchases. I already had one before buying these, and I simply loved it so decided to buy more when I found out there was Sale on make up all around Dubai ❤

NYX Lip Liners
NYX Lip Liners

So here are the swatches of the ones I have. On top is PINKY, Middle- PLUSH RED, bottom-Hot Pink. Guys, they are worth every penny i must say. apply it all over your lips and then top it with you lipstick. It works wonders as they are long lasting. It doesn’t mean it will look the same as how they looked when you applied but the whole day your lips will have the tint on. I bought it for AED18 each from Centrepoint, Dubai, U.A.E

Let me know if you own these pencils and what shades you have ❤

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