Stop Concealer from Creasing

One of the most common problems faced by lots of women related to makeup is the creasing of concealer under the eyes. There is no one particular rule in applying makeup but there are different techniques that are worth trying to get the right thing that works for you. What works for one doesn’t have to work for everyone, hence it is important to keep on trying because one thing is for sure, you will get it!

So I have here different methods for you to try hope it will help.

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Difference Between Bronzer and Contour Powder

One of the most commonly asked questions is, Can I contour using Bronzer? I admit, I too did this at some point. I faced certain issues with makeup that were my biggest concerns, like:

  1. too orange face
  2. muddy  shade
  3. dirty look

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Summer Hair Care Tips for Hijabis

When our head is covered, we mostly focus on our face and dress only resulting to total negligence of hair. I am guilty of this. But with so much effort I changed this habit and started taking care of my hair regularly. If they are covered, it doesn’t mean they do not need our attention. Covered or un-covered hair needs equal attention and I am here to share how I do that.

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Makeup Guide for Beginners

Don’t know anything about makeup? Do you want to learn how to apply makeup? Don’t worry, we got you covered. My blog has a huge section for beginners and so I decided to put together all those posts in one to make it easy for everyone. I hope all your questions will be answered in these posts. All you have to do is take out time and have patience going through them. This post will prepare you for something very exciting I have planned. Feel free to contact me through here or on Facebook.

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You Need Only 6 Makeup Brushes

Yes, you heard me right. You only need 6 makeup brushes for your basic makeup application. This post is for those who are not into makeup a lot, apply very minimal makeup or cannot afford a lot of brushes that will only be lying around untouched forever. Before anything, I would like to make this clear that, information shared in this post is based on my personal experience, might not be what you have experienced as we all have different point of views. What worked for me is what I am sharing.

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My Essence Beauty Picks

Hi Peeps! Want a detailed review on my Essence Beauty Picks? Read along. ❤

Many a times I walk pass through the Essence Cosmetics Kiosk in Geant, Ibn Batuta but have never stopped to really dig into what they had to offer. But one day, I just had to stop as I was out of mascara and couldn’t decide which one to pick as replacement and thought why not have something really cheap till I decide which “great mascara” to get. So there I picked my very first Essence product , the mascara in the orange tube, I totally forgot the name and I do not have that anymore with me but they have in different colors so the orange one lying on the shelf would be that one. The moment I tried it, I fell in love. I am not a hard to please person let me tell you that, but regarding mascara, I am just as difficult. I have baby lashes, I do not like wearing falsies and moreover I decided not to wear false lashes anymore. Read More