My Favorite Eyeshadow Base <3

NYX Eyeshadow Base
NYX Eyeshadow Base
Lancome Eye shdaow base-Beige Adore
Lancome Eye shdaow base-Beige Adore

So these are my favorite eye shadow base at the moment. Nyx Eyeshdaow base in white and Lancome in Beige Adore.

My make up routine is incomplete without these 2 products. NYX acts as a primer at the same time adds vibrancy to my eyeshades. What else one can one ask for. considering the fact that I got it on sale for aed20 in Dubai. The 2nd one , Lancome eye shadow base is something I’d go back to all the time. It is quite an investment as it is for aed138 from Sephora but then worth every penny.

Okay so I made this short demo on the difference between results when I apply them and with out too.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette
Sleek Eyeshadow Palette

So I used Sleek Snapshot Palette and used the purple shade on this ( no idea about the exact name of shade but I marked it). Check out the detailed review here.

addtext_com_MTM0NTMzOTE1NzMThe two shades swatch on the left are applied directly on the skin, and it is hardly seen. 😦

The next one is applied on my Lancome Eye shadow base and the color came out really well. I darkish purple , solid color which I can wear anytime of the day. The last one(extreme right) is applied on my NYX white eyeshadow base and it give i totally different shade or purple which is , again, one of my favorite colors. I love very vibrant and bright colors for eyeshadows and so is the reason I use the white base most of the time specially when I’m picking lighter shades from palette as my eye lids are naturally pigmented and I do need a good base to cover that up at the same time make my eye shadow colors visible.

Hope you got the difference. To watch the Video demo of this , do check out this link on YouTube . I’m so new to YouTube and need a lot of support too. Do subscribe and give me a thumbs up for encouragement.

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