Review- GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

If you guys are following me on Instagram and Facebook, you must have seen the pictures I posted of the beauty products sent to me by GlamGals for reviewing. Mini reviews have also been posted. Thanks to this awesome company, I’ve been introduced to another range of beauty goodies that I get to try and like. Liked or loved, that we will find out as I share my reviews.

Today I have for you, the GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss. If you have noticed, I have been adding lots of videos in my blog posts. I really enjoy the few seconds video I make to show the product, I think you get an idea of how the product actually looks like through video not unless you have captured a very good picture. But since I am still learning to do product photo shoot, bear with my video craze. πŸ˜› I think I can take decent pictures but the silver packaging of this product just challenged me a lot. LOL

Product Details:

Brand: GlamGals

Name: Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

Shade: DLG12

Price: AED35

Ingredients: 20150925_184438

The Packaging:


Unlike any other lip gloss I ever held in my hands, this surely was heavier. Normally, I barely feel I’m even holding anything but this one was screaming “Hello, I’m here!” The tube came in a silver box with all necessary details printed on like ingredients, labels, application tips, address, production/expiry date etc. The lip gloss tube is of very good quality plastic material, reminds me of my acrylic drawers. Since it is dual ended, one end has the colored lip gloss and the other end with the transparent one.

What they say: Triple effects- Condition, Moisturizing and Long stay all day wear with 3D Diamond Shine.

The Inside:


On one end, you get the colored pigment and on the other end is a transparent product that is supposed to moisturize your lips. It is a beautiful red shade , the formula is perfect not too thick and not too thin, covers the lips’ own pigmentation, glides on very well and applies evenly. The transparent end of the lip gloss is a very shiny liquid which has exactly the consistency you need.

How to apply: Apply the colored lip gloss on lips, wait for about 2 minutes then coat it with the moisturizing lip gloss.

pizap.com14431937318101I wore only the lip gloss for 2 days, the whole day and it is very good on its own only. If you are a fan of matte lips, you will be happy with it this way. It is not drying and do not chap your lips. I was a bit skeptical using the moisturizing lip gloss at first as I thought the brush might pick most of the red color, but it actually did the opposite. It was very easy to apply without smudging my red pigment and it actually felt very good on the lips. I felt it actually moisturized my lips at the same time giving my lips that non-overwhelming spark.


  1. cruelty-free (has a bunny on its box)
  2. not drying
  3. perfect formula
  4. pigmented
  5. moisturising but not sticky
  6. good quality at affordable price
  7. 15 shades to choose from
  8. long wear
  9. quality packaging


Very light smell when applying, not really that bothering as it fades away very quickly

Shades: pizap.com14431856844581

Current outlets :
1)Deira City Centre (outside Sephora)
2)Dubai outlet mall (outside Cold Stone)
3)Arabian Centre midriff (outside Costs coffee)
4)Century Mall (outside Carrefour)
5)Al Foah Mall AlAin (outside lulu)
6)Sharjah City Centre (outside Ecity) – coming up next month .

Facebook – Glamgals cosmetics

IG – glamgals cosmetics.

**PR Samples**

Check out the video and see for yourself the packaging.

Makeup Series- Lips Routine for Beginners

Finally we are here today for the last segment of the Makeup Series for Beginners and I had a step by step post on how to apply makeup a month ago and split it up into different segments. Foundation Routine, Eye Routine and today we have the Lips Routine.

You will find below how I apply my lipstick/lip gloss and what steps I follow when preparing my lips for that.

Steps in order:

  1. Exfoliate lips- Make it a habit to exfoliate your lips. Lipstick makes dry and chapped lips more visible hence to avoid that, exfoliate regularly. While there are many lip exfoliators/scrubs available in the market, I use my very own home-made lip scrub. Do you want to make your own too? Click the picture to know how.

2. Condition Lips- Always condition your lips. Keep it hydrated all the time to avoid gross flaky dry skin. There are plenty of lip conditioners and balms in the market and one very reasonable option for that is Vaseline also known as Petroleum Jelly. You do not have to spend a fortune on lip balms. You can find it in all price range. My favorite lip balm at the moment is from Utama Spice. click the picture below to know why.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

Β  3. Line lips- Lining my lips is very important for me. By doing this, I am giving my lips a more defined shape and outline at the same time prevents lipstick from smearing around lips. Make this a habit and always include in your makeup routine. Use lip liner that matches your lipstick shade ,if not the closest.

Lip liner suggestions: Get any lip liner from drugstore to high-end, it doesn’t really matter as they perform the same way. I have from NYX, Essence, NARS, Misslyn etc.

4. Apply lipstick / lip gloss- Last step is to apply your desired lipstick or lip gloss. Lip products come either with matte or glossy finish. It is totally on you which you prefer. Nowadays I am more into matte lipsticks as I find them more long-lasting and they hold on to your lips very well that they don’t smear all over. I like the look of matte more but occasionally I love wearing my glossy lipsticks too if I go for light eye makeup , I like keeping my lipstick dark and shiny then. The same way, Lip glosses nowadays have come in matte formula and is very much “in” and are commonly known asΒ  Lip cremes. L.A Girl matte lip pigments are my favorites. Click the picture to know why. While lip cremes are ruling over the beauty world currently, one cannot resist the charm of lip gloss. The touch of that shine is what a girl needs most of the time. So always experiment and understand what you like. As I mentioned earlier, there is no rules to makeup.Β  You can even give your glossy lips a touch of matte by following this method.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

Lipstick/lipgloss suggestions: NYX,Β  Maybelline have very good options of lip products both matte and glossy , however you can find equally good in other brands like L.A Girl, Sleek, Mikyaji, Givenchy, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc.

You just need to explore the market and do not hesitate to try to experiment on new products as you will find hidden gems there. ❀

Other lip products such as lip primer and lip concealer are very unnecessary in my point of view. Apply your lip liner all over lips , it will act as base for your lipstick and will cover your lips’ natural pigmentation acting as lip concealer.
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Sister’s Makeup look #1

Seems like it’s been ages since I posted. I’m on holidays and the place where I am in has very unpredictable internet connection. So here is a quick post and that too from my cellphone .πŸ˜…

Being on holidays with sisters is always fun. Lots of things to do and lots of makeup to play with. So I managed to make my sisters model for me. Here is makeup look#1


I wanted to use my L.A Girl matte lipgloss in Black Currant and so I did a subtle eye makeup to go along with it.


Products used:


*Nivea moisturiser

*YSL foundation

*Eleanor beauty blush in peach

*Colour pop highlighter in Lunch Money

*Random brown Eyeshades as bronzer 😜(when you’re travelling, there are just some stuff you don’t carry along and end up needing them unexpectedly)Eyes:πŸ‘€

*Different shades of brown from Morphebrushes eyeshadow palette.

*Full exposure mascara by Benefit

*Loreal gel eyeliner



Close up of her eyes
Close up of her eyes

Wgat do you think of this look ? 😊 Do you fancy the lip color?

Updated Review-L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

This post is going to be an updated version of the review I did previously of some of the L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Back then, I had only 5 , I liked them so much that I ordered more and would like to share the swatches of these too. I had to make another post as there has been a slight change on my thoughts about these lippies. To check my previous verdict, click here.

L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss
L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss

The packaging as I mentioned in previous post, is not so impressive but it doesn’t really bother me.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

Here you can see clearly the shades written on the label, I tried making it visible for you guys in case you’d want something from them. The colors in the tube is pretty much the exact same shade you will get when applied on.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

The swatches of the shades are all swiped once,that’s how I do it always, except for tulle & playful. Here is why….

The lip gloss as mentioned has a matte finish. They are very pigmented, glides on very smoothly and easily on lips and is very long lasting. When on lips, it doesn’t bleed or stain items you touch your lips with. While all the colors made me happy, tulle and playful disappointed me a lot. As I mentioned, all the shades are pigmented but these two shades are not at all. The consistency is very thin, feels like you are just applying a layer of some chemical on your lips making it look weird as it doesn’t really cover the actual color of your lips. If you have a naturally pinkish/reddish lips, then you might like this. However, I can’t think of a way to make these work for me, I’ll be just selling them off or give them away.

The colors as so long lasting that removing it will be a struggle πŸ˜› But don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. When removing, apply a generous amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly on lips, leave it on for sometime, maybe remove the rest of your makeup first, then go back to your lips and wipe with tissue. It will come off!

I really request you guys to check out my previous post ,to get more idea of these products.

Price: AED38 each

Bought from : Indelath

The rest of the colors are beautifully wearable, black currant is kind of my favorite but I can;t wear it without a proper full make up , fleur is my go-to shade and lately ,I’ve been rocking frisky! Pictures below.


LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky

Thank you for reading


Organizing Lipsticks is so much fun!

Hi Beauties! ο’•

While going through other beauty bloggers’ profiles, I use to have these questions in mind:

How does the person behind the blog look like?

How does she keep her room?

How many make up does she own?

How does shes organize them?

etc… etc…

When on You tube, I always enjoy watching the beauty gurus flaunt their make up organizers and share with us how much make up they have collected till date. To be honest, it is from them I got an idea on how to organize my stuff. Before, I just dump them in different make up pouches. ο™ˆ

DSC_5136I got this simple yet cute acrylic holder from Homes R us on sale for aed19. I just had to grab it! I saw plenty of different holders but those were too huge for me, or I’d say there were too many holders and I didn’t even have that much lipstick.Β ο’„

DSC_5137I place it on my dressing table with the most used lipsticks in front of me.

DSC_5138Organizing my lipsticks just made my life easier. I don’t have many,not even 20 lipsticks, but still I forget where I kept them at times. With this holder, everything is just right in front of me.

DSC_5144I always experiment, and keeping my lippies in the holder upside down tells you how adventurous I am. This way, I see the shade as if they are kept straight, all i can see from above is the black lid. So this way, I see the product color clearly ,if not, I see the shade name. Works for some lipsticks specially if the lid is even and it will stand without shaking,

DSC_5143Another way I like keeping my lipstick is putting them on a fancy tray,which will look good on my dressing table. This way it is easy to access at the same time, they are all in one place. This was how I kept my lipsticks before I got the acrylic holder.I guess this would work if you have few lipstick like mine, otherwise, you’ll end up having only trays on your dressing table.


DSC_5142Do you have any post related to how you organize your make up? If so, do drop your link on the comment box and I’ll definitely check them out, as I mentioned earlier, I love looking at how others beautify their beauty space. 


Review- Lipstuck (Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer)

Couldn’t wait to share with you all, this baby I received in my June Glambox, Lipstuck -Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer. I’m an addict of matte lip creams  and if you have been following my posts, you’d know L.A Girl Matte lip gloss are my faves. So, I was actually surprised to find another lip cream that I think I’ll be a fan of.ο’‹

Lipstuck- Extreme
Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer

I received a sample size of this cream lacquer which is by Wow by Wojooh. Full size is 6.5 ml and is for AED85. I think the price is not bad at all for what it offers.

Why I love it:

  1. Doesn’t have any obvious smell – I have used many lip products and most of them have this very irritating smell which at times I can’t stand. This one has that “typical” odor but only if you actually sniff into the product. When applied , you won’t smell a thing!
  2. It is super creamy, very easy to apply and just feels amazing on the lips.
  3. Coverage is fabulous. Trust me , you will not miss your lipstick
  4. Though it is matte, it doesn’t dry your lips at all.
  5. It is long-lasting and just what every girl wants. 
  6. By long-lasting , I actually mean it doesn’t come off like that. Ever heard of a waterproof lippie? Yes, this is the oneο˜‹

20150705_161805Though I was a really disappointed with Glambox for delivering my June box in the month of July, I kind of forget it now just because of how this product won my heart. ο’ž


As you see, the size I got is just a size of my palm, I’m still happy with it because I discovered a new product that I liked and it is what Glambox is all about. Giving us all chance to try out products we might like and if we do, we can rush to the stores and grab them. So good job Glambox. With Glambox, I got to know about many other products too that are worth every penny and will definitely share with you all.

Hmmm, I guess this post totally looks like one big fat sponsored post. ο˜’ No, it’s not! I subscribed to Glambox with my hard-earned money(well actually my hubby’s hard earned money) and am just happy to share my experience with you all.

Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer
Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer in 530 Oud Rose



Thank You for reading. Do check out my the Sidebar of my blog some interesting stuff!  Till next time. Ciao!




Make UP World by Veena MLBB TAg
Make UP World by Veena MLBB TAg

Hello Beauties!

BeginnerBeaute was very kind to nominate me for this tag! Specially when my favorite beauty essentials are lippies and this tag is exactly what it is for. Thanks Felicia for this and sorry girl for the delay. Ramadan has taken up so much of my time because of many reasons πŸ˜€Β  I created a sort of MLBB Tag Banner by the way. Tell me if you like it..or not LOL

So, let’s start about the tag. MLBB stand for “My Lips But Better” and in this post , I’ll be sharing with you all the lip products I use most of the time whether casual or party.

DSC_5043There are total of 7 lip products I’ll be sharing with you guys and they are my “go to” lippies for any day…anytime any occasion.

DSC_5037From left to right ❀

1. Givenchy Rose Dressing 202– The tiniest among my collection as it is a sample given to me by Sephora on one of my mini haul. I have reviewed it earlier where I said there was nothing “wow” about it but now,(check review here) I change my statement. It is a “WOW”<3 The color, texture, consistency , staying power all are just perfect and I realized it the more I use it.

2. L.A Girl Black Currant– L.A Girl Matte lip glosses are one of my faves recently and I have a good collection of them. Check out why I love them here. In short . they are a perfect sexy matte for Summers ❀

3. L.A Girl Playful- Please read no.2 πŸ™‚

4. Mikyaji Cotton Candy– This beautiful hue of Pink is from Mikyaji 22k Collection and is matte finish which again I love as I’m into matte a lot this season. I’m really surprised that I have ,so far, reviewed all of these lippies. Just shows how much I like them ❀

5. Deborah Milano Atomic Red Matte – Click the name itself and it will lead you to the review page I did. πŸ™‚ This baby, is very wearable nude color with the perfect consistency , not to dry at the same time give a perfect matte finish.

6. Prestige 110 Matt- Okay so I still need to review this one in detail. This was the shade I kept searching for a longer time. My very first purchase from this brand and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

7. Last but not the least Avon bare impact- This is not a matte lipstick at all but I love it as it doesn’t bleed and is a perfect nude color for wheatish skin like mine. I’m done with my first tube and what you see in the picture is my second one. ❀

So here you go everyone, hope you like these colors  and enjoyed my share. Thanks again Felicia for the tag , you just made me recall all my fave products ❀ Guys you should go and check out her blog, it is something I go to when I am in search for a good read.

I nominate the following for this tag:

Girls, you should all do this tag , it is so much fun and I love looking at lip product collection by others ❀

Please Note: Apologies if you are already nominated .