Make Up and Sex

Hold on there! We are not talking about sex here. Smile with tongue out In fact today’s post is going to be a bit different than the usual one I do.

I always wondered and wanted to ask people behind naming the make up products’ shades. Why on earth do they have such name that even I myself can’t utter. It is so rate PG!Freezing With a 4 year old son who starts joining phonic sounds where ever he sees a word, I just ended up hiding all my rated PG stuff.


Lipstick shades such as Sex Machine by Nars, Kinda Sexy , Pervette, Fetish, Lickable by M.A.C, Drive Me Nude by Rimmel, Orgasm by Nars and many more are so common. Like seriously, I feel like either they are out of nice and decent names or they are just teasing us. If they think women will be attracted to such names, then hey, they are wrong. With such names only men will be attracted who aren’t even related to make up at all. Sometimes I wonder, why do they incorporate sex with makeup. Simple answer. Sex sells!


The banners, posters, packaging …they are all displaying women as sex objects.


The Balm is so rich with such creepy names, Sexy Mama, Hot Mama and so on. Talk about the pictures in the packaging, you seriously got to keep them away somewhere.


There is this mascara that was so much raved about by everyone in the world of beauty and so I rushed to Sephora to grab one  for myself. I was attended my a male assistant and I hated that moment when I couldn’t just tell him I want the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara in reply to his question, “How may I help you?” Steaming mad

These are just few creepy names that I mentioned ,there are plenty out there in the market. The latest that shocked me was Soap & Glory’s “Sexy Mother Pucker” Lipstick Disappointed smile Can’t say anything about this.

I guess they should just stick to cute and decent names. It’s not about kids seeing those weird banners,posters and packaging or reading names they shouldn’t be reading at this age. It’s about decency, I wouldn’t be able to give my mom or my mom-in-law the “Sexy Mama” blush when they need one to borrow. The name ,the picture is definitely inappropriate.  You know what I mean? I can’t let any elder of the family see my “Better than Sex” Mascara , I wouldn’t want anyone to know I own any make up that has such names. Might not be a big deal to many but it is a big deal at this side of the world.

I am by no means trying to target any brand, but I believe I have the right to express myself as these very products are being sold to me, I use them, I am the consumer and I think I have the right.

With that being said, I’d like to wind up this post by saying that no doubt most of the above mentioned products are of very good quality and are worth buying only if they try to have different names in future. Flirt male

23 thoughts on “Make Up and Sex

  1. I agree, it is a bit strange to give such names to beauty products. I feel i can’t just leave them around. But at the same time, maybe i would feel sexier & more confident when putting such a lipstick & reading its name 🙂

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  2. It is true the media uses sex as a platform through which it can drive consumers to buy their products because it will make them feel more in control of their own sexual prowess. Sex may sell but if the product lacks any true talent then the advertising is a complete waste of space

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  3. I find it unnecessary. I do not buy a product based on name or what sexy packaging it comes in. I want good quality product. It is unfortunate that marketing believes that if sex is incorporated then it will sell. What is even more unfortunate is that women are buying the products.

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  4. I’ve never really thought about this and I think as you say it’s largely a cultural thing – personally I find names like this a bit of lighthearted fun! It’s all down to personal preference I think 🙂

    Jess xo

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