Review & Swatch- e.l.f Contour Palette

Yes! I have today the currently most raved and loved e.l.f product, the e.l.f contour palette. I guess e.l.f is coming up with a lot of very good products lately and this palette came at the very right time when everything that everyone talked about was contouring and highlighting. So now everyone has another very affordable option to add to their makeup collection.

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Review- Olay Regenerist Cleanser

Been seeing this product for a while now and I believe the first I saw was from Clarisonic, but the idea of paying a lot for something I wasn’t sure would work for me though the reviews were very good, made it impossible for me to buy one. The idea of having a giant toothbrush rubbed on my face was a bit weird. But curiosity can kill seriously! I kept doing my research , I even found the cheap China version of these brushes which was around AED25 but I couldn’t just get myself to use that too. Can’t risk on my skin.



Hi beauties!

I just realized that I have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection and some actually look so the same. So I swatched and remember the M.A.C lipstick I spoke about in this post, the Flat out Fabulous lipstick actually has similar shades with me.

Hope this might help someone looking to own MAC lipsticks but can’t afford, you need not worry and get yourself the affordable version of the lip product.


M.A.C vs Avon

The color is almost the same. Specially when on lips , you will only find out by the texture as MAC is purely matte while Avon lipstick has a little bit of sheen in it. Both lipsticks are not long lasting and the only way you can make it last longer is through this method.

M.A.C vs Mikyaji

Color is very much the same, however might look a bit different when on lips. Both are mattes but Mikyaji lasts longer. M.A.C glides on lips very easily as it is very creamy while Mikyaji is more of  a dry formula which makes application a bit difficult but not really bad. It is still a very good lipstick to own not necessarily as a dupe 🙂

M.A.C vs Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Don’t blink pink is definitely the dupe. Both M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipsticks’ performance and texture are the same however Wet n Wild lippies lasts longer,way longer than M.A.C.


DSC_6141klMAC lipstick is a matte one while Avon isn’t so you can see the difference in their texture or finish. Avon appears to be a bit glossy but it isn’t really that glossy but not matte too as MAC.


So what I did was dab a little bit of powder on the Avon lipstick to make it matte and see if the colors are still similar. so our dupe lipstick here has become lighter pink. so I guess if you want to have the same color as MAC then leave it as it is and don’t mess with the finish.

wetnwildpinksSome more of the pinks in my collection which I found very similar to the MAC lipstick and these 3 lipsticks are all mattes.


M.A.C lipstick- aed104

Wet n wild- aed22

Mikyaji- aed149 for 3 lipsticks on sale

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My Recommended Online Beauty Stores/Sellers in U.A.E

Hello Glamorous Gals!

I know how you feel. Yes, you! If you are reading this, then you might be someone living in one of U.A.E’s emirates and on the look out for reliable,trustworthy online stores that delivers at your door step. Ever since I came here in Dubai, all I did was online shopping. Not proud of it though. But what can a new comer do to divert attention and kill homesickness? shopping….makeup and lots of makeup shopping.!!! 😛 It’s been 5 years now, and during this period, came across different Facebook sellers, some cheated but mostly very true to their work. Besides Facebook I started exploring local websites too.

Why do most of us shop online?

There may be plenty of reasons , but mine are:

1. Convenience of getting all the products at my doorstep.

2. Kill my urge to shop. Come one let’s admit it, online shopping is better than shopping directly from malls. I’ll end up buying 20 products in malls instead of 5. I can hold myself when doing online shopping due to certain doubts such as, product might not be exactly as how it is in pictures. So at most, I can buy eye pencils,lip pencils, eyeshadow palettes , primers etc where there won’t be an issue in getting the right shades.

3. When I’m not in mood of informing hubby dear about my shopping, online is best 😛 (I’m not proud of this,trust me)

But we hesitate sometimes for the following reasons:

1. Advance payment required

2. Unknown seller

3. Doubtful authenticity of product

4. Longer delivery period

5. Not knowledgeable enough (will elaborate this in another post)

Today I’ll be solving your problem to some extent by sharing with you all my recommended Online Beauty stores/sellers in United Arab Emirates. I have personally ordered from each and every one of them , no need to worry about the products’ authenticity as they are reliable, trustworthy with very good customer service and above all they offer Cash On Delivery. Yayy!  Below are the list. not in any particular order.

1. 1st in my list is Ebeautique. My favorite and trusted seller as well as one of my sponsors. You can check their banner at the right hand side bar and click to go directly to their online store. For this one, you need to have an Instgaram account as the products are posted over there. You will get all brands from them on pre-order basis. Once products are available, delivery within 2 days.

Ebeautique  U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Instagram
U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Instagram

2. Indelath  

A Facebook online page that deals with all make up brands from drugstore to high-end. They operate from U.A.E as well as Pakistan. Very good customer service, the lady dealing with me is very polite and patient enough to bear all my queries regarding pricing. As should any seller. 🙂 But let me tell you, I have encountered rude ones too, so if you find someone very nice, you are lucky. LOL

Indelath U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Facebook
U.A.E Online Beauty Make up Store on Facebook

3. BasharaCare is an online beauty store based in Dubai, U.A.E that provides elite choices of quality skincare products. This online store is a bit different from others as they don’t deal with “common” brands. When I first visited their online store, I was shocked to see a lot of brands I haven’t heard before (beauty brand and I don’t know? How can that happen!)but the variety of skincare products made me do my research about the brands and was actually surprised that those are some of the finest luxury skincare brands one can get. I wasted no time and made my first order. ❤ If you are someone who values skin’s health, then you should try some of their products. Go to their website and explore!


4. Avon, FM & other cosmetic products is a Facebook online store similar to Indelath. They deal in all kinds of beauty products of almost all brands from drugstore to high-end. I bought my very first NYX glitter palette from them. ❤ Customer service is very good, quick delivery and very cooperative. I have ordered more from them. ❤ So excited for those.

Avon. FM &other cosmetic U.A.E online beauty store on Facebook
Avon. FM &other cosmetic
U.A.E online beauty store on Facebook

5. Laylam is one of the most trusted online store , they have brands like Sigma Brushes, Sleek and Coastal Scents. There is no doubt that you will get 100% authentic stuff from them. The website is specially designed for mothers who can’t just go out in the market to get their needs, so they provide us ladies beauty essentials as well as baby necessities too in the comfort of our homes.

6.Alshop is an online store that not only provides us with beauty products but also other items we need in our daily lives, perfumes, mobiles, laptops etc. They have almost all brands that aren’t available in our beauty stores.  Brands that can only be bought online such as BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Red Chilli etc. Takes a while for delivery around a week, but still okay. They sell 100% genuine products which is a plus point.


7. Glamazle  It’s been a while since I ordered from them. But last time I did, it was a good experience with very quick delivery service. But a lot of disappointment at times when you finally see the products you wanted after searching the whole world for it,just to know it’s out of stock :/ But nevertheless , worth everything. You will be amazed by the pricing. While Laylam and Alshop are a bit costly, Glamazle is opposite. They are a bit lesser than those two.


Hope this post helps, if so, do comment below your suggestions for online stores not mentioned here or share your experience with the above.

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Updated Review-L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

This post is going to be an updated version of the review I did previously of some of the L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Back then, I had only 5 , I liked them so much that I ordered more and would like to share the swatches of these too. I had to make another post as there has been a slight change on my thoughts about these lippies. To check my previous verdict, click here.

L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss
L.A Girl Matte finish lip gloss

The packaging as I mentioned in previous post, is not so impressive but it doesn’t really bother me.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

Here you can see clearly the shades written on the label, I tried making it visible for you guys in case you’d want something from them. The colors in the tube is pretty much the exact same shade you will get when applied on.

L.A Girl matte lipgloss
L.A Girl matte lipgloss

The swatches of the shades are all swiped once,that’s how I do it always, except for tulle & playful. Here is why….

The lip gloss as mentioned has a matte finish. They are very pigmented, glides on very smoothly and easily on lips and is very long lasting. When on lips, it doesn’t bleed or stain items you touch your lips with. While all the colors made me happy, tulle and playful disappointed me a lot. As I mentioned, all the shades are pigmented but these two shades are not at all. The consistency is very thin, feels like you are just applying a layer of some chemical on your lips making it look weird as it doesn’t really cover the actual color of your lips. If you have a naturally pinkish/reddish lips, then you might like this. However, I can’t think of a way to make these work for me, I’ll be just selling them off or give them away.

The colors as so long lasting that removing it will be a struggle 😛 But don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. When removing, apply a generous amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly on lips, leave it on for sometime, maybe remove the rest of your makeup first, then go back to your lips and wipe with tissue. It will come off!

I really request you guys to check out my previous post ,to get more idea of these products.

Price: AED38 each

Bought from : Indelath

The rest of the colors are beautifully wearable, black currant is kind of my favorite but I can;t wear it without a proper full make up , fleur is my go-to shade and lately ,I’ve been rocking frisky! Pictures below.


LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky
LA girl matte lip gloss in frisky

Thank you for reading

Showing Off a Goodie from Indelath

Today’s post is not going to be a detailed review on any product but actually I’m in mood of showing off a gift I received by one of the online sellers I order beauty products from. Indelath

Just be prepared for crazy pictures 😛

Nyx Eyeshadow palette
Nyx Eyeshadow palette

I order from them few stuff and with my order came this beautiful palette by NYX. It has 112 different shades of mattes and shimmers.

nyxboxofeyeshadowsThe front

nyxbixofeyeshadow2The back ….


Since the palette has two trays, one tray consist of brights shades which are cooler tones.

nyxeyeshadowThe other palette consists or warmer tones. All beautiful and have decent pigmentation.

It was very kind and generous of them to send me this amazing gift, something that I can make good use of.

If you are someone residing in U.A.E or Pakistan, then go ahead and check them out, they deal with almost all brands of cosmetics at a very affordable price. They are very good to deal with, patient with customers like me who keeps sending them pictures asking for prices. But they were always there to deal with me. They are reliable and for sure you are getting a genuine stuff.

Thanks a lot Indelath for taking my orders and specially this beauty palette ❤