Review- GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

If you guys are following me on Instagram and Facebook, you must have seen the pictures I posted of the beauty products sent to me by GlamGals for reviewing. Mini reviews have also been posted. Thanks to this awesome company, I’ve been introduced to another range of beauty goodies that I get to try and like. Liked or loved, that we will find out as I share my reviews.

Today I have for you, the GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss. If you have noticed, I have been adding lots of videos in my blog posts. I really enjoy the few seconds video I make to show the product, I think you get an idea of how the product actually looks like through video not unless you have captured a very good picture. But since I am still learning to do product photo shoot, bear with my video craze. 😛 I think I can take decent pictures but the silver packaging of this product just challenged me a lot. LOL

Product Details:

Brand: GlamGals

Name: Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

Shade: DLG12

Price: AED35

Ingredients: 20150925_184438

The Packaging:


Unlike any other lip gloss I ever held in my hands, this surely was heavier. Normally, I barely feel I’m even holding anything but this one was screaming “Hello, I’m here!” The tube came in a silver box with all necessary details printed on like ingredients, labels, application tips, address, production/expiry date etc. The lip gloss tube is of very good quality plastic material, reminds me of my acrylic drawers. Since it is dual ended, one end has the colored lip gloss and the other end with the transparent one.

What they say: Triple effects- Condition, Moisturizing and Long stay all day wear with 3D Diamond Shine.

The Inside:


On one end, you get the colored pigment and on the other end is a transparent product that is supposed to moisturize your lips. It is a beautiful red shade , the formula is perfect not too thick and not too thin, covers the lips’ own pigmentation, glides on very well and applies evenly. The transparent end of the lip gloss is a very shiny liquid which has exactly the consistency you need.

How to apply: Apply the colored lip gloss on lips, wait for about 2 minutes then coat it with the moisturizing lip gloss.

pizap.com14431937318101I wore only the lip gloss for 2 days, the whole day and it is very good on its own only. If you are a fan of matte lips, you will be happy with it this way. It is not drying and do not chap your lips. I was a bit skeptical using the moisturizing lip gloss at first as I thought the brush might pick most of the red color, but it actually did the opposite. It was very easy to apply without smudging my red pigment and it actually felt very good on the lips. I felt it actually moisturized my lips at the same time giving my lips that non-overwhelming spark.


  1. cruelty-free (has a bunny on its box)
  2. not drying
  3. perfect formula
  4. pigmented
  5. moisturising but not sticky
  6. good quality at affordable price
  7. 15 shades to choose from
  8. long wear
  9. quality packaging


Very light smell when applying, not really that bothering as it fades away very quickly

Shades: pizap.com14431856844581

Current outlets :
1)Deira City Centre (outside Sephora)
2)Dubai outlet mall (outside Cold Stone)
3)Arabian Centre midriff (outside Costs coffee)
4)Century Mall (outside Carrefour)
5)Al Foah Mall AlAin (outside lulu)
6)Sharjah City Centre (outside Ecity) – coming up next month .

Facebook – Glamgals cosmetics

IG – glamgals cosmetics.

**PR Samples**

Check out the video and see for yourself the packaging.


Hi beauties!

I just realized that I have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection and some actually look so the same. So I swatched and remember the M.A.C lipstick I spoke about in this post, the Flat out Fabulous lipstick actually has similar shades with me.

Hope this might help someone looking to own MAC lipsticks but can’t afford, you need not worry and get yourself the affordable version of the lip product.


M.A.C vs Avon

The color is almost the same. Specially when on lips , you will only find out by the texture as MAC is purely matte while Avon lipstick has a little bit of sheen in it. Both lipsticks are not long lasting and the only way you can make it last longer is through this method.

M.A.C vs Mikyaji

Color is very much the same, however might look a bit different when on lips. Both are mattes but Mikyaji lasts longer. M.A.C glides on lips very easily as it is very creamy while Mikyaji is more of  a dry formula which makes application a bit difficult but not really bad. It is still a very good lipstick to own not necessarily as a dupe 🙂

M.A.C vs Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Don’t blink pink is definitely the dupe. Both M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipsticks’ performance and texture are the same however Wet n Wild lippies lasts longer,way longer than M.A.C.


DSC_6141klMAC lipstick is a matte one while Avon isn’t so you can see the difference in their texture or finish. Avon appears to be a bit glossy but it isn’t really that glossy but not matte too as MAC.


So what I did was dab a little bit of powder on the Avon lipstick to make it matte and see if the colors are still similar. so our dupe lipstick here has become lighter pink. so I guess if you want to have the same color as MAC then leave it as it is and don’t mess with the finish.

wetnwildpinksSome more of the pinks in my collection which I found very similar to the MAC lipstick and these 3 lipsticks are all mattes.


M.A.C lipstick- aed104

Wet n wild- aed22

Mikyaji- aed149 for 3 lipsticks on sale

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The Battle between my love for lipstick and Demands of Society

“Don’t put on that color it’s too light for your skin”. “Don’t buy that lipstick, its way too dark for you” “You will look old with that color”

Do these questions sound familiar? I bet, yes! At least for me, they are. I have heard those ever since I came to know what lipstick was. It has been there all the time, at the back of my mind that I am not a fair-complexioned girl and I shouldn’t be wearing nude lipsticks. Even I can’t wear the bright ones like fuchsia pinks and reds because they are too bright for my skin. Everyone had all the good reasons to shatter my confidence when it comes to colors, be it clothing or makeup.

When buying lipsticks, the three most commonly prohibited colors were usually the nude one, fuchsia pink and red lipstick. I shouldn’t dare touch those or I’ll look like a clown. Even if I gathered the guts to wear, I’ll keep on hearing criticisms right on the spot. Then why bother!


Not until two years ago, my love for makeup increased, I watched all the beauty gurus on YouTube flaunting all those mouth watering lipstick shades. Of course, each and every shade looked really good on them as they were mostly the ideal skin toned girls, “white”! Yes, in our part of the world, girls with white skin are the “ideal” girl. So how can such an ideal girl have any shade look badly on her? If you are someone who belong to the other part of the world with really pale skin, I’m sure you would disagree to what I’m saying as you believe there are shades too that do not suit you. But, society thinks so. Can you stop them? This was the question lingering in my mind every time I see those desirable lipstick colors that I can’t wear, rather not allowed to. But there is always this one person in your life that will push you to do something you have always hesitated, in my case, my husband.


One day, he asked me to try a lipstick that is very light, you put it on, and you can almost not tell it is there. I understood what he meant and so I went to get my very first nude lipstick from Bodyshop. He loved it and so that became my go-to lipstick. That’s where I realized, my skin color is not the problem. It is how we think and how we see things. I need to fix myself as I can’t fix the rest of the world. I actually looked beautiful in nude lipstick, I looked younger and prettier. I told myself maybe the rest of the prohibited colors weren’t that bad either. But there was this hesitation in my heart, so initially I made sure to buy only one dark pink and one bright red. Darn! Did I look hot!

That moment, I felt a huge wall in front of me falling down where I can see lots of different colors beyond that. I felt good to have discovered that my skin actually can carry any kind of color. Name it and I’ll nail it!


The problem was actually me and not the society. People would just talk about you, that’s their work. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Stopping yourself from getting your favorite shade of lipstick somehow would make you unhappy.

Do you really want that to happen? It is not a big deal, go grab it and wear with confidence, you are to judge yourself not

others. Important is how you see yourself. Don’t stop yourself from pulling off anything very neatly, be it clothing, makeup, jewellery or whatsoever just because someone said so.

I may not fit to someone’s ideal description of a beautiful girl but I don’t care. I know I am because I am confident. If you are someone who loves nude lipstick but can’t because of your skin color, make a list of all the nudes you want and go get them. At least try and wear them confidently, you just don’t realize you will just look more beautiful and not otherwise.

pizap.com14398880934001If you are someone who can’t have dark eyebrows because you have light hair color, let me tell you this, make up is an art, and there is no rules for art, so go ahead get your eyebrows done black, brown, green, blue whatever you want and show the world, how beautiful you are. Be happy in your skin, do not restrict yourself and wear all the colors.

If you are able to get the message behind this post, please share with everyone . Someone out there might just need motivation.

Important Note: This article is written by myself based on personal experience and originally posted on

Models: Aisha Mustafa & Navela Altaf

Photography: Makeup World by Veena

Updated Review-L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

This post is going to be an updated version of the review I did previously of some of the L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Back then, I had only 5 , I liked them so much that I ordered more and would like to share the swatches of these too. I had to make another post as there has been a slight change on my thoughts about these lippies. To check my previous verdict, click here.

L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss
L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss

The packaging as I mentioned in previous post, is not so impressive but it doesn’t really bother me.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

Here you can see clearly the shades written on the label, I tried making it visible for you guys in case you’d want something from them. The colors in the tube is pretty much the exact same shade you will get when applied on.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

The swatches of the shades are all swiped once,that’s how I do it always, except for tulle & playful. Here is why….

The lip gloss as mentioned has a matte finish. They are very pigmented, glides on very smoothly and easily on lips and is very long lasting. When on lips, it doesn’t bleed or stain items you touch your lips with. While all the colors made me happy, tulle and playful disappointed me a lot. As I mentioned, all the shades are pigmented but these two shades are not at all. The consistency is very thin, feels like you are just applying a layer of some chemical on your lips making it look weird as it doesn’t really cover the actual color of your lips. If you have a naturally pinkish/reddish lips, then you might like this. However, I can’t think of a way to make these work for me, I’ll be just selling them off or give them away.

The colors as so long lasting that removing it will be a struggle 😛 But don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. When removing, apply a generous amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly on lips, leave it on for sometime, maybe remove the rest of your makeup first, then go back to your lips and wipe with tissue. It will come off!

I really request you guys to check out my previous post ,to get more idea of these products.

Price: AED38 each

Bought from : Indelath

The rest of the colors are beautifully wearable, black currant is kind of my favorite but I can;t wear it without a proper full make up , fleur is my go-to shade and lately ,I’ve been rocking frisky! Pictures below.


LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky

Thank you for reading

Review- Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick

One advantage of being an Avon representative is you get to try most f their products and if it’s lipstick, I don’t give a 2nd thought and order their sample pieces. For those with no sample, I just order the full size lipstick then but I make sure to try.

So here is not very new but not so old range of lipstick the Avon Ultra Bold Lipstick. I ordered them immediately the same campaign they were released and hence sharing with you all the swatches.

from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve

AS you see , the lipstick surely have Bold Colors. I have mixed feedback about these. The dark colors are very pigmented, very good consistency and feels very good on the lips and stays on longer as I follow my lipstick routine for any kind of lipstick.

For the lighter ones, as the darker ones , they are also very pigmented but the consistency is a bit too light , that they break easily.

IT is for AED49 in the current campaign with the deal buy 2nd one @aed15.

Overall I’d rate it 7/10

One of the best lipsticks I have had from Avon.

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Turn every lipstick to a long lasting one!


Hello Ladies, Just wanted to share how I do my lipstick to make it last longer and not stain the glasses i drink from that much. I know I’m not the first who gave this tip , but want to share my version of it 🙂

What you need:

1. Lip liner ( same or closest color to the lipstick you are using)

2. Lipstick of your choice

3. Tissue paper

4. Loose powder

5. Stippling Brush


1. Moisturize you lips. If you have lip balm ,go ahead with that and if not, all of us have Vaseline lying in our dressing tables. I used Vaseline.

2. Outline your lips with lip liner pencil.

3. Apply the same lip pencil all over your lips , this will create a good base for your lipstick and give a very good color. (For some, they apply concealer or foundation on the lips , esp when lips are dark. You can do that before applying your lip liner.

4. Take a tissue paper , put on your lips ,gently press and using stippling brush , dab on it(tissue) little bit of loose powder. Any powder will do. I used baby powder.

5. Remove the tissue paper gently . Woah! this is my favorite part. It’s like a magic for me. The result is so different and it gives a very nice matte finish. But we aren’t done here yet.

6. Apply another layer of lipstick and you are done! Okay, so if you wish to, you can repeat steps 4 to 6 twice for a stronger effect. Sometimes, when I find my lipstick too glossy, I end on step 5 but repeating steps twice.

There is really no hard and fast rule for applying make up, just play with it to get to know all the items you have and make the best our of it.

Hope this help Dearies. ❤

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