You Need Only 6 Makeup Brushes

Yes, you heard me right. You only need 6 makeup brushes for your basic makeup application. This post is for those who are not into makeup a lot, apply very minimal makeup or cannot afford a lot of brushes that will only be lying around untouched forever. Before anything, I would like to make this clear that, information shared in this post is based on my personal experience, might not be what you have experienced as we all have different point of views. What worked for me is what I am sharing.

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9 thoughts on “You Need Only 6 Makeup Brushes

  1. Hey! Great article… Was wondering what affordable brush cleanse you use. I got japonesque but it leaves my brushes soo greasy!!
    Thank you ~~Isabella, nyc


    1. Hey there!! Simply use my dishwashing detergent removes grease the way it cleans my greasy pans.😄 I’m soo happy with the results. You should try.


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