Review & Demo- Avon Spectra Lash Mascara


Here is a review and demo on one of my favorite mascara. It’s Avon Spectra Lash Mascara . I feel lucky to be able to try most of their mascara though, be it black, blue,green or purple. But Avon Spectra Lash Mascara intrigued me because of interesting “3-steps” knob at the bottom.

addtext_com_MDQ0NDI4MzQ2MTASo as you see int he picture , the bottom has this knob kind of thing labelled 1,2 & 3. Which means you can increase the volume of your lashes as per your choice. So I did a short demo on it in the first picture. When I saw it in the brochure, I was so eager to try it and see if it really works and yes it does! This is my 3rd purchase already and I will still buy it again. It does make a lot of difference. I have short and thin lashes and this mascara does add volume and length. It does give a clumpy look and so is the reason your lashes looks thick.

Do share your favorite mascara post. Would love to check them out. ❤ 🙂

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