Re-creation Mode- Blue Dramatic Eyes

I saw this picture on Smashbox Middle East Facebook Page and couldn’t help but grab all my makeup essentials for this look. The blue is so attractive and the style is just so different from the usual we do.

Smashbox Facebook Page screenshot
Smashbox Facebook Page screenshot

My work:

Veena Hussain makeup look
Veena Hussain makeup look
Products used:
 *Morphebrushes eyeshadow palette 35C for crease color(Click here for review)
*Maybelline color tattoo in Tenacious teal as base on eyelids
*Urbandecay Smoked Palette -EVIDENCE (Click here for review)
*Anastasia Beverly Hills World traveler – NOIR for the crease and outer corners , AZURE for the final shade on lids. (Click here for review)
* NYX cosmetics eyeliner – (Click here for review)
* eyelashes from Daiso( A Japanese Store in most of the malls in Dubai) 😛


Hope you all liked this look. Share your beautiful thoughts about this look and if you have any suggestions on makeup looks to recreate do let me know. ❤

Quick Makeup Stencils

Hi Peeps!!!

As you all know, if you have been following my blog, that I am focusing on “makeup for beginners” issues and share my knowledge with them. So in this search, I came to know about this store Quick Makeup Stencils on that I found so interesting. I messaged them and Valya was so kind to send me some of their best products to try. I received from them Quick Makeup stencils and Quick eyeliner stickies. They dealt with me very nicely and I’m so happy with their customer service.

Though I’m not a stencil kind of person at all and I have seen many eyebrow stencils out there but never felt the urge to buy them, what this store offered was different and immediately caught my attention as it was actually stencils to apply eyeshadows and eyeliner. What could be better than getting that perfect cat winged eyeliner in very less time specially when you’re a beginner. I knew I just had to get this.  This post will focus on the makeup stencils only and  eyeliner stickies on the next post.

Quick Makeup Stencils

The Quick Makeup stencils set I received has 3 identical stencils for eyebrows, eyeshadow and eyeliner application. Receiving 3 stencils is just amazing as in case something happens with one you can use the other.  It also has the step by step guide inside which is very helpful.

Quick makeup stencil
Quick makeup stencil

This is how the stencil looks like. It has 3 for the brows and the rest for eyeshadows and eyeliner.


eyebrow stencil
eyebrow stencil

This eyebrow stencil is so helpful for those who do not know how to do their eyebrows yet using the kits in the market. You can practice with this initially before you actually get your hands used to this routine. If you have thick brows, then this stencil might not be for you as this is ideal for those have thin ones. However do give it a shot by trying. so if you have your brow shape from the above, then this one is for you 😀

Quick Makeup Stencil
Quick Makeup Stencil

This is one page of the guide they sent along, which you will receive in your kit. A detailed guide on how to apply fishtail line. Something I always struggled but now life is just much easier. Use a very pointed marker eyeliner for this one to get the perfect flick.


They have the guide for you from dramatic to smokey and almond eye makeup. There are few tips and tricks on applying this which I will share with you all shortly in a video.



There are actually 10 ways to use this stencil from eye shadow application to brows ,eyeliners and even eyelash application.  Retails for $15 USD here and best part is they ship worldwide for FREE so it doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to. 🙂

Please refer to the picture to see how I did my look the very first time I used it. Initially you would need a bit of practice but it is not difficult at all. I got everything right the 3rd time I used it.  Will be posting an updated looks in a week , pictures and videos to be uploaded this week.


Hope you found this product interesting like I did. Did you ever use makeup stencils? How was the experience?




Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned here was sent to me for review purpose and all thoughts, opinions and pictures shared in this post are totally mine based on experience. I am not, by any means, paid by the company to write this.

My July Glambox- A total disappointment!

Want to know how disappointed I am with my July Glambox? The fact that I didn’t even feel like writing about it surely gives you the idea. But I can’t just let this go “un-said” !

Glambox had come up with “themed” boxes for the months of May, June and July. The themes seemed really interesting and so was the reason I subscribed once again(despite the fact that I swore not to after last year’s experience),just to be disappointed again.

July theme was all about Givenchy’s partnership with Glambox. Exclusive box with luxury products from Givenchy. This was too oomphy to hear. So I subscribed! The box was delivered on a Friday and in U.A.E it is supposed to be off for all offices, so I was excited as a kid saying “my oh my, Glambox really went our of their way to make us feel special by delivering on an off day!” The box contained 4 thumb-sized products! I started calculating how much I paid instead of opening the goodies. I paid aed205 for 3 months for something not worthy at all. The first box was stuffed with Bioderma products ,some samples and 2 full-sized which was acceptable for me. The June box also had 4 products with only 1 full size and that too a black nail polish which was a total turn off. Now July box came with stuff I can easily get at Sephora as samples!! One of the items in the box is Givenchy lipstick which I already got as a sample the last time I shopped at Sephora, I loved it and so I talked about it here.

I know I liked that lipstick but it doesn’t mean I’m going to pay to get another sample of that.

Glambox July 2015 Givenchy
Glambox July 2015 Givenchy

Today I will admit, Glambox was way better in 2014 where they used to send some discount cards and vouchers for well-known parlors for free services etc. Now…:/

Glambox July 2015 Givenchy
Glambox July 2015 Givenchy

The thumb-sized product is just so unacceptable. Specialy for the skincare products, I am totally against samples for skincare products specially when the quantity won’t even let us use it enough to judge if it really works and is worth buying. Let me tell you this, all of the above I can get as samples anyway, from Sephora

Givenchy noir Cotoure 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Couture 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Cotoure 4in1mascara
Givenchy noir Couture 4in1mascara

1. Givenchy Noir Cotoure 4in1mascara:  What I can admire about this product is just the packaging! Don’t think I am just hating it because it is sample size. LOL I tried it as I always was curious what difference do these high-end brands make that make them so costly. The weird wand with kind of 3 bubbles/circles is very useless. The space between them is even more useless. The formula is clumpy. Every time I pull out the wand,I get this product right on the tip of the wand and I need to swipe it to remove excess which I find weird as I never had such experience with other brands.

What it claims:

(Quoting from Sephora)

A four-in-one mascara that creates intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.
This multitasking mascara is formulated with Givenchy’s exclusive lash booster expert complex that provides nutrition, revitalization, fortification, and protection.

My result:

1. No volume

2.No curl

3. no length

I might just use it for the lash care qualities, using my technique to create volume and length.

Le Rouge Givenchy

2. Le Rouge Givenchy- Check out my detailed review of the one I already have, here


3. Le Soin Noir

This is an anti-ageing product. Haven’t use it yet so can’t really tell how it is for now.

givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion
givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion

.4. Givenchy hydra sparkling first step luminescence moisturizing lotion– I tried this one once. It is not greasy at all,keeps skin hydrated and has a very refreshing smell. I hope this sample size would be good enough for me to judge the product’s performance.

So these are all the goodies I received from Glambox that was a total disappointment and today ,again I’ll make a promise never to subscribe again.

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Longer Eyelashes

I know this is an old school technique but I’ve been doing this for couple of months already and I really like it. Thought of sharing with you all my experience.

I have short, thin eyelashes naturally and am always looking for the “one magic mascara” that will accentuate my eyes. I tried different mascaras, followed different tricks, used different eyelash curlers( which by the way I find useless) but in vain.

I stumbled upon this trick on getting thick and longer eyelashes somewhere on the internet using baby powder. I’ll be sharing with you two illustrations I did, using two different mascaras , just to show you guys if it really works or not.


For the first image, I used a very simple drugstore mascara by Gosh. Whenever I apply, it actually does nothing than coat my lashes with some product, that’s it. But when used with powder, it actually made a difference.

What you need:

1. mascara

2. baby powder/ loose powder

3. Brush

How to :

1. Start with clean eyes.

2. Apply first coat of mascara.

3. Dab baby/any loose powder on eye lashes

4. Apply final coat of mascara.


If you want to get a fuller, heavier lashes ,repeat steps 3 & 4. But be careful not to over do as the powder can get clumpy.

11705104_1600344100247196_2152999693740209019_nFor the 2nd image, I used Avon mega effects mascara , will post the review very soon, and as you can see the result is pretty much the same as in 1st image using the same technique.

So here you go, if you have short , thin lashes as mine, do try this out as it’s not always that we are ready to use falsies.

Thank your for reading. Please share if you think it’s helpful. ❤