International Giveaway # 2

Hey hey hey!!! Giveaway number 3 is up already. Took me a while to gather stuff for the giveaways I am going to have. I’m so excited for thisΒ  as I have chosen most of my favorite products to share with you all. All items are bought by me with lots of love and I really wish you all will like it.

So there will be 2 boxes with at least 10 makeup products that I will giveaway to one lucky winner. This is an international giveaway so do not worry at all as it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are. ❀ Yayy!

So here is what you get in box #1:

e.l.f cream eyeliner in Punk Purple
e.l.f matte lip color in Rich Red
e.l.f duo eyeshadow
e.l.f Brightening eye Color in Luxe
e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal
Valcena Paris Natural Absolute Day Cream-opened hygienically for one time trial purpose
Valcena Paris Action Jeunesse . Click here to check the review for these amazing products.
Glambox Foundation brush
Avon Glow powder eyeshadow in Rivera Blue
Avon Roll-on antiperspirant
Quick Makeup Stickies Stencils . Click here for the review on this one. ❀

How to enter:

Go to my Facebook page and follow the giveaway post there for the rules and if you have come back here and commented, you earned one entry already. πŸ™‚

For additional entries, go to my Youtube channel, susbcribe , give a thumbs up to this video and you earn 2 entries for this. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy Beauties and Good Luck!!




Hi beauties!

I just realized that I have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection and some actually look so the same. So I swatched and remember the M.A.C lipstick I spoke about in this post, the Flat out Fabulous lipstick actually has similar shades with me.

Hope this might help someone looking to own MAC lipsticks but can’t afford, you need not worry and get yourself the affordable version of the lip product.


M.A.C vs Avon

The color is almost the same. Specially when on lips , you will only find out by the texture as MAC is purely matte while Avon lipstick has a little bit of sheen in it. Both lipsticks are not long lasting and the only way you can make it last longer is through this method.

M.A.C vs Mikyaji

Color is very much the same, however might look a bit different when on lips. Both are mattes but Mikyaji lasts longer. M.A.C glides on lips very easily as it is very creamy while Mikyaji is more ofΒ  a dry formula which makes application a bit difficult but not really bad. It is still a very good lipstick to own not necessarily as a dupe πŸ™‚

M.A.C vs Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Don’t blink pink is definitely the dupe. Both M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipsticks’ performance and texture are the same however Wet n Wild lippies lasts longer,way longer than M.A.C.


DSC_6141klMAC lipstick is a matte one while Avon isn’t so you can see the difference in their texture or finish. Avon appears to be a bit glossy but it isn’t really that glossy but not matte too as MAC.


So what I did was dab a little bit of powder on the Avon lipstick to make it matte and see if the colors are still similar. so our dupe lipstick here has become lighter pink. so I guess if you want to have the same color as MAC then leave it as it is and don’t mess with the finish.

wetnwildpinksSome more of the pinks in my collection which I found very similar to the MAC lipstick and these 3 lipsticks are all mattes.


M.A.C lipstick- aed104

Wet n wild- aed22

Mikyaji- aed149 for 3 lipsticks on sale

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Makeup Series- Eye Routine for Beginners

Hi beauties!

So here is a continuation of my previous post regarding face/foundation routine ,dedicated specially for makeup beginners. ❀


Today we will be knowing about “Eye routine” and information I am sharing here with you all is what I do when I apply makeup. As many of the beautiful and lovely ladies, keep asking me questions related to makeup, I thought why not dedicate a whole series to you all.

Please Note: I’m not an expert or any kind of beauty guru but playing with make up has given me enough experience that I can share with you all about it.This is simply how I do it and you can do it your way too with a little of information from here. πŸ™‚

So moving on to the step by step guide, here is what you need to do.

First of all there is no rules as to which one should be done first. Face makeup or the eyes. So it is totally up to you which one you prefer. I personally like doing my eyes first because I usually do a lot of bold makeup and end up having fall outs, applying foundation after, helps a lot as I can still clean them then.

I really need to highlight this part just to make sure you don’t miss this point. As I will be suggesting products too that is suitable for beginners, please don’t expect me to be talking about Urban Decay Naked palettes. Because I won’t! As a beginner, I will never suggest anyone to go for high-end options as you will be doing trial and errors initially , you will need to get the feel of “it”first, you might not want to continue applying eyeshades etc and so spending a lot on high-ends for this purpose is just not practical. If you see your idol or friend that you look up to using UD or Lorac and they look so pretty, you do not have to go and get those palettes without thinking. They looked good because they applied makeup well. So you need to practice first and you will get those looks with any drugstore palette. If you have lots of money to waste, then go ahead. πŸ˜€

  1. Primer or Eyeshadow base-Β While I can live without using face primer, it is not the case with my eyes. I need some kind of prep for my eyes too. For that I use eyeshadow base. I have two favorite ones, that is the Lancome and NYX eyeshadow base. I use either one of them depending on the makeup that I am doing . If I am using bright shades I always like applying white eyeshadow base as this will intensify the color more, if I am doing neutral or smokey makeup I am fine with my beige eyeshadow base. Eye shadow base acts as a primer too and some are 2 in 1, primer+base like NYX eyeshadow base. You don’t have to go for primer and base separately. DO NOT BUY PRIMER AND BASE SEPARATELY NO MATTER HOW MUCH PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU TO. It is purely unnecessary. Buy yourself NYX white eyeshadow and it will work for both bright as well as neutral shades. NYX Jumbo pencil is ideal thing for this too. Very affordable and works perfectly. What? You think I missed mentioning the Urban Decay eye primer? No, I didn’t miss it. I just don’t want to suggest any unnecessary stuff to you. (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this brand, it’s just that , they are very costly specially for beginners and you get equally good products in the drugstore range) If you think that your eyeshadow is not having good pigmentation and that the color isn’t showing up then refer to this video on tricks to make the color pop using white eyeshadow base.

Suggested Eye Primers and base: NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, NYX eyeshdow base in pot, Wet n Wild take on the day Prep and Prime(also considered as dupe of Urban Decay Prime Potion)

NYX Eyeshadow Base
NYX Eyeshadow Base

2. Eyeshadow palettes-Β I would really ask you to get palettes instead of individual eyeshades because,

a. It is economical

b. You get to play with few more colors and see what suits you.

Regarding which eyeshades should you get, cool tones or warm. It totally depends on your choice. But initially, I’d suggest you to get a palette with more of warm tones, like browns, grays, taupe etc because they are easy to work with and won’t be overwhelming for those who just started this journey. Practice with that single palette and once you feel the urge of trying out some bold colors, that is when you can really tell that you have practiced enough to be able to wear other colors confidently. So go ahead and get the colors you want to rock. Remember, applying eyeshadows need a lot of practice and there can never be a point in life when you can say ” I don’t need to practice anymore as I am an expert already” because you need to practice constantly to get a look you want. Even renowned MUA’s would practice a look they would want to do on their brides. If you think you are an expert, then this post is just not for you. πŸ™‚

Get yourself mattes shades first as shimmery will be kind of tricky for beginners, however there is no restrictions. Just that mattes look good mostly and are easy to work with.

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette
NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette
Nyx Love in Paris Eye shadow palette
Nyx Love in Paris Eye shadow palette

Suggested Eyeshadow Palettes:Β I’m not going to mention the names of the palettes as tehre are many, but I would definitely mention the brands so it is easy for your guys to check. I guess 4 suggestions are enough.

  1. Coastal scents eyeshadow palettes-they have plenty of palettes to offer for a very good price and quality. If you live in U.A.E, you can buy this brand from
  2. . Nyx paletts- from Lifestyle for U.A.E residents
  3. Wet n Wild- from Lifestyle for U.A.E residents addtext_com_MDAzNDQ3MTc0NzM
  4. Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow palettes- From online stores , check this post for details.
Morphebrushes multi-matte palette 35c
Morphebrushes multi-matte palette 35c

Check the video version of this suggestion ❀

3. Eyeliner- Eyeliners are everyone’s favorite. I mean even those girls who say they don’t wear makeup at all, have eyeliners in their collection along with lip glosses.

NYX Jet Black
NYX Jet Black

There are varieties of eyeliners, gel liners, pencils, kohls, pen, markers and what not. I personally think the easiest to apply are the pencil eyeliners as a beginner. Gel eyeliner has to be applied using a brush and that might get very challenging for newbies, similarly the pens and marker ones can get too messy. So ideally a beginner should have the pencil ones. Eyeliners come in different colors and so I won’t restrict you to only black however black is a must have.

Suggested eyeliners: Again, I’ll mention only brands. I have used the ones listed below and loved them. So next time you head to lifestyle, do explore these brands. πŸ™‚

1. NYX Blackest black

2. Maybelline

3. Loreal

4. Revlon

4. Mascara- The makeup industry just have the solution to everyone’s problem specially a beautiful woman’s issues of having very short and thin lashes like myself. :/ So you need not worry now because there is this one mascara in the market that will do the trick for you. Getting the right mascara for myself has been a long journey for me as there were many hits and misses. Though I’ll suggest mascaras that I think are good, you will still need to find the right one for yourself. I think mascara is a very personal thing. It is not always that some random person gave a good review on a certain mascara and it just worked for me. Never happened. There are always ticks to make some products work and this is my trick on how to achieve longer lashes using even the worst mascara you have. πŸ™‚


Suggested Mascara by me: Essence have surprisingly good mascaras for aed12 to 25, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Max Factor and of course Avon.Β 

Don’t forget to do your brows. This will be entirely separate post. πŸ™‚ For any questions, feel free to comment or email me at or use the contact form below in case you do not want your comment seen.

Review-Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I’m starting to feel it’s been a while since I did a review post. So here is a quick and short review on a product I still don’t know why it existed. :/ I don’t want to sound harsh but I really want to pour it out there.

Avon Mega Effects MAscara
Avon Mega Effects Mascara

It is the AvonΒ  Mega Effects Mascara, That same unusual mascara with paint brush kinda wand, few years back, the only difference it this one is in black and silver tube , while the previous one was red and black.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
Avon Mega Effects Mascara

This is not the same as any conventional mascara we have with a slender tube and a pointy straight wand. This pretty much looks like a paint brush. The bristles are made of rubber which I kind of like. The formula is a bit watery though, If by mistake you blink for a second while applying, you are in big trouble!(happened with me a lot).

To be honest, I find no difference with my lashes after first application. My lashes are short and thin even after this. So I had to wait for sometime for it to be a bit dry then apply my 2nd coat. Not much of a difference! I expected a lot form this mascara, for the price they are offering, I expected it to at least lift up my lashes and coat beautifully to make it look fuller but nothing of that sort happened.

So buy it only if you find it cheaper and only if you have natural long and thick lashes. This won’t help in anyway, at least not for me.

Would I buy this again?

A big ,No!

I took a picture of how it is supposed to be applied as removing the so-called wand is a bit tricky and one should be careful not to break it.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

1. Wiggle

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
Avon Mega Effects Mascara

2. Pull it out

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
Avon Mega Effects Mascara

3. Apply , below the lashes as well as top. Working on top of lashes will be very difficult using this wand, however you can tilt and bend the rush according to ease.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara
Avon Mega Effects Mascara

4. Ready to go back in and close properly.

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Organizing Lipsticks is so much fun!

Hi Beauties! ο’•

While going through other beauty bloggers’ profiles, I use to have these questions in mind:

How does the person behind the blog look like?

How does she keep her room?

How many make up does she own?

How does shes organize them?

etc… etc…

When on You tube, I always enjoy watching the beauty gurus flaunt their make up organizers and share with us how much make up they have collected till date. To be honest, it is from them I got an idea on how to organize my stuff. Before, I just dump them in different make up pouches. ο™ˆ

DSC_5136I got this simple yet cute acrylic holder from Homes R us on sale for aed19. I just had to grab it! I saw plenty of different holders but those were too huge for me, or I’d say there were too many holders and I didn’t even have that much lipstick.Β ο’„

DSC_5137I place it on my dressing table with the most used lipsticks in front of me.

DSC_5138Organizing my lipsticks just made my life easier. I don’t have many,not even 20 lipsticks, but still I forget where I kept them at times. With this holder, everything is just right in front of me.

DSC_5144I always experiment, and keeping my lippies in the holder upside down tells you how adventurous I am. This way, I see the shade as if they are kept straight, all i can see from above is the black lid. So this way, I see the product color clearly ,if not, I see the shade name. Works for some lipsticks specially if the lid is even and it will stand without shaking,

DSC_5143Another way I like keeping my lipstick is putting them on a fancy tray,which will look good on my dressing table. This way it is easy to access at the same time, they are all in one place. This was how I kept my lipsticks before I got the acrylic holder.I guess this would work if you have few lipstick like mine, otherwise, you’ll end up having only trays on your dressing table.


DSC_5142Do you have any post related to how you organize your make up? If so, do drop your link on the comment box and I’ll definitely check them out, as I mentioned earlier, I love looking at how others beautify their beauty space. 


Longer Eyelashes

I know this is an old school technique but I’ve been doing this for couple of months already and I really like it. Thought of sharing with you all my experience.

I have short, thin eyelashes naturally and am always looking for the “one magic mascara” that will accentuate my eyes. I tried different mascaras, followed different tricks, used different eyelash curlers( which by the way I find useless) but in vain.

I stumbled upon this trick on getting thick and longer eyelashes somewhere on the internet using baby powder. I’ll be sharing with you two illustrations I did, using two different mascaras , just to show you guys if it really works or not.


For the first image, I used a very simple drugstore mascara by Gosh. Whenever I apply, it actually does nothing than coat my lashes with some product, that’s it. But when used with powder, it actually made a difference.

What you need:

1. mascara

2. baby powder/ loose powder

3. Brush

How to :

1. Start with clean eyes.

2. Apply first coat of mascara.

3. Dab baby/any loose powder on eye lashes

4. Apply final coat of mascara.


If you want to get a fuller, heavier lashes ,repeat steps 3 & 4. But be careful not to over do as the powder can get clumpy.

11705104_1600344100247196_2152999693740209019_nFor the 2nd image, I used Avon mega effects mascara , will post the review very soon, and as you can see the result is pretty much the same as in 1st image using the same technique.

So here you go, if you have short , thin lashes as mine, do try this out as it’s not always that we are ready to use falsies.

Thank your for reading. Please share if you think it’s helpful. ❀


Make UP World by Veena MLBB TAg
Make UP World by Veena MLBB TAg

Hello Beauties!

BeginnerBeaute was very kind to nominate me for this tag! Specially when my favorite beauty essentials are lippies and this tag is exactly what it is for. Thanks Felicia for this and sorry girl for the delay. Ramadan has taken up so much of my time because of many reasons πŸ˜€Β  I created a sort of MLBB Tag Banner by the way. Tell me if you like it..or not LOL

So, let’s start about the tag. MLBB stand for “My Lips But Better” and in this post , I’ll be sharing with you all the lip products I use most of the time whether casual or party.

DSC_5043There are total of 7 lip products I’ll be sharing with you guys and they are my “go to” lippies for any day…anytime any occasion.

DSC_5037From left to right ❀

1. Givenchy Rose Dressing 202– The tiniest among my collection as it is a sample given to me by Sephora on one of my mini haul. I have reviewed it earlier where I said there was nothing “wow” about it but now,(check review here) I change my statement. It is a “WOW”<3 The color, texture, consistency , staying power all are just perfect and I realized it the more I use it.

2. L.A Girl Black Currant– L.A Girl Matte lip glosses are one of my faves recently and I have a good collection of them. Check out why I love them here. In short . they are a perfect sexy matte for Summers ❀

3. L.A Girl Playful- Please read no.2 πŸ™‚

4. Mikyaji Cotton Candy– This beautiful hue of Pink is from Mikyaji 22k Collection and is matte finish which again I love as I’m into matte a lot this season. I’m really surprised that I have ,so far, reviewed all of these lippies. Just shows how much I like them ❀

5. Deborah Milano Atomic Red Matte – Click the name itself and it will lead you to the review page I did. πŸ™‚ This baby, is very wearable nude color with the perfect consistency , not to dry at the same time give a perfect matte finish.

6. Prestige 110 Matt- Okay so I still need to review this one in detail. This was the shade I kept searching for a longer time. My very first purchase from this brand and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

7. Last but not the least Avon bare impact- This is not a matte lipstick at all but I love it as it doesn’t bleed and is a perfect nude color for wheatish skin like mine. I’m done with my first tube and what you see in the picture is my second one. ❀

So here you go everyone, hope you like these colors  and enjoyed my share. Thanks again Felicia for the tag , you just made me recall all my fave products ❀ Guys you should go and check out her blog, it is something I go to when I am in search for a good read.

I nominate the following for this tag:

Girls, you should all do this tag , it is so much fun and I love looking at lip product collection by others ❀

Please Note: Apologies if you are already nominated .


Eid Party Nail Polish Style #1 & 2

Hi Sissies!

Time flies and it’s already the 12th of Ramadan, then with a blink of an eye, it will be Eid , InshaAllah. With Eid, comes a lot of preparations, and for us girls, we love to talk about preparation of our dresses, footwear, bangles, etc.

So I decided to be sharing with you all from today, my Eid-related preparation from nail polish designs( I’m not a pro at this, but I love applying nail polish so you’ll be seeing a very easy designs) to bangles, dresses, shoes etc.

Eid Nail Polish Style #1
Eid Nail Polish Style #1

The first one is very easy, I used my Rimmel 317 Hip Hop which is a beautiful melonish color, check out related post here. Applied on all my nails and top coated only 1 nail with glitter.

Eid Nail Polish style # 2
Eid Nail Polish style # 2

The 2nd one is , all the steps mentioned in first design and all you have to add is glitter on the tips of the rest of the nails.

You can do the above styles with any color of your choice, according to your dress or make up. ❀

Review & Swatches- Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette

addtext_com_MTYxMzMwNzQyNDgSo here is a palette I got for AED100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty Store, the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Snapshots Palette.

The colors are very attractive , bright and perfect for model and party look. So this caught my attention and I made sure to get my hands on it.

It is literally sleek, very slim and very light weighted. The eyeshadows have fall outs so you would want to be careful, the applicator that comes with it is useless! I used it while swatching and the sponge just fell off.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

The swatched shades are directly applied on the skin as I want t give a very honest and clear review and picture of the mentioned product.

Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette
Sleek Makeup i-divine Eyeshadow Snapshots palette

I used the applicator that came along with it for this swatch and as I said the sponge fell off so I used just fingers in applying the 3 colors from the left. So this palette has some shimmer and mattes shades. The shimmery eye shades are pigmented but the matte ones are just a disappointment. Still you can see some color there, but they are not as bright on skin as tehy are on the palette.

Rate: 2/5

Reason: I’ve seen many palettes with same performance but I’m rating this very low as it’s standard is way too low than what I expected.

Use it with eyeshadow base to get the perfect color, be careful with fall outs and if you’re a beginner who is looking to work on some bright shades without getting too much of it, then this palette is for you.

I got is for aed100 from Alisha’s Pro Beauty store but you can get it for aed60.25 from

So if your are based in U.A.E and would want to give it a try, you can check these two stores. Luxola is online store while plus point in getting from Alisha is you get to try and test the product you want to purchase.

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Review & Demo- Avon Spectra Lash Mascara


Here is a review and demo on one of my favorite mascara. It’s Avon Spectra Lash Mascara . I feel lucky to be able to try most of their mascara though, be it black, blue,green or purple. But Avon Spectra Lash Mascara intrigued me because of interesting “3-steps” knob at the bottom.

addtext_com_MDQ0NDI4MzQ2MTASo as you see int he picture , the bottom has this knob kind of thing labelled 1,2 & 3. Which means you can increase the volume of your lashes as per your choice. So I did a short demo on it in the first picture. When I saw it in the brochure, I was so eager to try it and see if it really works and yes it does! This is my 3rd purchase already and I will still buy it again. It does make a lot of difference. I have short and thin lashes and this mascara does add volume and length. It does give a clumpy look and so is the reason your lashes looks thick.

Do share your favorite mascara post. Would love to check them out. ❀ πŸ™‚

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