Colour Pop Highlighter in Lunch Money-Review & Swatch

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

So another Color pop item I got is their highlighter in the shade LUNCH MONEY and boy I’m loving it!!!!! It is so gorgeous. It came in this cute white box. The only thing I didn’t like about their box is I can’t find the shade name/number of the product. If you say they have it written on the box, then colour pop might want to write it somewhere visible as I went crazy searching for it..

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

Just showing off some photography! πŸ˜›

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

So here is the swatch and as you can see it is very metallic…shimmery shade with yellow undertone which I find perfect for my wheatish skin. However , I was a bit disappointed at first as I used a powder blush to apply it and the it hardly showed on my cheeks. I eventually used my finger and voila, that’s where the magic was. Consider this as an additional tip, if ever you get this, use your fingers instead of brush. You’d be happy. πŸ˜€

You want to know which area of the face to apply highlighter, check no.4 of this post.

If you live in U.A.E and want to know where I got them from, then check this post I did on MY RECOMMENDED ONLINE BEAUTY STORES

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Makeup Series- Foundation Routine

A lot of friends and random ladies from few social media groups I am part of, ask me about “makeup” and most commonly asked questions are:

  • How to apply make up?
  • What is a concealer?
  • Is concealer and highlighter the same?
  • Which one to apply first?
  • I have watched a lot of you tube videos but they apply a lot of products that I loose track then. Can you please tell me what should I buy etc.

So I have decided to do a series on Make up “How to’s ” and split it into different posts to make it specific. I will be covering everything from steps on how to apply makeup and will suggest products ideal for each skin type. So I’m sharing with you all my foundation routine.

I’m not an expert or any kind of beauty guru but playing with make up has given me enough experience that I can share with you all about it.This is simply how I do it and you can do it your way too with a little of information from here. πŸ™‚

Today I’ll be sharing with you all my foundation routine but with a little variation to generalize it.

1. Face Primer (optional)– For me , this is optional as I personally think face primer is one overrated and unnecessary beauty product. Yes, you hear me right. Most of the time my make up routine does not include any face primer because the moisturizer I applied is good enough to work as a primer and holds my makeup for longer time. I’m not saying I don’t own a single primer, I do and that too, a lot! πŸ˜› (I’m just a makeup addict so I need everything LOL). Okay so moving on, Face primer helps makeup to stay long, smooths skin as it covers pores(silicone base ones usually do this job) and prevents natural facial oil from showing up. I have a combination to oily skin, more towards oily and let me tell you, none of the face primers really made THAT difference that I can say “Oh wow, my skin is perfect now” I get the same result even with just moisturizer. It’s really totally up to you. If face primer will give you the confidence, then go ahead use it.

After applying the face primer, wait for like a minute then move on to the next step.

Suggested Face Primers : Though I’m an advocate of drugstore products, I still will give the option of high-end too as many of you might prefer only pricey ones. There are plenty of face primers out there offered by every brand but I’ll mention those that I have used.

Rimmel face primer
Rimmel face primer

High End:

  1. M.A.C Matte Cream
  2. Benefit Porefessional- For pore prone skin
  3. Urban Decay Pore Perfecting for combination to oily skin


  1. NYX Shine killer- Ideal for oily skin
  2. Rimmel Stay matte for oily skin
  3. Babyskin by Maybelline

2. Corrector (optional)- We use color correctors to cover any discoloration in our face , like dark circles, blemishes etc. Correctors do some heavy-duty job with your imperfections. There is a proper color for a certain discoloration you have to get a flawless look. Check this post to know how to cover all those unwanted colors on your skin. You may apply this using any concealer brush but I prefer using my fingers esp when I’m working under my eyes.


Suggested Color Correctors by me: I would suggest palettes than individual colors. NYX color correcting palettes, BH cosmetics corrector & concealer palette, Wet n Wild Coverall, MAC Pro Concealer Palette,

3.Foundation/BB cream- After covering all those colors that make your skin color uneven, it is now time to apply your foundation which you have bought according to your skin type and color(obviously). Normally I just like to grab my BB cream instead of foundation. I’ll go for foundation in case I want more coverage than usual. You may apply foundation using your fingers, makeup brush or beauty blender. For those who do not know what beauty blender is, it is the Holy Sponge everyone has been raving about. You just need to check what suits you more. I use my foundation brush.


Suggested Foundations by me:
Karaja pore minimiser, Rimmel( Stay Matte, longlasting,match perfection), Loreal(True match,Lumi Magique), e.l.f (flawless foundation, moisturising foundation)

4. Concealer- concealer is needed to cover any imperfection that your corrector haven’t really covered. In my case , I do not need any concealer whenever I use the corrector. When I do not use corrector, I usually need some concealer then to get that flawless look. Not unless you have a lot to cover, you will need both. You must be wondering how your face would look with all these products. πŸ˜€ Do not worry about that, always apply minimum amount of corrector and concealer to avoid caking up. Apply using a concealer brush or fingers and dab gently on areas you need them.

Suggested Concealers by me: L.A Girl Pro concealer, e.l.f concealer and highlighter, Maybelline Age rewind, Benefit Fake up, Nars Radiant creamy concealer.

5.Face Powder to set– Face powder is very important as you will need this to set all those products you applied from 1 to 4. Powders can be pressed ones or the loose ones. I always prefer loose powder as I have oily skin but at times I used matte pressed powders too. There are just plenty out there to choose from according to your skin type.

e.l.f High Definition Powder
e.l.f High Definition Powder

Suggested Face powder by me:
e.l.f HD loose powder, Prestige loose powder, Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder, Bodyshop pressed powder, Make up forever HD Powder.

6. Bronzer (Optional)– This is so optional for me as I am very much happy with how my skin color is after all my make up and I don’t need any kind of “browns” at all. However I need a blush! I use bronzer occasionally when I would want a light contouring. But almost everyone uses that nowadays, so go ahead if you want to be part of the gang. Bronzers, I personally think are for those who are pale if not almost, to add some color to the skin because after applying all the products from steps 1 to 5, one can end up looking so “colorless” & “white” if you know what I mean.

Suggested Bronzers by me: Smashbox, Physician’s Formula, Nars, Burjois, Rimmel Natural Bronzer, Bobbi Brown

7. Blush- Like I mentioned in previous step, after applying all those products you will actually cover all the natural color that God has gifted you so it is important that you mimic the color that your cheeks have and so is the reason you need a blush and anyway it is always nice to have those ideal “rosy cheeks” ❀

Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush
Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush

Suggested Blush by me: Sleek palette, Nars blush, e.l.f baled blush, NYX, Tarte

8. Highlighter(Optional)- Again this is optional for me as I have applied makeup tons of times years ago, way before highlighters were even invented and I think I still looked pretty without a highlighter :P. πŸ˜‰ Just that, with everyone talking about it, you can’t ignore this products specially after what it does to makeup. Highlighter is a product that actually highlights areas of the face that is hit by light like upper cheeks, brow bones, T-Zone, chin and cupid bow.Β You either highlight using shimmery highlighters or any matte powder 2 shades lighter than your skin. Highlighting is given a very interesting name “strobing” nowadays just so you know if you don’t yet. The highlighters used for strobing are shimmery that will give a subtle shine to all those areas I mentioned above and Illuminators are used for the same purpose of giving your cheeks that extra glow.


Related Terms: Stobing, Illuminator

Suggested Highlighters by me: NYX Illuminator , Bobbi Brown, Too faced, The Balm Mari lou manizer, Naked Flushed palette, Color Pop Highlighter

You must be wondering where is the ‘wonder’ contouring step! Well I just didn’t feel like including it here, as a beginner ,trust me you don’t need that for now.

To see what else I’ll be including in this series, check this post.

Makeup brushes for beginners here.

So what are your suggested face beauty products? Do comment below , I love trying out new products. πŸ˜€

If you have any questions related to makeup, just leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer



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This rule is universal. Before working on something, let’s say painting. The painter prepares all things he needs like paints, paint brushes , cleaner etc. and for these,he would need a clean canvas. Similarly, before applying makeup , we need a clean face which would be our canvas. πŸ™‚ There are few steps you need to follow to prepare your skin for this. Each and very routine will be elaborated in a separate post, and will be linked directly.

How I prepare my skin:

  1. Wash face using my face wash.
  2. Apply face toner
  3. Apply moisturizer
Prep Skin
Prep Skin

How I prep my lips:

  1. Exfoliate (Click here to make your own lip exfoliator at home)
  2. Apply lip conditioner/moisturizer/balm

Wait for around 2 to 3 minutes before starting your make up.I have combination to oily skin and if you want to know my skincare routine,check here.

Step by step make up guide:

Please note that the steps mentioned in this post is what I have been following and not necessarily the same as others. Everyone has their own ritual to follow depending on what suits them and what works for them better. You may want to change these steps too once you are familiar with these. I believe in “no rules makeup” but a guidance won’t harm a beginner.

After prepping my skin, I move on to doing my eyes.

Eye routine:

  1. Eye primer/eyeshadow base
  2. Eyeshadow
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Mascara

Click here for my detailed eye routine.

Makeup for Eyes
Makeup for Eyes

Face Routine: Click here to see my detailed face routine.

  1. Face Primer (optional)
  2. Corrector (optional)
  3. Foundation/BB cream
  4. Concealer
  5. Face Powder to set
  6. Bronzer (Optional)
  7. Blush
  8. Highlighter(Optional)
Makeup for Face
Makeup for Face

Lips Routine:

  1. Outline lips using lip liner of the same shade as lipstick or lighter.
  2. Apply lip liner all over lips
  3. Apply lipstick

Tips: to make you lipstick last long , here is my tip and to turn any glossy lipstick to matte,check here.

Last but not the least do your eyebrows. I will share a video for this one as writing it down step by step will not be that easy to understand.

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Review- NYX Illuminator


Nowadays, I’m kind of obsessed with illuminator/highlighter. Whenever I go shopping, all I do is search for products that can add a glow to my face. Believe me it has nothing to do with the Strobing drama going on nowadays. :/ It is just that, I’ve always loved highlighters and have decided to collect different stuff I’ll get in the drugstore range. ❀ So this time I got my hands on NYX Illuminator for face and body in IBB01 Narcissistic.


Beware as I’ll be sharing more than one swatch of this highlighter. πŸ˜€ The pigmentation is beautiful when you pick it by swirling your finger on the pan.


In this packaging, you get 9.5g of product which I think is a great deal. When applied on cheeks, it gives a very beautiful glow , very light which is not overwhelming at all as I can wear it during day time too. It’s not always that one feels comfortable putting on illuminator other than parties or evening affairs, but this one is just ideal. Ever since I bought this, I have been using it daily.


Best part about this productΒ  is it is cruelty free as I always look for cruelty free products. The product doesn’t contain sunscreen , so one has to be careful not to be exposed under the sun for long time while wearing this on.

I’d really give NYX 100 thumbs up for bringing to us a lot of amazing products at affordable rates.

What’s is your favorite illuminator?

“Strobing”-Is it really that easy??

Okay so I just read this article yesterday about how easy your life can be now since strobing is discovered.

While contouring seemed to be very heavy with all those different shades of foundation/contour kit, then setting it with two shades of setting/pressed/loose powder , one would end up thinking how much one can put make up on the face. While we watch the beautiful YouTubers show us the different techniques of contouring, we end up looking like we just got sunburn or mistakenly pressed iron on our face instead of clothes. Many of us gave up on the idea of contouring.

So as a rescue to all those who who couldn’t befriend contouring, the experts introduces us to Strobing. In easy words , Highlighting.

Apparently, we don’t need to contour our face, instead, just highlight the face parts where lights hit directly(if you remember the contouring process, highlighting is also a part of it), basically Strobing is “half” of the contour process. :/

Parts that need highlighting: Centre of forehead, tip of nose, browbones, chin, upper cheeks or wherever you want. LOL (as everyone has different ideas on this)

So now, we will expect ladies to wonder :

1. Which products are to be used for Strobing.

2. Which highlighter to get.

3. How much is too much in terms of application.

4. Right shade .

5. From where till where should it be applied.

6. Won’t it be too dewy.

7. Is there a matte highlighter. If so, then would it give the “glow”effect?

8. Won’t one look like a disco light after applying it.

and many many many more questions.

So , is the contouring problem really solved? Is Strobing really easy?

What’s your take on it?

NYX Liquid Illuminator
NYX Liquid Illuminator

P.S I’ve been already doing this since couple of years, using highlighters and illuminators and avoid contouringΒ  as much as possible except for special occasions. ❀ I just shared with you all, my favorite illuminator. πŸ™‚

What’s yours?

Thank You for reading everyone!