Behind The Blog… featuring Make Up World By Veena

The beautiful and talented Karen came up with this amazing idea of featuring different bloggers in her blog and I am the lucky girl for now. Yippie!! Been waiting for this and finally I’m here. Guys check out her blog, one of the blogs I look up to and get inspiration from. ā¤
Enjoy reading my interview and get to know me more. šŸ˜€

Make Up World By Veena

Hey Beauty Buddies,

So weā€™re now OFFICIALLY into fall *Wooo Hooo* My favourite season has landedā€¦Ā no longer am I feeling summer-shamed at wearing my new cosy ankle booties or snugglingĀ into my warm woolly damson scarf on these nippy September mornings. In addition to my new autumn wardrobe essentials, the house has a feel of fall about it tooā€¦ my favourite IkeaĀ tea lights are nestledĀ in their cute little holders, my kitchen cupboard is stocked with jars of yummy hot drinksĀ (Iā€™ve even managed to dust off my oversized mugs ready to be filled with some chocolately goodness) & my ramblingĀ shoes are ready for those fabulous woodland walks. Yep, the autumn essentials are very muchĀ in check!

Talking of autumn; today I have theĀ first official Behind The Blogger of fall 2015Ā *cheers of joy* as theĀ gorgeous make-up-mama, Veena, from Make Up World By Veena, takeā€™s her place on theĀ virtual sofa this morning to giveā€¦

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