Oval Brushes Dupes

I know I am always late in giving reviews but hey , my blog focuses on reviews of products after I “use” them and not just post about them without using. So. rest assured, these brushes are very well used before I bring them to you.

I have here the famous oval brushes also known as tooth brush kind of brush and I actually have heard many calling them with other funny names. These are basically dupes of some high-end brushes, won’t go into details on which brands as you can Google about them easily. The original ones are crazily expensive which is one of the reasons I never bought one.


Oval brushes

The set has 10 brushes inside of different size for different purpose. It comes in a box with some words misspelled like “multipupose”:P Not sure of it is intentionally, there is a possibility after all it’s from China 


The back of the box carries details on how the brushes are supposed to be used but I have not read them. I just didn’t bother. I was so excited to try them that I skipped that part and started playing with them the way I want.

Like any other brushes, these brushes are supposed to cater to your makeup application needs and there are brushes for each and every product. So for foundation, powder, contouring, nose contouring even for eyeshadow, these brushes are to be used. While it is good to have guidance, I feel you need to experiment in order to get the best use of them according to your requirement. What is designed for foundation might just not suit you. For example, the largest brush is for foundation application, but for some it might just be too large and the size smaller to it might be a perfect fit instead. So, do not be scared to experiment.

How I use them:

The big 4 brushes are perfect for foundation, concealer , correctors and even powder but please note these brushes is for full coverage powder application as they are dense. So if you want light powder, use a fluffy brush instead.

The 5th brush from the left is best for cream contouring on the cheeks.

The 6th and 7th from  left for nose.

8th for gel eyeliner or lining your lid along lash line. Do not expect application to be very precise for the eyeliner because the brush won’t do that job . It is ideal for a rough lining and smoked out look.

Oval brushes small

These 2 small brushes are the ones I do not reach for a lot but when I am in mood of doing something creative , then that’s the time I make use of them. These brushes can be used as crease brush. With very light hands, you can apply your transition shade with minimal effort in blending. It can also be used for applying shades on the lid.

These brushes are truly amazing! The foundation brush applies foundation like nothing and in very less time. When you want a quick foundation application, grab this brush. The shape and bristles are designed in a way that it makes blending very easy. Use the fine rush to draw the contour shade under cheek bones and then blend with the dense brush. Perfect for beginners.

The handles are bendable and sturdy. Very easy to grip and use.

If you are in a “no-makeup makeup” mood, apply your moisturizer and set it with powder using one of these brushes, the coverage these brushes give to powders will make you go gaga.

They do not smell odd like most of the China made brushes, after washing the bristles are still intact and still no bad odor.

I ordered these from a Pakistani Facebook Page Budgetshopping.pk

If you are in UAE, Souq.com and Groupon usually have deals on them, in fact they are available almost in all online stores.

Please note, if you are busying these dupes, do not pay more than AED150 . Many are selling for even lesser. Find out seller that offers the best price.

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