How To Use These Makeup Brushes For Face

makeupbrush-powderbrushI tried my best! Trust me. But these are the least that I can show :/ There were many in my collection. So, don’t be bored if the video has become really very long as I tried giving extra information and tips but due to time, I had to just omit some parts 😦 I hope this will help in any way.

Featuring in this video are all makeup brushes you will find in makeup brush sets, what they are used for and which ones worked for me.

powder brushpowderbrush

Powder Brush

Can be used for compact powders, loose powder, blush and bronzers.

Snapshot 3 (10-20-2015 10-12 PM)Kabuki Brushes

Ideal for Liquid foundations but can be used for powder and cake foundations too. Use them for your cream contouring and highlighting or for applying face powder, no restrictions 🙂

tpered brush-real techniqueTapered Brush

The one in the picture is by Real Technique. It is basically a contour brush but I use it to apply blush and highlighters. Amazing results.

Flat foundation brushFlat Foundation Brush:

These are flat foundation brush , if you want , you can try with it but I am not able to use it for foundation instead I use it to apply face mask, concealer & cream contour.

These are some of the brushes I mentioned in the video. To see the complete video, click here. Here is a suggestion for everyone, if you are a beginner, I suggest go for an affordable makeup brush sets, they are equally of good quality as high-end. Do not splurge on high-end, first try from the drugstore which ones suit you. Drugstore makeup brushes are also of extraordinary quality, they will give you the same result as any other brushes will. Never think that if you are using MAC , then only you will get flawless results because it is totally wrong. Achieving flawless makeup is by the technique and product you use not your brush. My makeup brushes are mostly from the Drugstore because I am very satisfied with them. No complains whatsoever , so check down below my suggestions.

  1. Bh Cosmetics Brush sets
  2. Coastal Scents Brush sets
  3. Morphe Brushes
  4. Real Techniques.

I also have bought some sets which is not of any well-known brand such as Make Up For You. If you get your hands on one of these sets, then use it! Regarding shedding of bristles even two of my Sigma brushes started shedding after my first wash. Moral of the story, go for affordable ones with good quality. The brands I mentioned above are the ones providing us with reliable quality brushes.

Where you can order the above if you live in UAE- Click here for my recommended online stores that can get them for you. OR check out the websites , and

Note: Make sure to clean your brushes every week. This is how I clean.

Longer Eyelashes

I know this is an old school technique but I’ve been doing this for couple of months already and I really like it. Thought of sharing with you all my experience.

I have short, thin eyelashes naturally and am always looking for the “one magic mascara” that will accentuate my eyes. I tried different mascaras, followed different tricks, used different eyelash curlers( which by the way I find useless) but in vain.

I stumbled upon this trick on getting thick and longer eyelashes somewhere on the internet using baby powder. I’ll be sharing with you two illustrations I did, using two different mascaras , just to show you guys if it really works or not.


For the first image, I used a very simple drugstore mascara by Gosh. Whenever I apply, it actually does nothing than coat my lashes with some product, that’s it. But when used with powder, it actually made a difference.

What you need:

1. mascara

2. baby powder/ loose powder

3. Brush

How to :

1. Start with clean eyes.

2. Apply first coat of mascara.

3. Dab baby/any loose powder on eye lashes

4. Apply final coat of mascara.


If you want to get a fuller, heavier lashes ,repeat steps 3 & 4. But be careful not to over do as the powder can get clumpy.

11705104_1600344100247196_2152999693740209019_nFor the 2nd image, I used Avon mega effects mascara , will post the review very soon, and as you can see the result is pretty much the same as in 1st image using the same technique.

So here you go, if you have short , thin lashes as mine, do try this out as it’s not always that we are ready to use falsies.

Thank your for reading. Please share if you think it’s helpful. ❤

Make Up Brushes for Beginners

Make up brushes for beginner
Make up brushes for beginner

Okay so when you are a beginner, you probably are on a budget. This is my very own opinion on what make up brushes a beginner should have for a start. 🙂 Trust me, these were the only ones I had when I started off. I’ll be putting up another post for advance collection of make up brush sets. You do not really need much , but just 4 brushes! Super duper affordable and easy to understand as well as use. Brushes you need: 1. A foundation brush( The picture shows a buffing brush which is my favorite for foundation.) You can use the flat foundation brush too as the one below.

Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush

2. Spoolie: While many use this for their eye lash, I use it to tame my eye brows. It is just the best for me. Brush your brows to put them in the right place. LOL 3. Eyeshadow brush-For now, get yourself one eyeshadow brush as you wouldn’t want to get into lots of blending yet. We will get into blending also, but for now let’s stick to this as I don’t want to confuse anyone. 4. Powder brush  which you can also use to apply your blush. See, how easy and quick was that. Next to this , I will post “Make up for beginners” Hope you found this helpful. Thank You for reading. ❤



Many of us, specially those new to the make up world , do not realize that our make up tools needs cleaning too. Yes, go and get all your brushes and start cleaning them.

Why is it important to clean your make up brushes?

It is very important to wash your make up tools as they accumulate bacteria in between the bristles, there are leftover residues from your last application on there which is so gross. You don’t want any kind of infection on your face, right? These bacteria will literally damage your skin, not immediately but eventually. Makeup does make us look beautiful but it is very important to have a healthy skin too. If your canvas is damaged, your painting will be affected. 😉

What you need:

1. Dish washing Detergent (Any)- perfect to kill bacteria

2. Bowl

3. Water

4. Dirty Brushes

5. Brush hanger (if you have)

6. Or a glass

Steps to Follow when cleaning your brushes:

1. Get all your dirty brushes together.

2. In a bowl mix the dish washing detergent with a little water enough to soak the bristles.

3. Mix well

4. Place in the brush just enough that the bristles are soaked in water very nicely.

5. Stir in circular motion properly and eventually you’ll see all the residue in your brush mixed in water as it changes its color.

6. Rub it back and forth on your palms to remove the last of the pigments.

7. Run the bristles through warm water(DO NOT USE HOT WATER AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE BRISTLES)

8. Pat them dry with a towel.

9. Let it dry by keeping it upside down in a glass or brush hanger.

In the picture, Step 4 , is an example of how you can dry your brushes using glass, Step 5, I just tied them up with a rubber band and hanged on the wall and let it be there over night, as I don’t have brush hangers so I made my own. 🙂

You can be creative and make your custom-made brush hangers just make sure to keep them upside down(bristles down) because if you keep them standing , the water in the bristle will run down to wards the handle of the brush, spoiling the glue that is keeping the bristles together. don’t think that if you’re using a very costly brush set , it won’t be spoiled no matter what because they will be damaged if you don’t take care of them. Glue is what hold the bristles together. So you don’t want water getting to that part or the bristles will just fall off.

10. Tadda!! You have your clean brushes now 😉

How often should you wash your brushes?

Where there are many guidelines you’ll find on internet regarding how often should you be cleaning which brush,  I clean them all together , as I can’t keep track of which brush I have used and how many times. So I wash them off every after 2 applications.