Yes! I Apply Too Much Makeup And I Have A Lot Of Makeup

You’re asking me why I wear a lot of makeup? Asking me why I own a lot of makeup?

I admit, my makeup collection is way more than what a girl should have. But I love makeup, I love seeing them, buying them, wearing them and collecting them. Is that harmful for you? No, then why ask me that question??

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6 thoughts on “Yes! I Apply Too Much Makeup And I Have A Lot Of Makeup

  1. Hey Veena, we follow each other on Instagram if I’m not wrong?? N I just noticed that u were following me on WordPress. com. I’m very new n so don’t know almost anything about blogging :p but now I’m on powered by wordpress. Please do subscribe so we can communicate n Collab maybe???? I love ur work n would really appreciate ur guidance. Unfortunately people in Pakistan just pull legs n I’m so scared of negativity 😦

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    1. Aww hun I’m.always here in case you need any help regarding blogging. I totally fet about negativity. I am with you. Tag me, message me tweet me anytime! Will subscribe to your website once I am on laptop.and chevk your posts 😘

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