Review- GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

If you guys are following me on Instagram and Facebook, you must have seen the pictures I posted of the beauty products sent to me by GlamGals for reviewing. Mini reviews have also been posted. Thanks to this awesome company, I’ve been introduced to another range of beauty goodies that I get to try and like. Liked or loved, that we will find out as I share my reviews.

Today I have for you, the GlamGals Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss. If you have noticed, I have been adding lots of videos in my blog posts. I really enjoy the few seconds video I make to show the product, I think you get an idea of how the product actually looks like through video not unless you have captured a very good picture. But since I am still learning to do product photo shoot, bear with my video craze. πŸ˜› I think I can take decent pictures but the silver packaging of this product just challenged me a lot. LOL

Product Details:

Brand: GlamGals

Name: Color Stay Dual Lip Gloss

Shade: DLG12

Price: AED35

Ingredients: 20150925_184438

The Packaging:


Unlike any other lip gloss I ever held in my hands, this surely was heavier. Normally, I barely feel I’m even holding anything but this one was screaming “Hello, I’m here!” The tube came in a silver box with all necessary details printed on like ingredients, labels, application tips, address, production/expiry date etc. The lip gloss tube is of very good quality plastic material, reminds me of my acrylic drawers. Since it is dual ended, one end has the colored lip gloss and the other end with the transparent one.

What they say: Triple effects- Condition, Moisturizing and Long stay all day wear with 3D Diamond Shine.

The Inside:


On one end, you get the colored pigment and on the other end is a transparent product that is supposed to moisturize your lips. It is a beautiful red shade , the formula is perfect not too thick and not too thin, covers the lips’ own pigmentation, glides on very well and applies evenly. The transparent end of the lip gloss is a very shiny liquid which has exactly the consistency you need.

How to apply: Apply the colored lip gloss on lips, wait for about 2 minutes then coat it with the moisturizing lip gloss.

pizap.com14431937318101I wore only the lip gloss for 2 days, the whole day and it is very good on its own only. If you are a fan of matte lips, you will be happy with it this way. It is not drying and do not chap your lips. I was a bit skeptical using the moisturizing lip gloss at first as I thought the brush might pick most of the red color, but it actually did the opposite. It was very easy to apply without smudging my red pigment and it actually felt very good on the lips. I felt it actually moisturized my lips at the same time giving my lips that non-overwhelming spark.


  1. cruelty-free (has a bunny on its box)
  2. not drying
  3. perfect formula
  4. pigmented
  5. moisturising but not sticky
  6. good quality at affordable price
  7. 15 shades to choose from
  8. long wear
  9. quality packaging


Very light smell when applying, not really that bothering as it fades away very quickly

Shades: pizap.com14431856844581

Current outlets :
1)Deira City Centre (outside Sephora)
2)Dubai outlet mall (outside Cold Stone)
3)Arabian Centre midriff (outside Costs coffee)
4)Century Mall (outside Carrefour)
5)Al Foah Mall AlAin (outside lulu)
6)Sharjah City Centre (outside Ecity) – coming up next month .

Facebook – Glamgals cosmetics

IG – glamgals cosmetics.

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Check out the video and see for yourself the packaging.

Makeup Series- Lips Routine for Beginners

Finally we are here today for the last segment of the Makeup Series for Beginners and I had a step by step post on how to apply makeup a month ago and split it up into different segments. Foundation Routine, Eye Routine and today we have the Lips Routine.

You will find below how I apply my lipstick/lip gloss and what steps I follow when preparing my lips for that.

Steps in order:

  1. Exfoliate lips- Make it a habit to exfoliate your lips. Lipstick makes dry and chapped lips more visible hence to avoid that, exfoliate regularly. While there are many lip exfoliators/scrubs available in the market, I use my very own home-made lip scrub. Do you want to make your own too? Click the picture to know how.

2. Condition Lips- Always condition your lips. Keep it hydrated all the time to avoid gross flaky dry skin. There are plenty of lip conditioners and balms in the market and one very reasonable option for that is Vaseline also known as Petroleum Jelly. You do not have to spend a fortune on lip balms. You can find it in all price range. My favorite lip balm at the moment is from Utama Spice. click the picture below to know why.

Utama Spice Lip Balm
Utama Spice Lip Balm

Β  3. Line lips- Lining my lips is very important for me. By doing this, I am giving my lips a more defined shape and outline at the same time prevents lipstick from smearing around lips. Make this a habit and always include in your makeup routine. Use lip liner that matches your lipstick shade ,if not the closest.

Lip liner suggestions: Get any lip liner from drugstore to high-end, it doesn’t really matter as they perform the same way. I have from NYX, Essence, NARS, Misslyn etc.

4. Apply lipstick / lip gloss- Last step is to apply your desired lipstick or lip gloss. Lip products come either with matte or glossy finish. It is totally on you which you prefer. Nowadays I am more into matte lipsticks as I find them more long-lasting and they hold on to your lips very well that they don’t smear all over. I like the look of matte more but occasionally I love wearing my glossy lipsticks too if I go for light eye makeup , I like keeping my lipstick dark and shiny then. The same way, Lip glosses nowadays have come in matte formula and is very much “in” and are commonly known asΒ  Lip cremes. L.A Girl matte lip pigments are my favorites. Click the picture to know why. While lip cremes are ruling over the beauty world currently, one cannot resist the charm of lip gloss. The touch of that shine is what a girl needs most of the time. So always experiment and understand what you like. As I mentioned earlier, there is no rules to makeup.Β  You can even give your glossy lips a touch of matte by following this method.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

Lipstick/lipgloss suggestions: NYX,Β  Maybelline have very good options of lip products both matte and glossy , however you can find equally good in other brands like L.A Girl, Sleek, Mikyaji, Givenchy, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc.

You just need to explore the market and do not hesitate to try to experiment on new products as you will find hidden gems there. ❀

Other lip products such as lip primer and lip concealer are very unnecessary in my point of view. Apply your lip liner all over lips , it will act as base for your lipstick and will cover your lips’ natural pigmentation acting as lip concealer.
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Inglot Eyeshadow 151

I just want the whole world to know which is my favorite silver eyeshadow and the only silver I eye shade I have. It is like a blessing in disguise to get this in one of my Glambox and loved it so much that I didn’t need to spend on any other. ❀

ingloteyeshadow151This is how it look, very cute and compact.

ingloteyeshade151The pan contains a very good amount of eyshadow 3.2g which is just amazing. Pigmentation is superb, you will see in a while. Use a flat eye shadow brush to apply however the applicator that came with it is very useful when you want the product to touch the inner corner of your eyes. Can’t say much about this eye shadow as it has everything that anyone can ask for.

20150912_201728The pan inside can be removed and transferred in one of the palettes Inglot has , and the bottom has necessary details you need to know.

PicsArt_1441381332600So this is the most recent look I created using this silver , I know you are dying to know about my falsies πŸ˜› I’m wearing Ms. Mimi Lashes from Pinky Goat Boutique ,check this post here for details.


Hi beauties!

I just realized that I have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection and some actually look so the same. So I swatched and remember the M.A.C lipstick I spoke about in this post, the Flat out Fabulous lipstick actually has similar shades with me.

Hope this might help someone looking to own MAC lipsticks but can’t afford, you need not worry and get yourself the affordable version of the lip product.


M.A.C vs Avon

The color is almost the same. Specially when on lips , you will only find out by the texture as MAC is purely matte while Avon lipstick has a little bit of sheen in it. Both lipsticks are not long lasting and the only way you can make it last longer is through this method.

M.A.C vs Mikyaji

Color is very much the same, however might look a bit different when on lips. Both are mattes but Mikyaji lasts longer. M.A.C glides on lips very easily as it is very creamy while Mikyaji is more ofΒ  a dry formula which makes application a bit difficult but not really bad. It is still a very good lipstick to own not necessarily as a dupe πŸ™‚

M.A.C vs Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Don’t blink pink is definitely the dupe. Both M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipsticks’ performance and texture are the same however Wet n Wild lippies lasts longer,way longer than M.A.C.


DSC_6141klMAC lipstick is a matte one while Avon isn’t so you can see the difference in their texture or finish. Avon appears to be a bit glossy but it isn’t really that glossy but not matte too as MAC.


So what I did was dab a little bit of powder on the Avon lipstick to make it matte and see if the colors are still similar. so our dupe lipstick here has become lighter pink. so I guess if you want to have the same color as MAC then leave it as it is and don’t mess with the finish.

wetnwildpinksSome more of the pinks in my collection which I found very similar to the MAC lipstick and these 3 lipsticks are all mattes.


M.A.C lipstick- aed104

Wet n wild- aed22

Mikyaji- aed149 for 3 lipsticks on sale

Hope you find this post helpful, if so , do SHARE!

Review & Swatch – Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer from Stunzzle Glam

So I did a purchase from this online Store on Facebook ,Stunzzle Glam and received this beautiful lip product as a gift from them. I love it when I receive goodies along with my order. Who doesn’t? It was my first time ordering from them and my experience was very good, I was attended to very nicely and my stuff arrived in perfect condition. So if you live in U.A.E, go ahead and check them on Facebook as they have lots of makeup that you might like. Review time now!

So I received Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Laquer in the shade in Keep Crying For You.

Makeup Revolution Lip laquer
Makeup Revolution Lip laquer Keep crying for you

With all the news flying around about almost every brand releasing their range of matte lip cream/matte lip gloss or whatever you can call it,I was so glad to receive one and that too from a brand I haven’t tried yet. Well I tried their eyeshades but this is the first lip product ever from this brand.

The packaging looks really good. Nothing cheap about it at all. The box has all the information one needs about the product.

makeuprevolutionIt comes in a plastic tube just like other lip gloss in the drugstore range. I love how it looks. When I see good products , I enjoy taking their pictures by the way:D

Makeup revolution Velvet Lip Laquer
Makeup revolution Velvet Lip Laquer
Makeup revolution lip laquer-keep crying for you

The shade is beautiful pink with orange undertone. I actually avoid such colors as I feel it doesn’t suit me at all. With my skin tone, I feel such colors make me darker. :/ So I kept it and I’ll gift it to my baby sister. I’m sure she will be happy to own this amazing lippie. This reminded me a lot of the Lipstuck shade from Wojooh, that was a bit lighter though.

The product has a very good pigmentation, glides on easily on the lips but dries quickly so you need to be quick in applying it. Once it dried, the color became more intense which was really lovely. What I didn’t like was it made my lips dry. I already have naturally dry lips and the least I would want is having any product making my lips drier. So I applied lip gloss on top and it was all okay. But for a person like me, I am not into lip gloss at all and I know I can’t put up with the whole process of coating it with gloss hence, decided to “not own it”. Staying power is good though and I’m sure it will be a perfect gift the next time a see my sister. πŸ˜€

Thank you Stunzzle Glam for this beautiful gift. ❀ Highly appreciate the gesture.

Colour Pop Eyeshadows-Review & Swatches

Hi lovelies!

So here are 4 colour pop eyeshadows that I own. I know I am very late but that’s okay as I took my time doing my research about it and waiting for more reviews from trusted people. I just got them recently , have tried them quite a few times and now I’m ready for my review. ❀

Colour Pop Eyeshadow
Colour Pop Eyeshadow
Colour pop eyeshadow
Colour pop eyeshadow

What I got are On the rocks, Nillionaire, Ibiza and Fringe.

Colour pop Eyeshadow Swatch
Colour pop Eyeshadow Swatch


  1. Very pigmented
  2. Feels so buttery and satin-like
  3. Intense metallic finish
  4. Huge range of colors to choose from


  1. Delicate packaging. Would have been better if it was in a pan with the lid attached and not totally separate as I fear dropping it anytime since it is very small for my hands to handle. :/
  2. Β Price- Here in U.A.E , it is priced AED40 or 45 which is a lot considering the fact that it costs around $5 each which is equivalent to aed20 approx. At most I’d be happy to pay 28 may be and get more colors but 45 is just too much , even though the quality is so good , it is just not practical to grab plenty of colors for that price. I can get a palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills with 12 colors for aed140!
  3. DSC_5949

For now I am happy with only 4 shades. In future if I’d need any color which I cannot get in my existing palettes, then definitely I will purchase but as I mentioned I will not go crazy on buying this for the price it is offered her in Dubai. In fact, I already have Nillionaire and fringe shades in one of my Urban Decay palettes. If you are looking to buy one of these, check swatches on internet first and your existing palettes, you might just have that already. However , I highly recommend these, they are one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I have ever used.

If you live in U.A.E and want to know where I got them from, then check this post I did on MY RECOMMENDED ONLINE BEAUTY STORES

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Nisa Cosmetics Buffer Set- Review

Did it ever happen to you that you walk pass through any Nisa Cosmetics stand ignoring their sales lady calling you out to try some “new” product? I bet yes! Most of us do. The reasons I don’t stop by them are:

1. They don’t fall under the category of “branded” cosmetics- they are not like any conventional brands we have out there in the market like Loreal, Maybelline, Dior, Givenchy,Urban Decay or Olay, Nivea, Himalaya etc. We always hear about these brands but Nisa. We ask someone their recommended face scrub, no one would ever say “Nisa”. That is exactly the reason why I haven’t ever tried finding out about their products. Time to change our thoughts now because I discovered something. πŸ™‚

2. Price- I find the price too high for a name that is unknown to me specially when I actually do not know how they would perform on my skin.

3. Never heard of anyone actually reviewing it- reviews are very important for me. Before buying any product it is very important that I have heard someone recommending it or have read about it or watched a video related to the stuff I’m about to buy.

Keep reading ahead and let me be the one to show you the review. πŸ™‚

One day I had all the time in the world to pass by every stand I see in the mall. πŸ˜€ The sales lady called me and I straight away went to her and see what she has to offer, with no intention of buying whatsoever. She showed me this buffer, you will see the very same buffer in their hands every time by the way, so the next time you go,you’ll see I’m right.

She started using the nail buffer on one of my nails and I was amazed with the result! I did a video to show you all how it is done and what the results are. See it for yourself I’d say. I’m sure after this, all of you will never ignore any Nisa saleslady. Hahaahhaha.

nisaMy intention was to buy the buffer set only but they were successful in convincing me to buy the larger set , I don’t know what the larger set was called. The buffer set had the hand buffer, cuticle oil and some other product which I don’t exactly remember. However what I got from them in that set are:

1. Nail Buffer for hands – this was what made me buy this product. All you need to do is scrub your nails following the steps 1 to 4 written on the buffer.

20150804_0942272. Nail Buffer for feet- I haven’t used this one yet to be honest so I won’t say anything about it.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

3. Hand moisturizer- This moisturizer has cocoa butter in it, smells very good and gives very good result. Hands will feel very soft , literally very soft after applying.

Nisa Cosmetics
Nisa Cosmetics

4. Body scrub- I loved the smell, it was kind of strawberry flavor but the formula was too dry and I had difficulty spreading it on skin. Maybe it is only me , I might have not done it well. But I remember that sales lady using this other scrub on my hand which gave results in an instant. You could actually tell which hand was cleaned and which wasn’t. Reason I didn’t buy that was, it was not along with the set and to get that, I needed to pay more which was already too much for my pocket. :/

DSC_59125. Cuticle oil- I was suggested to apply this cuticle oil after buffing. They said you can offer namaz(prayers) with this on. But I removed it before offering prayers, I just don’t risk doing anything wrong when it comes to Namaz. I’m not at all saying the saleslady is lying, it is just my personal preference.

Check out the video to see how to use it and the result. πŸ™‚

Price of the set: AED350 or aed375 something

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Every product mentioned here is bought with my own money, views and opinions are solely my own and will not be affected even with sponsored views.

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