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I just realized that I have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection and some actually look so the same. So I swatched and remember the M.A.C lipstick I spoke about in this post, the Flat out Fabulous lipstick actually has similar shades with me.

Hope this might help someone looking to own MAC lipsticks but can’t afford, you need not worry and get yourself the affordable version of the lip product.


M.A.C vs Avon

The color is almost the same. Specially when on lips , you will only find out by the texture as MAC is purely matte while Avon lipstick has a little bit of sheen in it. Both lipsticks are not long lasting and the only way you can make it last longer is through this method.

M.A.C vs Mikyaji

Color is very much the same, however might look a bit different when on lips. Both are mattes but Mikyaji lasts longer. M.A.C glides on lips very easily as it is very creamy while Mikyaji is more ofย  a dry formula which makes application a bit difficult but not really bad. It is still a very good lipstick to own not necessarily as a dupe ๐Ÿ™‚

M.A.C vs Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Don’t blink pink is definitely the dupe. Both M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipsticks’ performance and texture are the same however Wet n Wild lippies lasts longer,way longer than M.A.C.


DSC_6141klMAC lipstick is a matte one while Avon isn’t so you can see the difference in their texture or finish. Avon appears to be a bit glossy but it isn’t really that glossy but not matte too as MAC.


So what I did was dab a little bit of powder on the Avon lipstick to make it matte and see if the colors are still similar. so our dupe lipstick here has become lighter pink. so I guess if you want to have the same color as MAC then leave it as it is and don’t mess with the finish.

wetnwildpinksSome more of the pinks in my collection which I found very similar to the MAC lipstick and these 3 lipsticks are all mattes.


M.A.C lipstick- aed104

Wet n wild- aed22

Mikyaji- aed149 for 3 lipsticks on sale

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Review & Swatch – Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer from Stunzzle Glam

So I did a purchase from this online Store on Facebook ,Stunzzle Glam and received this beautiful lip product as a gift from them. I love it when I receive goodies along with my order. Who doesn’t? It was my first time ordering from them and my experience was very good, I was attended to very nicely and my stuff arrived in perfect condition. So if you live in U.A.E, go ahead and check them on Facebook as they have lots of makeup that you might like. Review time now!

So I received Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Laquer in the shade in Keep Crying For You.

Makeup Revolution Lip laquer
Makeup Revolution Lip laquer Keep crying for you

With all the news flying around about almost every brand releasing their range of matte lip cream/matte lip gloss or whatever you can call it,I was so glad to receive one and that too from a brand I haven’t tried yet. Well I tried their eyeshades but this is the first lip product ever from this brand.

The packaging looks really good. Nothing cheap about it at all. The box has all the information one needs about the product.

makeuprevolutionIt comes in a plastic tube just like other lip gloss in the drugstore range. I love how it looks. When I see good products , I enjoy taking their pictures by the way:D

Makeup revolution Velvet Lip Laquer
Makeup revolution Velvet Lip Laquer
Makeup revolution lip laquer-keep crying for you

The shade is beautiful pink with orange undertone. I actually avoid such colors as I feel it doesn’t suit me at all. With my skin tone, I feel such colors make me darker. :/ So I kept it and I’ll gift it to my baby sister. I’m sure she will be happy to own this amazing lippie. This reminded me a lot of the Lipstuck shade from Wojooh, that was a bit lighter though.

The product has a very good pigmentation, glides on easily on the lips but dries quickly so you need to be quick in applying it. Once it dried, the color became more intense which was really lovely. What I didn’t like was it made my lips dry. I already have naturally dry lips and the least I would want is having any product making my lips drier. So I applied lip gloss on top and it was all okay. But for a person like me, I am not into lip gloss at all and I know I can’t put up with the whole process of coating it with gloss hence, decided to “not own it”. Staying power is good though and I’m sure it will be a perfect gift the next time a see my sister. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you Stunzzle Glam for this beautiful gift. โค Highly appreciate the gesture.

Colour Pop Eyeshadows-Review & Swatches

Hi lovelies!

So here are 4 colour pop eyeshadows that I own. I know I am very late but that’s okay as I took my time doing my research about it and waiting for more reviews from trusted people. I just got them recently , have tried them quite a few times and now I’m ready for my review. โค

Colour Pop Eyeshadow
Colour Pop Eyeshadow
Colour pop eyeshadow
Colour pop eyeshadow

What I got are On the rocks, Nillionaire, Ibiza and Fringe.

Colour pop Eyeshadow Swatch
Colour pop Eyeshadow Swatch


  1. Very pigmented
  2. Feels so buttery and satin-like
  3. Intense metallic finish
  4. Huge range of colors to choose from


  1. Delicate packaging. Would have been better if it was in a pan with the lid attached and not totally separate as I fear dropping it anytime since it is very small for my hands to handle. :/
  2. ย Price- Here in U.A.E , it is priced AED40 or 45 which is a lot considering the fact that it costs around $5 each which is equivalent to aed20 approx. At most I’d be happy to pay 28 may be and get more colors but 45 is just too much , even though the quality is so good , it is just not practical to grab plenty of colors for that price. I can get a palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills with 12 colors for aed140!
  3. DSC_5949

For now I am happy with only 4 shades. In future if I’d need any color which I cannot get in my existing palettes, then definitely I will purchase but as I mentioned I will not go crazy on buying this for the price it is offered her in Dubai. In fact, I already have Nillionaire and fringe shades in one of my Urban Decay palettes. If you are looking to buy one of these, check swatches on internet first and your existing palettes, you might just have that already. However , I highly recommend these, they are one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I have ever used.

If you live in U.A.E and want to know where I got them from, then check this post I did on MY RECOMMENDED ONLINE BEAUTY STORES

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Nisa Cosmetics Buffer Set- Review

Did it ever happen to you that you walk pass through any Nisa Cosmetics stand ignoring their sales lady calling you out to try some “new” product? I bet yes! Most of us do. The reasons I don’t stop by them are:

1. They don’t fall under the category of “branded” cosmetics- they are not like any conventional brands we have out there in the market like Loreal, Maybelline, Dior, Givenchy,Urban Decay or Olay, Nivea, Himalaya etc. We always hear about these brands but Nisa. We ask someone their recommended face scrub, no one would ever say “Nisa”. That is exactly the reason why I haven’t ever tried finding out about their products. Time to change our thoughts now because I discovered something. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Price- I find the price too high for a name that is unknown to me specially when I actually do not know how they would perform on my skin.

3. Never heard of anyone actually reviewing it- reviews are very important for me. Before buying any product it is very important that I have heard someone recommending it or have read about it or watched a video related to the stuff I’m about to buy.

Keep reading ahead and let me be the one to show you the review. ๐Ÿ™‚

One day I had all the time in the world to pass by every stand I see in the mall. ๐Ÿ˜€ The sales lady called me and I straight away went to her and see what she has to offer, with no intention of buying whatsoever. She showed me this buffer, you will see the very same buffer in their hands every time by the way, so the next time you go,you’ll see I’m right.

She started using the nail buffer on one of my nails and I was amazed with the result! I did a video to show you all how it is done and what the results are. See it for yourself I’d say. I’m sure after this, all of you will never ignore any Nisa saleslady. Hahaahhaha.

nisaMy intention was to buy the buffer set only but they were successful in convincing me to buy the larger set , I don’t know what the larger set was called. The buffer set had the hand buffer, cuticle oil and some other product which I don’t exactly remember. However what I got from them in that set are:

1. Nail Buffer for hands – this was what made me buy this product. All you need to do is scrub your nails following the steps 1 to 4 written on the buffer.

20150804_0942272. Nail Buffer for feet- I haven’t used this one yet to be honest so I won’t say anything about it.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

3. Hand moisturizer- This moisturizer has cocoa butter in it, smells very good and gives very good result. Hands will feel very soft , literally very soft after applying.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

4. Body scrub- I loved the smell, it was kind of strawberry flavor but the formula was too dry and I had difficulty spreading it on skin. Maybe it is only me , I might have not done it well. But I remember that sales lady using this other scrub on my hand which gave results in an instant. You could actually tell which hand was cleaned and which wasn’t. Reason I didn’t buy that was, it was not along with the set and to get that, I needed to pay more which was already too much for my pocket. :/

DSC_59125. Cuticle oil- I was suggested to apply this cuticle oil after buffing. They said you can offer namaz(prayers) with this on. But I removed it before offering prayers, I just don’t risk doing anything wrong when it comes to Namaz. I’m not at all saying the saleslady is lying, it is just my personal preference.

Check out the video to see how to use it and the result. ๐Ÿ™‚

Price of the set: AED350 or aed375 something

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Every product mentioned here is bought with my own money, views and opinions are solely my own and will not be affected even with sponsored views.

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My Recommended Online Beauty Stores/Sellers in U.A.E

Hello Glamorous Gals!

I know how you feel. Yes, you! If you are reading this, then you might be someone living in one of U.A.E’s emirates and on the look out for reliable,trustworthy online stores that delivers at your door step. Ever since I came here in Dubai, all I did was online shopping. Not proud of it though. But what can a new comer do to divert attention and kill homesickness? shopping….makeup and lots of makeup shopping.!!! ๐Ÿ˜› It’s been 5 years now, and during this period, came across different Facebook sellers, some cheated but mostly very true to their work. Besides Facebook I started exploring local websites too.

Why do most of us shop online?

There may be plenty of reasons , but mine are:

1. Convenience of getting all the products at my doorstep.

2. Kill my urge to shop. Come one let’s admit it, online shopping is better than shopping directly from malls. I’ll end up buying 20 products in malls instead of 5. I can hold myself when doing online shopping due to certain doubts such as, product might not be exactly as how it is in pictures. So at most, I can buy eye pencils,lip pencils, eyeshadow palettes , primers etc where there won’t be an issue in getting the right shades.

3. When I’m not in mood of informing hubby dear about my shopping, online is best ๐Ÿ˜› (I’m not proud of this,trust me)

But we hesitate sometimes for the following reasons:

1. Advance payment required

2. Unknown seller

3. Doubtful authenticity of product

4. Longer delivery period

5. Not knowledgeable enough (will elaborate this in another post)

Today I’ll be solving your problem to some extent by sharing with you all my recommended Online Beauty stores/sellers in United Arab Emirates. I have personally ordered from each and every one of them , no need to worry about the products’ authenticity as they are reliable, trustworthy with very good customer service and above all they offer Cash On Delivery. Yayy!ย  Below are the list. not in any particular order.

1. 1st in my list is Ebeautique. My favorite and trusted seller as well as one of my sponsors. You can check their banner at the right hand side bar and click to go directly to their online store. For this one, you need to have an Instgaram account as the products are posted over there. You will get all brands from them on pre-order basis. Once products are available, delivery within 2 days.

Ebeautique  U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Instagram
U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Instagram

2. Indelath ย 

A Facebook online page that deals with all make up brands from drugstore to high-end. They operate from U.A.E as well as Pakistan. Very good customer service, the lady dealing with me is very polite and patient enough to bear all my queries regarding pricing. As should any seller. ๐Ÿ™‚ But let me tell you, I have encountered rude ones too, so if you find someone very nice, you are lucky. LOL

Indelath U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Facebook
U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Facebook

3. BasharaCare is an online beauty store based in Dubai, U.A.E that provides elite choices of quality skincare products. This online store is a bit different from others as they don’t deal with “common” brands. When I first visited their online store, I was shocked to see a lot of brands I haven’t heard before (beauty brand and I don’t know? How can that happen!)but the variety of skincare products made me do my research about the brands and was actually surprised that those are some of the finest luxury skincare brands one can get. I wasted no time and made my first order. โค If you are someone who values skin’s health, then you should try some of their products. Go to their website and explore!


4. Avon, FM & other cosmetic products is a Facebook online store similar to Indelath. They deal in all kinds of beauty products of almost all brands from drugstore to high-end. I bought my very first NYX glitter palette from them. โค Customer service is very good, quick delivery and very cooperative. I have ordered more from them. โค So excited for those.

Avon. FM &other cosmetic U.A.E online beauty store on Facebook
Avon. FM &other cosmetic
U.A.E online beauty store on Facebook

5. Laylam is one of the most trusted online store , they have brands like Sigma Brushes,ย Sleekย andย Coastal Scents. There is no doubt that you will get 100% authentic stuff from them. The website is specially designed for mothers who can’t just go out in the market to get their needs, so they provide us ladies beauty essentials as well as baby necessities too in the comfort of our homes.


6.Alshop is an online store that not only provides us with beauty products but also other items we need in our daily lives, perfumes, mobiles, laptops etc. They have almost all brands that aren’t available in our beauty stores.ย  Brands that can only be bought online such as BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Red Chilli etc. Takes a while for delivery around a week, but still okay. They sell 100% genuine products which is a plus point.


7. Glamazleย  It’s been a while since I ordered from them. But last time I did, it was a good experience with very quick delivery service. But a lot of disappointment at times when you finally see the products you wanted after searching the whole world for it,just to know it’s out of stock :/ But nevertheless , worth everything. You will be amazed by the pricing. While Laylam and Alshop are a bit costly, Glamazle is opposite. They are a bit lesser than those two.


Hope this post helps, if so, do comment below your suggestions for online stores not mentioned here or share your experience with the above.

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Many of us, specially those new to the make up world , do not realize that our make up tools needs cleaning too. Yes, go and get all your brushes and start cleaning them.

Why is it important to clean your make up brushes?

It is very important to wash your make up tools as they accumulate bacteria in between the bristles, there are leftover residues from your last application on there which is so gross. You don’t want any kind of infection on your face, right? These bacteria will literally damage your skin, not immediately but eventually. Makeup does make us look beautiful but it is very important to have a healthy skin too. If your canvas is damaged, your painting will be affected. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What you need:

1. Dish washing Detergent (Any)- perfect to kill bacteria

2. Bowl

3. Water

4. Dirty Brushes

5. Brush hanger (if you have)

6. Or a glass

Steps to Follow when cleaning your brushes:

1. Get all your dirty brushes together.

2. In a bowl mix the dish washing detergent with a little water enough to soak the bristles.

3. Mix well

4. Place in the brush just enough that the bristles are soaked in water very nicely.

5. Stir in circular motion properly and eventually you’ll see all the residue in your brush mixed in water as it changes its color.

6. Rub it back and forth on your palms to remove the last of the pigments.

7. Run the bristles through warm water(DO NOT USE HOT WATER AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE BRISTLES)

8. Pat them dry with a towel.

9. Let it dry by keeping it upside down in a glass or brush hanger.

In the picture, Step 4 , is an example of how you can dry your brushes using glass, Step 5, I just tied them up with a rubber band and hanged on the wall and let it be there over night, as I don’t have brush hangers so I made my own. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can be creative and make your custom-made brush hangers just make sure to keep them upside down(bristles down) because if you keep them standing , the water in the bristle will run down to wards the handle of the brush, spoiling the glue that is keeping the bristles together. don’t think that if you’re using a very costly brush set , it won’t be spoiled no matter what because they will be damaged if you don’t take care of them. Glue is what hold the bristles together. So you don’t want water getting to that part or the bristles will just fall off.

10. Tadda!! You have your clean brushes now ๐Ÿ˜‰

How often should you wash your brushes?

Where there are many guidelines you’ll find on internet regarding how often should you be cleaning which brush,ย  I clean them all together , as I can’t keep track of which brush I have used and how many times. So I wash them off every after 2 applications.

Review- Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick

One advantage of being an Avon representative is you get to try most f their products and if it’s lipstick, I don’t give a 2nd thought and order their sample pieces. For those with no sample, I just order the full size lipstick then but I make sure to try.

So here is not very new but not so old range of lipstick the Avon Ultra Bold Lipstick. I ordered them immediately the same campaign they were released and hence sharing with you all the swatches.

from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve
from left to right- Bright Nectar, Red Extreme, Rapid Rose, Ruby shock, Magenta flash,Starburst Pink, Bold Bordeaux, Extreme mauve

AS you see , the lipstick surely have Bold Colors. I have mixed feedback about these. The dark colors are very pigmented, very good consistency and feels very good on the lips and stays on longer as I follow my lipstick routine for any kind of lipstick.

For the lighter ones, as the darker ones , they are also very pigmented but the consistency is a bit too light , that they break easily.

IT is for AED49 in the current campaign with the deal buy 2nd one @aed15.

Overall I’d rate it 7/10

One of the best lipsticks I have had from Avon.

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Turn every lipstick to a long lasting one!


Hello Ladies, Just wanted to share how I do my lipstick to make it last longer and not stain the glasses i drink from that much. I know I’m not the first who gave this tip , but want to share my version of it ๐Ÿ™‚

What you need:

1. Lip liner ( same or closest color to the lipstick you are using)

2. Lipstick of your choice

3. Tissue paper

4. Loose powder

5. Stippling Brush


1. Moisturize you lips. If you have lip balm ,go ahead with that and if not, all of us have Vaseline lying in our dressing tables. I used Vaseline.

2. Outline your lips with lip liner pencil.

3. Apply the same lip pencil all over your lips , this will create a good base for your lipstick and give a very good color. (For some, they apply concealer or foundation on the lips , esp when lips are dark. You can do that before applying your lip liner.

4. Take a tissue paper , put on your lips ,gently press and using stippling brush , dab on it(tissue) little bit of loose powder. Any powder will do. I used baby powder.

5. Remove the tissue paper gently . Woah! this is my favorite part. It’s like a magic for me. The result is so different and it gives a very nice matte finish. But we aren’t done here yet.

6. Apply another layer of lipstick and you are done! Okay, so if you wish to, you can repeat steps 4 to 6 twice for a stronger effect. Sometimes, when I find my lipstick too glossy, I end on step 5 but repeating steps twice.

There is really no hard and fast rule for applying make up, just play with it to get to know all the items you have and make the best our of it.

Hope this help Dearies. โค

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