How To: Easy Manicure at Home | DIY

hope you all had a great weekend. I surely did and now looking forward to a whole new week with lots of plans. Speaking of plans, it was my nail care day yesterday so I filmed a video to show you all how I do that , it is very easy and quick. Quick is what we want,right. So, this is just how I do it, if you want you can do it the conventional way where you scrub your hands first, have those fancy bowls and get the candles burning. All that I do when I have all the time in the world while this one is very much ideal for those trying to get their nails done while kids are having their nap or during a lunch break. I won’t be explaining anything in detail here as the video will show you the whole process.


What we need:


  1. A towel or plastic mat– spread it on the table or the space where you are going to do your manicure
  2. Cuticle remover – Cuticle is the dead skin lying at the base of your nails. The remover softens the cuticles,making the whole process easy.
  3. Antiseptic / Disinfectant- In case you have hurt yourself during the process most likely you won;t even know as you might cut a dried skin not knowing you overdid it,applying disinfectants helps a lot. Make sure your tool are sterilized and these disinfectants are for that purpose too.
  4. Cuticle Pusher- Gently push the surface of your nails with this tool and the cuticle will be removed.
  5. Cuticle Clipper/cutter- Cut the extra skin you see after pushing cuticles.
  6. Nail Clipper/cutter- To shape the nails
  7. Nail File- To smoothen the edges of nails.
  8. Manicure or Nail brush (whatever you call it in your country)- Brush off the cuticles from above your nails. You can use nay spare tooth brush too.
  9. Nail Polish(Optional) – This is totally up to you if you want to finish off your nail routine with a nail color or just a base coat or neither.

Here is the video for you guys ❤

Nisa Cosmetics Buffer Set- Review

Did it ever happen to you that you walk pass through any Nisa Cosmetics stand ignoring their sales lady calling you out to try some “new” product? I bet yes! Most of us do. The reasons I don’t stop by them are:

1. They don’t fall under the category of “branded” cosmetics- they are not like any conventional brands we have out there in the market like Loreal, Maybelline, Dior, Givenchy,Urban Decay or Olay, Nivea, Himalaya etc. We always hear about these brands but Nisa. We ask someone their recommended face scrub, no one would ever say “Nisa”. That is exactly the reason why I haven’t ever tried finding out about their products. Time to change our thoughts now because I discovered something. 🙂

2. Price- I find the price too high for a name that is unknown to me specially when I actually do not know how they would perform on my skin.

3. Never heard of anyone actually reviewing it- reviews are very important for me. Before buying any product it is very important that I have heard someone recommending it or have read about it or watched a video related to the stuff I’m about to buy.

Keep reading ahead and let me be the one to show you the review. 🙂

One day I had all the time in the world to pass by every stand I see in the mall. 😀 The sales lady called me and I straight away went to her and see what she has to offer, with no intention of buying whatsoever. She showed me this buffer, you will see the very same buffer in their hands every time by the way, so the next time you go,you’ll see I’m right.

She started using the nail buffer on one of my nails and I was amazed with the result! I did a video to show you all how it is done and what the results are. See it for yourself I’d say. I’m sure after this, all of you will never ignore any Nisa saleslady. Hahaahhaha.

nisaMy intention was to buy the buffer set only but they were successful in convincing me to buy the larger set , I don’t know what the larger set was called. The buffer set had the hand buffer, cuticle oil and some other product which I don’t exactly remember. However what I got from them in that set are:

1. Nail Buffer for hands – this was what made me buy this product. All you need to do is scrub your nails following the steps 1 to 4 written on the buffer.

20150804_0942272. Nail Buffer for feet- I haven’t used this one yet to be honest so I won’t say anything about it.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

3. Hand moisturizer- This moisturizer has cocoa butter in it, smells very good and gives very good result. Hands will feel very soft , literally very soft after applying.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

4. Body scrub- I loved the smell, it was kind of strawberry flavor but the formula was too dry and I had difficulty spreading it on skin. Maybe it is only me , I might have not done it well. But I remember that sales lady using this other scrub on my hand which gave results in an instant. You could actually tell which hand was cleaned and which wasn’t. Reason I didn’t buy that was, it was not along with the set and to get that, I needed to pay more which was already too much for my pocket. :/

DSC_59125. Cuticle oil- I was suggested to apply this cuticle oil after buffing. They said you can offer namaz(prayers) with this on. But I removed it before offering prayers, I just don’t risk doing anything wrong when it comes to Namaz. I’m not at all saying the saleslady is lying, it is just my personal preference.

Check out the video to see how to use it and the result. 🙂

Price of the set: AED350 or aed375 something

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Every product mentioned here is bought with my own money, views and opinions are solely my own and will not be affected even with sponsored views.

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Eid Party Nail Polish Style #1 & 2

Hi Sissies!

Time flies and it’s already the 12th of Ramadan, then with a blink of an eye, it will be Eid , InshaAllah. With Eid, comes a lot of preparations, and for us girls, we love to talk about preparation of our dresses, footwear, bangles, etc.

So I decided to be sharing with you all from today, my Eid-related preparation from nail polish designs( I’m not a pro at this, but I love applying nail polish so you’ll be seeing a very easy designs) to bangles, dresses, shoes etc.

Eid Nail Polish Style #1
Eid Nail Polish Style #1

The first one is very easy, I used my Rimmel 317 Hip Hop which is a beautiful melonish color, check out related post here. Applied on all my nails and top coated only 1 nail with glitter.

Eid Nail Polish style # 2
Eid Nail Polish style # 2

The 2nd one is , all the steps mentioned in first design and all you have to add is glitter on the tips of the rest of the nails.

You can do the above styles with any color of your choice, according to your dress or make up. ❤