My Essence Beauty Picks

Hi Peeps! Want a detailed review on my Essence Beauty Picks? Read along. ❤

Many a times I walk pass through the Essence Cosmetics Kiosk in Geant, Ibn Batuta but have never stopped to really dig into what they had to offer. But one day, I just had to stop as I was out of mascara and couldn’t decide which one to pick as replacement and thought why not have something really cheap till I decide which “great mascara” to get. So there I picked my very first Essence product , the mascara in the orange tube, I totally forgot the name and I do not have that anymore with me but they have in different colors so the orange one lying on the shelf would be that one. The moment I tried it, I fell in love. I am not a hard to please person let me tell you that, but regarding mascara, I am just as difficult. I have baby lashes, I do not like wearing falsies and moreover I decided not to wear false lashes anymore. Read More


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