Review-Elf Studio Moisturising Foundation Stick

DSC_2884Been wanting to get hold of this baby the ELF Studio Moisturizing stick and try it on as it looks so impressive.

So here is a quick review on it.

DSC_2887The consistency is just perfect! It’s very light and glides on very smoothly on your skin. I tried applying this using y fingers, brush and beauty blender. With fingers and brush, i was able to spread it all over very easily. I don’t recommend beauty blender for this though as I personally use beauty blenders for heavy foundations with thick consistency, but it really depends on your choice. As I always say, play around with what you have to get the perfect look.

DSC_2888Had to upload two different picture for you to check how it looks on the skin and have idea of the consistency.


For those who wants a very light make up, this one is for you. It gives a very light coverage and looks natural on the skin provided you get the right shade. I used the shade “natural” as shopping online for foundations is kind of tough so just to be safe. As you see int he picture, it just blended so well with my skin and is giving an almost natural look. I have a combination skin and I had to set this with loose powder twice or thrice as my skin gets too oily in Summer plus the fact that this foundation literally moisturizes your skin. If you have dry skin then this is just for you. And yeah, it does last longer, to be honest just had it on for 5 hours and it looked perfect so I’m hoping it will last longer.

Hope the review was useful. ❤

P.S The product in this post is purchased by me and reviewed not in anyway sponsored by anyone 🙂


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