Review- M.A.C Highlight Powder Cipria Illuminate and Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick

So I broke my record! I thought I would never buy any M.A.C product as I found it so unnecessarily costly. Until one fine day……. I saw this lipstick shade Flat Out Fabulous on internet , I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting myself one. That was when I didn’t discover its dupe yet. Ughh Will share the dupe with you guys.


I won’t talk about the lipstick much because you will find plenty of reviews on this range everywhere. Just that I love it , love the color,the staying power and texture. ❀ Check out the swatch here.

Next I bought was this M.A.C Highlight Powder Cipria Illuminate. I have seen people raving about M.A.C highlighters but none mentioned this. When I saw this at their store, with no second thoughts I decided to get it. There is something in me that feels the urge of getting those items not bought by others much πŸ˜› I know it’s weird but I like trying out “uncommon’ products as most of the time I found some really awesome underrated stuff.


M.A.C Flat out fabulous lipstick

This powder has two shades, a pink with silver overspray as you see in the picture. The design looks so beautiful and I love the silvers in it. At first I thought it will be too overwhelming on the cheeks once applied. The sales lady told me this can be used as a face powder and I was wondering if she was in her right sense. How can I have silver all over my face.


The product looks like any other normal powder with a very little amount of shimmer on the skin. EXCUSE MY HAIRY ARMS πŸ˜›

At first I just used this as highlighter carefully layering the product just above my blush until one day I decided to apply it all over my face and see if the sales lady was right. I applied and to be honest I really liked the result because I am so much into shimmers and glitter. Believe me, my face didn’t look glittery at all.

M.A.C highlight powder
M.A.C highlight powder. From left to right- Swatched base , blended base +overspray and base+overspray not blended

When using the pink base alone and base + overspray together, it didn’t really make a lot of difference. The silver in this powder gives the exact glow I needed for my beauty πŸ˜› It is a perfect overall powder for me not highlighter.

Will I purchase this again?

No πŸ˜› only because it is costly . Bought it for AED 145

Would I recommend?

Definitely Yes, if you can afford.

Thank you for reading:)

Lipstick Image source: M.A.C Website

Colour Pop Highlighter in Lunch Money-Review & Swatch

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

So another Color pop item I got is their highlighter in the shade LUNCH MONEY and boy I’m loving it!!!!! It is so gorgeous. It came in this cute white box. The only thing I didn’t like about their box is I can’t find the shade name/number of the product. If you say they have it written on the box, then colour pop might want to write it somewhere visible as I went crazy searching for it..

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

Just showing off some photography! πŸ˜›

Colour Pop Highlighter
Colour Pop Highlighter

So here is the swatch and as you can see it is very metallic…shimmery shade with yellow undertone which I find perfect for my wheatish skin. However , I was a bit disappointed at first as I used a powder blush to apply it and the it hardly showed on my cheeks. I eventually used my finger and voila, that’s where the magic was. Consider this as an additional tip, if ever you get this, use your fingers instead of brush. You’d be happy. πŸ˜€

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