Makeup Starter kit | Beginner’s Starter Kit

We women are so different from one another. While some would prefer vanilla latte(like me) , some would want to have black coffee. With makeup, it is totally the same formula. Some would want to have full makeup in their collection. would apply almost each and every item and go through the hassles of blending the colors of eyeshadows to getting the right amount of highlighter and bronzer while some would rather stay away from all of them and prefer having eyeliner , blush  and a lip gloss only.

Then there are those who knows that makeup runs in their blood and are sure that’s what they are going to live for LOL (exaggeration but I’m sure you know what I mean). But every girl has to go through the dilemma of deciding which beauty product should be in her makeup kit , as a beginner. With many friends and acquaintances seeking help on this topic , I decided to give my share of advice or suggestion.

My makeup beginner kit is very simple. I believe in keeping only what you need if you are just starting with makeup for the following reasons: (later on you can keep stuff that you even do not need :P)

  1. you might be on a budget
  2. you wouldn’t want to spend on something you never know how it would turn out to be.
  3. you might want something then realize that you don’t really need that after purchasing.
  4. the lesser products , the easier to learn and master your skills on them.

So we have all the good reasons to keep it very less.


Here is what you need:

  1. makeup pouch/kit
  2. a lipstick or lip gloss- If you are wise ,get both the items for the price of one. Check out which dual lip gloss I am rocking at the moment, here .
  3. bb cream- applying foundation is a skill. I suggest getting yourself BB cream as it is easy to work with , no trick needed to apply that and not much of problem with shade. Once you are familiar applying this, go ahead and get your choice of foundation. You seriously do not need a face primer even as a pro, let alone beginner. (that’s another issue I’m going to touch later). Prep your skin before applying your makeup by applying moisturizer, it will work as primer and keep your makeup there all day long. Use your fingers to apply this and you are done.
  4. blush- Do no get carried away and buy a lot of colors. Choose a shade you think you’d like and good for everyday wear whether day or night.
  5. eyeshadow(Optional)- I labelled this as optional depending on what you really like. Some would want to just finish their makeup with eyeliner on, while some would want to get their hands on some eyeshadows. So choose a small palette with warm shades for a starter as they are easy to work with. No fear of looking so overwhelming.( what I have in the picture is NYX Love in Paris)
  6. eyeshadow brush- Get yourself one eyeshadow brush and one blending brush.
  7. mascara- Mascara is very important and shouldn’t be miss no matter what. Even if you are going for a makeup-free look, I suggest apply mascara in that case too. It helps eyes pop open and give it more wider/awakening look.
  8. eyeliner- No matter how we love gel liners as we see those perfect cat winged eyes, hold your excitement and get yourself pencil eyeliner for now. Anyway you wouldn’t be jumping on to creating that cat wing as a beginner, right? So make life easy and use pencil for now.
  9. concealer- A must have. you will need this to cover obvious imperfections as your BB cream might not do the job of covering everything.
  10. pressed powder- You need a powder to set your BB cream, for that choose one that suits your skin type.
  11. powder brush – to be used for blush and powder if you are using loose powder.
  12. angled brush- to give your eyebrows that perfect shape.
  13. spooly- my favorite brush to tame my brows before outlining them.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my beginner’s kit. What’s yours? Do you think I missed anything?

Jane Iredale Products Review

Finally I am here now ,so much ready for my detailed review on Jane Iredale Products I received in the starter kit that had been sent to me by Basharacare. Check out my previous post for details on the kit and Basharacare. I took my time because I had to use the products first before I come to you and say what I think about them.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base- Golden Glow

What the brand says about this Our multi-tasking foundations provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer,sunscreen and active skincare benefits”

My report:

Somehow this brand have won my trust. I don’t know how , but it definitely has. You can actually tell the difference between products with just chemicals and the ones that are light on skin. Now this base is best used with damp foundation brush. I use my buffing brush for this , you can use beauty blender, flat foundation brush or any brush of your choice as long as it is damp. When applied dry , it doesn’t really show up that much but when applied with damp applicator, it gives you good coverage. By good coverage I mean, normal to medium. It pretty much evens your skin tone. It feels very light on skin and refreshing. The best makeup base when you are in a hurry and easy to carry because of its size. I had this base on for minimum of 4 hours every time I wore it and it was as good by the end of the day. After applying  the base, apply any pressed powder or loose powder to lock it otherwise you can skip this too if you have dry skin. You do not need any extra foundation for this but if you feel the need of concealer , then go ahead with that.  Proceed with the rest of the makeup process then.

Jane Iredale Amazing Base
Jane Iredale Amazing Base

Jane Iredale  Amazing Base – Golden Glow

This , to be honest I found very unnecessary in the kit. Since the pressed powder is already there, then there wasn’t really any need of adding this. I wish they added a blush or bronzer instead of this. I tried using this as a setting powder on top of the pressed powder base, but still ended up using my loose powder as it didn’t serve the purpose at all. However, if you are someone who want very light makeup on ,almost natural at the same time give a mattifying effect then go ahead and apply with a buffing brush or powder brush on top of your face primer or moisturiser.

Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray
Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray

Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray

What the brand says “All skin types crave moisture. Give yours a drink overflowing with nourishing botanicals, antioxidants and skin protectors.

My report: This is my first time using any hydration spray and I already am loving the experience. Since I have just used one brand of this product so I’d say I love Jane Iredale’s Pommisst hydration spray. The size is prefect. With the heat here in Dubai, having this spray in my purse has been very helpful and am definitely going to purchase one as soon as I’m out of this. You spray it on bare face or with make up on, it feels very refreshing and the scent is just perfect not too strong and not too light. My face felt very fresh and hydrated for couple of hours after spraying.

P.S It didn’t ruin my makeup at all 🙂

Jane Iredale smooth affair
Jane Iredale smooth affair

Jane Iredale smooth affair Facial Primer & Brightener-

I am not into face primers that much and I can go about doing my whole makeup without it to be honest. But I did use this a lot because I really liked it. It is not like other primers that I have used. I didn’t feel the silicon nor feel the oily thing that other face primers give. This feels exactly like a lotion,  refreshing and smoothing. Whenever I apply face primer, I feel like my skin is suffocated not able to breathe , I guess it’s because of the property in it that covers your skin with a layer to prevent natural oil from appearing and minimize pores. But this one feels just like a moisturiser. If you are a face primer kind of person, you won’t like this because you will not find what you are looking for . But it worked for me because I usually use my moisturiser as my primer. ❤ This one is a must have for me. I love it.

I do recommend you all to try out this brand. Not all are familiar, even I wasn’t too but the fact that it is a “skincare makeup” is totally a bonus points for makeup lovers. What else can you ask for , you get to have makeup that nourishes your skin at the same time.

I got this from

So if you are in U.A.E do check them out as they I have a good variety of this brand.

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This rule is universal. Before working on something, let’s say painting. The painter prepares all things he needs like paints, paint brushes , cleaner etc. and for these,he would need a clean canvas. Similarly, before applying makeup , we need a clean face which would be our canvas. 🙂 There are few steps you need to follow to prepare your skin for this. Each and very routine will be elaborated in a separate post, and will be linked directly.

How I prepare my skin:

  1. Wash face using my face wash.
  2. Apply face toner
  3. Apply moisturizer
Prep Skin
Prep Skin

How I prep my lips:

  1. Exfoliate (Click here to make your own lip exfoliator at home)
  2. Apply lip conditioner/moisturizer/balm

Wait for around 2 to 3 minutes before starting your make up.I have combination to oily skin and if you want to know my skincare routine,check here.

Step by step make up guide:

Please note that the steps mentioned in this post is what I have been following and not necessarily the same as others. Everyone has their own ritual to follow depending on what suits them and what works for them better. You may want to change these steps too once you are familiar with these. I believe in “no rules makeup” but a guidance won’t harm a beginner.

After prepping my skin, I move on to doing my eyes.

Eye routine:

  1. Eye primer/eyeshadow base
  2. Eyeshadow
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Mascara

Click here for my detailed eye routine.

Makeup for Eyes
Makeup for Eyes

Face Routine: Click here to see my detailed face routine.

  1. Face Primer (optional)
  2. Corrector (optional)
  3. Foundation/BB cream
  4. Concealer
  5. Face Powder to set
  6. Bronzer (Optional)
  7. Blush
  8. Highlighter(Optional)
Makeup for Face
Makeup for Face

Lips Routine:

  1. Outline lips using lip liner of the same shade as lipstick or lighter.
  2. Apply lip liner all over lips
  3. Apply lipstick

Tips: to make you lipstick last long , here is my tip and to turn any glossy lipstick to matte,check here.

Last but not the least do your eyebrows. I will share a video for this one as writing it down step by step will not be that easy to understand.

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Proper use of Concealer for Dark Circles and Many Other Imperfections

Very common issue every woman faces is how to use concealer to hide even the tiniest imperfection on the face. This is something I struggled for few months, though, to be honest I don’t really have that much of problem with my skin like dark circles ,blemishes etc but it bothers me when I apply make up and my face’s color is not even. That’s where my hunt started. Played and experimented with plenty of concealers from drugstore to high-end but none satisfied. I always find that “ashy” shade after applying concealer under my eyes.Then I saw the video that went viral where the girl used red lipstick for her dark circles, I tired it. LOL I looked like a person who didn’t get food for 3 days. So I thought why not try lighter than red. So I Googled and that’s where I got an idea. So today I’ll share with you guys what I’ve been doing and I’m keeping it very simple and easy with not much use of technical terms. But, there are two terms here I’d like to clarify with you first before we proceed.

What is a……


Corrector is the shade you need to apply directly on the “discolored” part of your face, be it under eye circles,blemishes, pimples etc.


The shade you apply on the corrector to match the rest of your skin.

There is not much of things to understand here, just remember color combination of 6 different shade.

Color Chart for Concealing
Color Chart for Concealing

What to remember:

Check your “imperfections” carefully and try to determine the color. The dark skin toned people usually have bluish under eye cricles. Now , according to our chart, blue neutralizes with orange. The darker your blue, the darker your orange. It’s very easy, find that shade with which, when mixed with the pigmentation on skin that has to be covered, neutralizes its appearance. Similarly, red will be softened by green shade and yellow by purple. These 6 shades are what you usually will find in every human being’s skin,mostly. So just memorize the shades and you’re good to go. So basically these are the shades you are going to use as “correctors”.  For concealer, choose a color that is closest to the shade of your skin tone. Since you applied your corrector already,now this concealer will give you the perfect shade according to your skin tone. Bye bye ashy..greyish hues!

You will get correctors in almost every brand of different shades as well as concealers. If you can get a palette, then that’s a better option as you’d be able to save some bucks and you have all your products in one place. I use BH Cosmetics Concealer & Correcting palette in the shade medium.



This comes in a box with picture exactly the same as what you will find inside.


DSC_5459 It has the orange,yellow and green that our chart has which is in the bottom row. Now the top row has 3 different shades I can choose as a concealer which is closest to my skin tone. I can use one shade or even mix and match till I get my desired shade.

If the thought of many products applied to your face bothers you, I’d say don’t be. Use your ring finger to apply the correctors, this way you will be picking only very less product and just dab lightly on affected areas.

How to apply:

1. moisturiser

2. face primer

3. corrector

4. foundation

5. concealer

6. face powder.

Is that too much of products?

Then follow all the above steps skipping #2 & #4 . If you have very less imperfections, then skip correctors and apply concealer directly. 🙂

Please note: Always set your concealer with a powder.

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Make Up Essentials for Beginners

I’m part of many Facebook groups and even admin a few of them. Every now and then I see ladies asking about make up related issues. So I noted down all the queries and decided to post in detail about those, one by one.

Previously , I posted about the make up brushes you’d need if you are a beginner on a budget. Today is regarding make up you need initially. I am in no way a pro , what I am sharing here  is totally based upon my experience and what I learned throughout these years. You might have different interest than mine though.

Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena

The make up world has brought to us plenty of make up goodies to choose from and more often confuses those who aren’t professionals or those who isn’t into make up that much. Make up application such as contouring, highlighting/strobing, concealing etc requires extra skills that if applied wrongly , will make you look “something” else. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to not go to all those details and start from the very basic which we will touch here. 

DSC_44081. Foundation/BB Cream– First you’d need is a foundation or BB cream that suits your skin type and of course the right shade. Before purchasing, check out you tube videos, research on what type of foundations suits your skin. When buying foundation it is not enough to just get one that is of the right shade, but you need to see,for e.g  if you have oily skin, you don’t want to get any moisturizing foundation or if you have dry skin, don’t go for matte finish. I’ll tell you all about it in another post. If you don’t want very heavy product applied on face, you can go for a good BB cream.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

2. Face Powder– Next you’d need is a face powder. again, choose one that suits your skin type. There are variety of products to choose from. There are the pressed powders, loose powders, liquid to powder etc. I suggest go for the pressed ones if you are a beginner as applying it is very easy. If you have very oily skin, then go for loose powders but be careful to apply it evenly and not over do it as your make up would look really chalky.

Eleanor Blush Make Up World by Veena

3. Blush- Go get yourself one nice powdered blusher to mimic natural rosy cheeks. If you think you have a good control on applying it and can afford, then buy as many as you want. 😀

Eleanor Trio Eyeshadow  Make up World by Veena
Eleanor Trio Eyeshadow
Make up World by Veena

4. Eyeshades- When I first started off, I had a palette with 6 shades in it, 4 mattes and 2 shimmers. Believe me, I used only 2 from them ,maximum 3! When getting your first eyeshadows, make sure it has colors that you can use to contour your crease. No,no no, don’t go wild on the word “contour” here, I’m not asking you to go all Kim Kardashian on contouring, it’s just the darker shade you apply on the crease of your eye lids to make is look deep set and more enhanced. The shade has to be 1 or 2 shades darker than your own skin. Also one light shimmer shade for inner corner of eyes, I love shimmers for that part of my eyes as they make them look brighter but if you are into mattes, then go ahead with that.

Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena

5. Lippies- Lipsticks and lip gloss are your next target here. Go ahead and buy your fave colors. It is very easy to apply. Get some lip liners too , practice outlining your lips as it really helps in the long run.


6. Eyeliner- Last but not the least, eyeliner. I suggest you get a very simple black pencil eyeliner, easy grip,easy application. However if you are adventurous, there are many to experiment on, gel eyeliners, markers, kohl pencils etc.

Concealer was something I was very hesitant to use as a beginner. I found it very tricky to get the right shade and applying it, was not a cup of tea for me. Luckily I didn’t have dark circles or obvious imperfections to hide ,so I really wasn’t dying for it. If you think you need it badly, then add it to your collection. ❤ Face Primer is also optional, many might object to this but you seriously don’t “need” one. I still wear make up without primer and I can’t forget having make up on all those years when primer wasn’t even invented yet. But no harm in using that too, it will give you a smooth ,soft surface to work your make up on 🙂 So if you can afford, then go ahead and add one to your beauty kit.

Make up is an art, there is no right or wrong to doing it. It’s just a matter of loving what you have and knowing where to use it.